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    LF> A goddess title....
    Need to get the enhances on the IDNLs to make it worth replacing

    I give up


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      228% crit dmg, 6581 fd
      wip, unfinished racing set and idnls... but hey 400k mark >:3

      took me forever to get to 100mil.. feels sad
      LF>guardian spin and a non laggy laptop so my windshot doesnt glitch whenever i play with iw QnQ


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        please kill me

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      Bump im interested in seeing more stats.


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        i've been such a chicken for so long, but with me taking gearing and the DPS role seriously now i guess i should use this as a start.
        i've got other screen shots of my progress on my Sniper.

        going from 50m - 80m - 100m then finally ending around 130m on Golem.
        - my main focus now is Warden due to windshot not being as kind to me as it used to be. ShooterMao will still forever be considered my main though. (personal reasons)

        here's my Warden currently.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	6f21629623.png
Views:	1
Size:	378.5 KB
ID:	75976

        just awhile ago my Golem DPS was 15** on 5 billion test.
        my gears had a few upgrades since then.
        ill edit and add a few screenshots of it when i get around to doing that.

        those numbers were from a IDN HC run with guildies.
        im sure that those DPS numbers are lower than what they should be and i've be aiming to improve those numbers.

        ty all.

        shout outs to Aiyunne and MissFoxy for being my idols in-game for Sharpshooters <3 ♥
        Discord: TheSomnangMao#5374


        • Fox Says Meow~
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          aww thanks, thats sweet to hear ~!

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        Still a work in progress but here i am formerly known as Atherna


        • TheSomnangMao
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          just curious is your offhand cursed like mine? i always wondered why you keep it at +10/11

        • ShadowTsukuyomii
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          well i had it at +12 a few times but the greed got the best of me for +13 so about 200k+ later its back at 12

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        my last day with idnl longbow, its time to say goodbye! T~T

        took a while for us to clear, but im happy and proud. we are not the best geared or full of meta classes, neither did we practice on other servers
        and im happy with my own dps too! for someone that doesnt have conversion costume or varnak crest, and team doesnt have ice witch or lencea, i feel this is pretty good >:3
        kinda sad this is the one and only rudn run with idnls tho, i definitely feel like there are a lot of improvements that i can make

        anyways, now with rudnl longbow! a stronger fox >:3
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        • TheSomnangMao
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          gratz foxy >_<

          i heard about it from ZhouBolt
          how's Sniper for you in RUDN btw?

          and :< on no lencea players. i really wish more people played them. (cries in sniper main)

        • Fox Says Meow~
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          thanks ~!

          rudn isnt so friendly for sniper cuz its all about short and quick bursts (esp 2nd and 3rd boss), and im forced to play roa (u can see my skill description that windshot is only 35% and roa is a high 12%), im still having a hard time to manage sylph. need a lot more runs to learn how to bring out snipers true potential @.@ but still pretty happy with 11**il

          and yes! i used to run with lencea in idn and it feels so good. u can always keep up 5 windshot per sylph rotation @u@
          but they are indeed rare to find.. especially geared and experienced ones :c

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        Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-07-10_22-22-46.png Views:	1 Size:	303.5 KB ID:	76399

        Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-07-10_22-16-46.png Views:	1 Size:	351.7 KB ID:	76397

        Click image for larger version  Name:	20170710115156_1.jpg Views:	2 Size:	218.9 KB ID:	76398

        changes i made from the previous were the tech U-grade necklace

        i equipped my U-grade costume head piece on my warden
        i changed my Title to Teary-eyed (i had ICE DRAGON KILLER on ahaha....)

        and the FD jump just mainly came from a newly brought FD crest, Teary-eyed Title and the Costume

        things i still need to do are +12 my IDN L's
        +10 - Head
        +10 -Body
        +10 -Leg
        +11 -Offhand - [it's CURSED stole so much of my gold reeeee over 80k at this point of time from 2 attempts months ago]
        and i need to level up my new pet for another small boost in FD
        also i need to complete my level 90 gem set

        fyi my sealed gem is a +8 and i got another +7 as a back up.
        i'm kinda out of materials to try for another attempt also i'm praying that guild base comes back since with discounts you can purchase Sealed gems at 35g a try.

        the DPS checks on golem/BTG.. hmm i should perform a clean 50bil my numbers were around 198m-240m. the spikes in DPS were probably just from burst windows on Detonation arrow or something. (i mistakenly have been using fake shot cooldown skill crest... what is wrong with me ahaha..)

        cheers guys for your updates too
        Last edited by TheSomnangMao; 07-10-2017, 03:24 AM.
        Discord: TheSomnangMao#5374


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          finally done >:3! 10 11 11 10 10 12 12
          dont think theres much to work on now besides small improvements
          hopefully i can get 100k agi soon!


          • Aiko
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            strongxy op

          • TheSomnangMao
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            a greedy fox

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          95 is here!
          changed title to teardrop, other than that no gear change so far

          prob cant play as much anymore :c
          but lets see how far i can get this cap ~!


          • Queen
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            here you can see a sniper dedicated as ever~
            wonder how the server is doing at this point tho, the forum seems even more inactive than before.. unless y'all migrated to vahr's forum.

          • Fox Says Meow~
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            looks like 95 cap gave dn a bit of fresh blood, many people came back.. not sure how long it would last tho..
            forum is as usual, sections other than general discussion are all dead silent

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          Just a quick update on mine atm. edit laterr
          Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-09-18_17-19-17.png Views:	2 Size:	379.6 KB ID:	89303

          with a max level pet and some enhancements on my +10 IDN armors or getting my cursed offhand to +12 i get reach FD cap but... 95cap content is here so yeah.

          i'd rather not invest anymore into older gear since 95cap content is here.
          Last edited by TheSomnangMao; 09-19-2017, 01:08 AM.
          Discord: TheSomnangMao#5374


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            I guess an update before 95Ls arrive.
            LF>A better title then dejected. (Yes that is my main is using)


            I give up


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              from top to bottom: +10 +18 +17 +10 +10 +20 +20... and i ran out of stones :c
              guess the rest just have to wait

              i only wanted to post cuz i finally got my 1 bil dps back!
              95 cap is indeed rough QAQ


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                Update with full +20 Calypso Gear and teary-eyed...teardrop will come soon

                Still waiting for my rings to be returned to me or be adequately compensated.
                Remade rings in the time being >:C

                I give up


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                  How to get 9K range