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Windwalker PvE Guide: It's Showtime!

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  • Windwalker PvE Guide: It's Showtime!

    Heey, sup yo. It has definitely been a while. '-'

    After pouncing and spiraling around the place, I came by to drop off my newly updated guide. Enjoy.
    ★Windwalker PvE Guide (updated for 95)★ by NamiMuffin
    Any questions? Discuss.
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    I don't play Windwalker, but I just wanted to say that your guide is very cute and aesthetic!
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      Thanks! That was part of the plan.

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    Hi, can you share any video of your runs?

    I am curious on how you utilize Spiral Kick and Spiral Kick Awakening.

    Thank you in advance.
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      Oh, I wish I had some gameplay videos on archive. Maybe I can prepare a demo in the near future.

      Spiral Kick as damage:
      I mainly use the aerial version followed by its flip kick. It seems fairly consistent for me.
      The sweet spot is to start around 1~2 tumble distance away. Being too close may clip and miss.

      Spiral Kick Awakening.
      The Swift Attack version is pretty good. Good setup for Spiral which in turn grants mobility.
      Sometimes I use the Blooming version to mix it up. It does slightly more damage than the normal way.
      I don't really use the Cyclone version all that much. It might be okay for dodging with the first Spiral.
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