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Silver Hunter PvE guide by Ryne

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  • Silver Hunter PvE guide by Ryne

    Disclaimer : This PvE guide based on KR Sep 13th update and will be a long guide with text and texts. (I don't PvP so please not ask for it)
    For TL;DR : I don't recommend impatient to play SH since it takes time to master and there are many choices of easier dps class in game.

    Class intro (Pros & Cons) if u interest but never play SH before, u should read this (from basic to advance)

    She is Light element INT-based archer class's spin off character.
    She has very high M.atk even in-town stat (from her passive skill) but low % attack skill to balance with the rest.
    When transform she'll able to cast her main skill in mid-air and halve cool down.
    Her game-play is most like pre-awakening acrobat with longer range.

    About her characteristic is.....

    1.True air-bourn class : one and only class that make u feel like "this is indeed air battle"
    Most her skill can cast both on-ground and mid-air. Of course SH is fun with that unique style but also has downside

    - long casting time on-ground and can't cancel except to use "moment evade"
    And what? Just fly all the time and problems is gone!! ok...that leads to 2nd problem

    - SH can't cast main skill mid-air without transform (and transform CD is long too)
    Every nest with buff wipe is lethal to SH (thanks that dev. plan to remove those mech from lv95 and so on, at least they said)
    She depends too much on her transformation but need to re-transform periodically and that process force her down to the ground. Choosing wrong time and fail to re-transform is bad news and make newbies irritate or quit.

    2. Very short CD skills : fast gameplay + never run out of arrow = double-edged sword. Able to do damage most of the time is exciting but...

    - You need quick and good decision
    Most players use skill rotation depend on how to keep stay in mid-air. But doing that will result in less dmg output because boss movement and SH's skill has its own effective range to make highest dmg.
    Using that kind of rotation is easy way to play but make SH under-rate in dps. (Refer to skill section for difficult part of how to deal with each skill effectively)

    - lack of burst
    Unlike most classes, she doesn't have any huge, long CD, nuke skill. Also can not cast several skills in the same time like some burst class.
    In dragon nest which designed to benefit the burst class, this is the main reason why you hardly see end-gear SH. (Once a veteran call "burst-centric nest")
    Anyway, with class mastery III, now she can do small burst but wise-choosing is needed in that 3 sec. But for those who thirst to be top dps in your raid party I flatly recommend you to drop this class.

    3. High evasion : this topic is to correcthuge misunderstanding
    Unlike those who believe that "playing SH is totally safe coz she cheating stay in the air and never got hit".
    Only advantage that she has is ability to avoid stomp.

    - But actually SH's best friend when dps is iFrame
    In fact, flying too low is unable to flee from many boss skill. But flying too high is bad for dps too, since it out of effective range and take longer time to land back on-ground when needed.
    Thus when SH use her main skill in mid-air, she granted 0.25 sec of iFrame upon every cast. And that's the key to successful for good pilot.

    Skill section (name of skill will based on SEA version)

    1. Main skill : these skills will have 50% cool down and only able to cast mid-air when transformed
    - Spiral bolt
    1 hit = 3602%
    Ground ver. : can shift your position before fire (by holding A/S/D)
    Both ver. : can use at any range on will (infinite range) you can shot something across whole map

    - Aerial wild shot
    full 33 hits = (180*32)+2158 = 7918%
    Both ver. : Fire 32 arrows then left click for 1 holy shot. Camera locked on-ground.

    You can cut skill animation and launch holy shot immediately but also lose some dmg from small arrow. (-8 hit for mid-air and -16 hit for on-ground)
    Large AOE but full hit can only be done to target within 4m range. iFrame granted upon left click.

    - Arrow storm
    Bull eye cast : 8 hits = 1020*8 = 8160%
    Miss cast : 5 hits = 1020*5 = 5100%
    Both ver. : you need to aim at target's hit box within 5m range to successfully land bull eye hit or else your arrow will scatter into 5 tracking arrows and follow the target.
    Air ver. : unable to aim closer than 3m in horizontal

    I recommend you to use this skill in mid-air range of 4m or more. Because when you use too close to some boss with weird hit box, it'll pass through and scatter inside floor ground and only few tracking arrows can come out or even make zero dmg. (same scenario as the wall)
    And it can be irritate when fighting with small hit box boss which love to chase us too close.

    - Deluge bolt
    5 hits = 1043*5 = 5215%
    Both ver. : fixed 8.5m range, line AOE, easiest skill to land full hit

    - Raging wind
    7 hits = 7366% and 20% dmg debuff for 10 sec
    Shot the arrow and turn into sphere of wind when hit target/floor/wall (slight suction effect) both ver. have same casting time but casting mid-air will immediately push your hit box down the floor (that's why I prefer use on-ground)
    Interesting thing is this skill should be 7 hits with equal dmg. But 7th hit has less dmg than others eventhough that not affect to broad dmg.

    2. Other skill
    - Destruction area (ground only, ultimate skill) -
    1 land (0.75x) + 8 explode (total 0.25x) = 9 hits = 16147%

    - Liberty attack (ground only)
    2 initial hit (0.1x+0.9x) + 1 counter shot (1x) = 1714*2 = 3428% full broad dmg
    This initiate EX-instant skill. Start with 2 hit point-blank attack if one of them hit target it'll reset CD of EX-instant and fire 1 counter shot.
    Able to use in long range for cast EX-intant but won't reset CD and also lost counter shot dmg.

    - Tornado shot
    10 hit = 928*10 = 9280%
    Ground ver. : Shot front arrow and turn into tornado when hit target/wall. If not hit something in 10m range it'll disappear.
    Air ver. : Grant whole iFrame upon cast, turn into tornado when arrow hit target/ground. Can choose landing point within 8m range.

    - Silver hunter (transform skill)
    Grant whole iFrame until completed transform. If use mid-air, you will descent to ground.
    I recommend newbies to always use it mid-air. Reason is, when laggy, occasionally your transform will fail if use on-ground and followed too fast by moment evade.

    - Monkey catch
    Jump to front (or back by holding S) and jump forward again when left click (or jump back when right click).
    Activated by tumble+spacebar or directly use from shortcut. Can use in mid-air.

    Take note that 2nd jump has dmg (and it put your hit box on the ground) before grant 0.25 sec iFrame when jump off.
    And because of that tiny dmg, you can get hit even in mid-air. Yeah can be irritate sometimes.
    Solution for the problem is do not cast 2nd jump when the ground under you is danger (stomp or filled with poison/lava).
    Try to skip or delay your 2nd jump a bit and immediately lift up your hit box by casting another air skill. (this process is necessary even you still stay mid-air)
    Same solution works for Raging wind as well.

    - Crossbow link
    Self-buff that make normal attack turn into 1 explode shot . Not high dmg and can't combo with other skills.
    Not necessary but I love it's infinite range and make use in some situations.

    3. Passive skill
    - Flamingo and Air raid
    Agile skill, mainly use for grant more air time. Give 0.3 sec iFrame for Air raid.

    - Moment evade
    Use for cancel any animation on ground by pressing spacebar or direct using from your shortcut. Also block incoming dmg (only single hit) and counter.
    This is one of important skill. When use it and press spacebar again, it'll send u high into the air and also grant iFrame along ascending path.

    Cons of this skill is huge MP consumption. Even you can use it every 6 sec, please not do.
    As for enhancing choice, I personally like B-choice for better iFrame. And if this skill matter to your dmg output = something must wrong. So no use for A-choice.
    BUT after all, you should NOT learn enhancing-B. There's a bug causing double MP consumption to insane amount. So I suggest to not learn both side for the time being until they fix it. (yeah our lazy dev. fixed falcon CD but forget this)

    - Class mastery I
    Lessen transform CD by using main skill (need to hit target)

    - Class mastery II
    Able to use EX-intant and give SH more 35% m.atk (which is why she has high m.atk in-town compare to other classes)

    - Class mastery III
    Make "Magic arrow" light-elemental, 3x original dmg and able to cast mid-air.
    When use magic arrow, grant 3 sec buff to increase 20% atk for main skill and Tornado shot.

    4. Falcon and Trapper
    Actually in PvE both of them are not necessary much. Since latest update boost her main skill to the point that dmg from enhanced falcon is negligible.
    As for the trap, the only matter for PvE is freezing trap. Unfortunately the way it work made it not effective in burst-centric party at all. Might be small benefit when solo but most of time you'll feel too lazy for that non-friendly system.
    Thus I won't explain detail about them. My personal choice is learning Falcon but not enchance it. Reason is it no need to re-summon and I use it for tanking minor boss when killing main boss myself.

    My personal opinion for this class

    Fundamental skill build : This show only must-learn skill, the rest of 53 SP can put wherever you like. Easy isn't it?
    There's a link in case you wanna see some number here...

    Click image for larger version

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    If you read all above till this section it'll not difficult to understand. Her build has few variant and not much difference.
    About Attack enhance A and B, it depends on your gear but most case choose A-choice. Only few conditions with very low or extreme high gearing that will better with B-choice.

    The rest is up to how well you can pilot and that'll show visible difference. I'll try to explain part of my experience into easiest way...

    First, try to understand dps ranking of her skill (from most players at end of nest)
    1st - Arrow storm
    2nd - Deluge bolt
    3rd - vary from player to player
    Even 2 top don't have peak broad dmg but with fast CD it shows stand out result.
    So I decide to divide into 2 main recommendations. Feel free to adapt it to your preference.

    1. Friendly playstyle : for beginner/casual player who love to enjoy her unique air battle

    This will concentrate in make the best form arrow storm and deluge bolt. First, you must prepare...
    Skill seal : Magic arrow(CD), Arrow storm(CD) and Deluge bolt(DMG)

    In short...All you need is, every 6 sec, casting combo of MA -> DB -> AS -> whatever. The rest of skill used for filler and/or keeping air-bourn.

    The last seal would be choice of Raging wind(CD) (for lessen her debuff gap to 0.5sec) or Aerial wild shot(CD) (if you need long and safety air-bourn game)
    Do not use Deluge bolt(CD) or Tornado shot(AS) cause it'll unnecessary lower her dmg and give opposite effect to this setup.
    As you start familiar to it, you'll feel SH is much easier to play and better dmg result.

    2. Challenging playstyle : need time to master, my personal preference

    This developed by my own experience. Might not be the best and hard to explain but please imagine
    As said above, Burst style gameplay has advantage in DN. But SH has her own strict limitation and casting 2 combo of previous setup you need at least 8 sec. window. (only few boss has it)

    So I try to squeeze more dmg from skill seal and make use of heaviest skill ... Tornado shot.
    Skill seal will changed into : Deluge bolt(DMG), Arrow storm(DMG), Tornado shot(DMG)
    Last seal can be vary from Silver hunter(CD) only for nest with buff wipe, Aerial wide shot(DMG) or Raging wind(CD). Just choose the one you prefer.

    The whole idea is, every 8 sec, use combo MA -> AS -> whatever highest dmg that available.

    This idea will lessen Deluge bolt dmg and more depend on Arrow storm, so successful bull-eye hit is a must.
    Also it doesn't have any CD seal, if you are not used to SH, you may feel disorder and lose air-bourn unintentionally or can't perform main combo as often as u should be.
    I highly recommend to learn "Moon kick" for immediately land on-ground and help keeping your rhythm. So no fly-forever game anymore. But you can cast EX-instant more often.
    If u do it right, your dps ranking will change from (AS > DB > xxx) into (AS > TS > DB) if you include dmg from both normal and instant ver.

    For both setup, mini burst rotaion gonna be : Liberty -> MA -> RW -> TS -> AS -> whatever left. There is longer version of it but it up to nest design. You should know which to add by now.

    In summary, the result from mixed air-ground battle is quiet impressive for myself. Can't compare to god-tier burst class but more fun
    Hope u guys like this long and boring guide :P

    Cheers, my fellow sisters.

    PS. I got it now why someone said this forum is poison and really non-friendly for writer. LOL


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      Off topic:

      I decided to write my guide here even I didn't play in NA coz I'm a fan of Valkyrie name Miki. Mwahaha I already stalked you for a long while XD
      We are girls and love both Valkyrie and Silver hunter. But I main SH just becoz I'm elf-maniac :P

      Hope you can share good info for me to improve my gameplay too

      By the way, I wanna share what's mine with you.
      I already tested awaken Valkyrie. Highly recommend to not learn awaken Poking beehive, the reason is
      - it doesnt boost skill dmg
      - pre-awake combo is too strong now, even it's limit to target's movement but still worth to keep.
      - main point is new system fail on its own : PB has high dmg at the end of skill animation. With combo of awPB -> Flag, you'll lost that dmg. There's only little different of dmg between awPB -> Flag and PB + Flag cast seperately.
      - old PB can explode new Spear of light if u don't manually detonate it. Very useful outside pre-awake combo.

      Hope this info help somehow. Sorry to not reply in your guide (dunno why I got unapproved no matter how I try) also my English is not good but please bear with it


      • Fabulous
        Fabulous commented
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        The Awakened Vengeance from Above can still detonate Piercing Spikes; you have to hold W while using it. You can perform a triple detonation through Piercing Spikes > Spear of Light > Awakened Vengeance from Above > Flag Sign. This is definitely more damage than the pre-Awakening combo.

        Last edited by Fabulous; 12-08-2017, 08:12 PM.

      • miki
        miki commented
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        That's really kind of you to say, thank you for that c: Yes, piercing spike can be deto'd 3 times(with vfa via flag sign) so I guess we will hold w for detos. Also not detoing spikes with vfa might be fine when boss unexpected walk out of spike range so you can use flag sign to trace them with cast spear of light for plan B instead of just cast spear of light and deto it with vfa. If you deto with flag sign after spikes sometimes 1-2 spikes get lost from delay time so it gives us more options and control!
        Last edited by miki; 12-18-2017, 07:00 PM.

      • Ryne
        Ryne commented
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        Well, bugs fixed so no more talking about triple ignite anymore.
        And thank for clarify me. idk why VFA description still say it can't explode magic spear and nothing about holding W even in latest patch.

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      Does the 2nd Playstyle Increase your overall dmg and dps or does it only just increase the burst output in a short amount of time? Do you do the arrow storm in the air in that mini burst rotation? About the Magic arrow every 8 secs that's in the air right? Sorry for too many questions.


      • Ryne
        Ryne commented
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        1. Both yes
        2. To say it precisely, what I often use are : Liberty -> MA -> RW** -> TS ins** -> Evade -> AS** -> DB -> etc. Those with ** are the skills that get CM3 boost. (in case u not have any speed buffs) Also don't make hit from Liberty (just use for activate your instant) if the window is short.
        3. Ofcos. Ground-MA has a bit delay before u can use next skill. No need to use it aside from heavy burst.
        Last edited by Ryne; 01-13-2018, 12:45 PM. Reason: correct phase