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  • seand's Tempest Guide

    Updated to 93 cap update and awakening skills.

    This guide has now been split up into 3 posts to make it more read-able and easier to find the information you are looking for.
    Post 1: Introduction and basic information
    Post 2: How to gear
    Post 3: Skill builds and other skill information

    Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • Basic information and stat gains
    • How to gear
    • List of iframes
    • Tempest skill builds
    • Skill crests
    • Skill combos and rotations
    • Upcoming changes

    My name is Sean and my tempest’s ign is seand. I have been playing this game since open beta and have played my acrobat since then. I cannot say that I am the best tempest player, nor am I the most geared, but I can say that I have a very in depth understanding of the class. This guide will cover the very basics of the class, as well as the more difficult aspects of the class. I hope everything is clear and makes sense to everybody, but of course if there are any questions and you don’t know where else to go to have them answered, you can send me a mail or pm in game and I will do my best to answer them at that time. On that note, let’s get started.

    Basic information and stat gains
    Tempest is one of the sub classes of the archer class, by choosing archer > acrobat > tempest. The main focus of the class is support, however it still maintains a good amount of DPS (damage per second) if built correctly. Tempests have a great number of iframes (invincibility frames) which make it easier for them to survive, so they don’t need to have as much HP as some others classes require. Tempests also have the shortest ranges for almost all of their attacks, basically being a melee class even though they are archers.

    Before moving on to stats, I will state now that I will not be talking about final damage. It is by far the best stat to stack, but also the hardest and most expensive. Not including final damage, here is a list of importance of stats for tempests:

    Physical damage > agility > vitality > strength > defense/magic defense > HP > intellect

    NOTE: Once stacked to high enough amounts and high percentages, and our +50% agi buff, stacking agi will yield higher damage gains than stacking phys.

    A good thing to note is that archers gain .5 physical damage from agility, and .25 from strength. Physical damage being most important is self-explanatory, tempests are a physical class. Next, archers gain the most physical damage from agility, plus you also get crit. Followed by vitality because that increases HP and defense at the same time. Even though I said that you have iframes and you don’t need a lot of HP, if you think you’ll be perfect with every single iframe that you ever do, go ahead and don’t get any vitality. I put strength next because it increases crit damage as well as a slight increase to your physical damage. In T5, I feel like strength is more important than defense and magic defense because level 90 armors have the same amount of defense and magic defense as other classes, making us even more tanky than before. Finally, the only reason intellect is on this list is purely because it can help raise crit damage. Other than crit damage, intellect raises magic damage, which tempests do not use at all, but every little bit helps if it can push crit damage to the next percent. If you’re able to raise your crit damage enough, you’ll do a bit more damage overall. Note that I have not listed crit here at all, that’s because you should be able to have enough agility to max crit, and if not you also have a 20% crit buff which requires no SP to learn, as well as another buff which increases your crit by 50% of your current crit, but we will get into skills later.
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    How to gear
    Your main choices for gear at this point revolve around how much money you are able/willing to spend. Generally, the only level 80 gear people would still use would be red dragon nest Lgrades which can be quite expensive to enhance, but provide better damage than epic grade 90 and possibly 93 gear (I actually haven't compared 93 vs 80L). Naturally you would want to build your gear based on everything that is listed in the previous section. If you have the capable funds and have a clearing team, you can get IDN Lgrades, which are significantly better than anything else we currently have.

    Level 80 gear: Legendary grade
    Going for RDN Lgrades, you have a choice on how many pieces you want to get, due to the way the set bonuses work. The most common are 2 pieces for physical damage, 3 pieces for FD, or 7 pieces for the highest increase in damage. RDN Lgrades also use 2 gems per piece, so for each armor piece, you want to go for windswept and life-giving gems. On your weapons you will want destructive and windswept gems.

    Level 90 gear: Epic grade
    90 gear has 4 different sets, as well as a weapons only set, in order of best to worst they go: cor-nura (fd set, the only one with set bonus), nightmare weapons, coma, felis, then cauda. Cauda is the basic set that is a very common drop and can be traded. Felis is a bit stronger than cauda, but is more rare and can not be traded. Coma offers slightly higher defense than felis, and it can also be upgraded to unique grade making it a lot stronger. I will explain more about upgrading later. Cor-nura, being the fd set, is of course always going to be the best option, however it is a much more rare drop. Cor-nura can also be upgraded to unique grade, but the materials to do so are also much more difficult to obtain.

    Level 90 gear: Unique grade
    Upgrading 90 epics to 90 uniques
    In order to upgrade to unique gear, you need to have the corresponding hammer of evolution shards for the gear you are trying to upgrade. The only gear sets you can upgrade to unique are coma, nightmare weapons, and cor-nura. Coma shards are the easiest to find, but it also requires a lot more of them in order to upgrade a single piece. Nightmare shards are difficult to find which makes it almost pointless to upgrade to nightmare uniques. Cor-nura shards are even more difficult to find than nightmare shards, however, cor-nura shards are tradable, making it at least a bit better if you decide to go that route.

    Ice Dragon Uniques
    IDNU is comparable to evolution coma gear. They have the same base stats, but when you craft IDNU gear, it becomes slightly better depending on which bonus damage you get when you craft it.

    Level 90 gear: Legendary grade
    IDN Lgrades are by far the strongest gear available currently. However, they are extremely expensive and very difficult to obtain.

    Level 93 gear: Epic grade
    Currently, we only have epic gear for 93 cap, however it follows the same principle as 90 gear. There are 3 different sets, and a weapons only set. In order of best to worst they are: Ultimate theano, nightmare theano, desirous theano, and theano.

    Important regardless of what level gear you use.
    Instead of a destructive gem, you can use an element conversion gem on your main hand weapon. Doing this, you would want to replace your other destructive gems on your off hand weapon and rings with the corresponding elemental gem for the conversion gem that you chose. Elemental conversion in most situations will provide higher damage output, as well as some classes offer elemental resistance debuffs that allow elemental damage to be even higher for their entire party.

    The stat crests that you would want to use are basically all of the ones that give you the stats in the above list; destructive, windswept, health, life-giving, sturdy, and adorned are the important ones, which gives you 2 more open crests, one of which you would fill with an ultimate plate, which is final damage, and one more crest of your choice. This final crest slot would likely be an offensive crest for more damage. You can also purchase an upgrade that allows you to unlock 3 more crest slots for more crests. If you are capable of doing so, you would want to get 3rd stat agi on your crests since that will increase your damage even more (and of course, FD would be a better option but that is expensive).

    Again, this follows the same idea as the crests. You use the talismans in order of the stat's importance. Destructive and windswept on 200% slot, health and brutal on 175% slot, sturdy and adorned on 125% slot, and life-giving on 100% slot. Your last talisman doesn't matter honestly, and can be anything. These placements may change depending on if you have 2nd stat talismans that you want in a higher position, or if you have an ultimate talisman since that would go in the 200% slot. You can also purchase an upgrade to unlock 4 extra slots for more talismans, giving you 1 more talisman per percentage threshold.

    The only level 80 accessories worth getting would be RDN Lgrades, which the best option would be to get a 3 set for the full set bonus, which 3 pieces you get are mostly up to you. Other than that, you can also get accessories that correspond to each of the 90 or 93 gear set levels. Cor-nura or ultimate theano have either a 2 set or 4 set for your FD bonuses. Whichever gear level you are capable of obtaining, you would want to get the destructive rings and windswept earring. You cannot get level 90 or 93 windswept necklace, so some people have kept their level 80 windswept necklaces. You can also get tech accessories which have different stats, and they boost whichever skill you decide by 1 level. These accessories I go over in the skill build section, since the skills you use will change which skill you want to increase with these accessories. In terms of gems that you get on acccessories: On your rings you would use destructive gems (or replace these with the corresponding elemental gem of your choosing if you convert). On the earring and necklace you would get wind gems.
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      Quoted below are the skill changes made to acrobat and tempest skills with the most recent change. Unfortunately, this is quoted from the previous forums, but I would still like to give credit to LEJAC11 for this quote. It can also be found through the freedom website:

      Awaken Tempest with power of wind to their fists
      Tempest lacked damage overall and most of skills
      did not fit their name. With the new change Tempest can now deals consistent damage.

      - Punch Smash(Active): Specialized in damage, one powerful attack.
      Hurricane Upper(Active): Airborn enemies.
      - (Awakening Passive)Air Current Ride: New combat system Air Current can be created, skills can be casted without cooldown while using Air Current.
      - (Awakening Passive)Heal of Wind: When Air Current is full, heal can be casted.
      - (Awakening Passive)Spirit Boost: Air Current can be created faster when Spirit Boost is used.
      - (Awakening Passive)Butterfly Effect: When Twin Shot is succesfully hit, recovers Air Current and allows to connect to Somersault Kick.


      Kick and Shot
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 1881% -> 2416% (PVE)

      Binding Shot
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 1425% -> 1823% (PVE)

      Spiral Kick
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 1182% -> 1507% (PVE)

      Air Walk
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 239% -> 1485% (PVE)

      Eagle Descend
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 1957% -> 2514% (PVE)

      Blooming Kick
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 2396% -> 3084% (PVE)

      Cyclone Kick
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 3491% -> 4508% (PVE)

      Spirit Acceleration
      - AGI&INT increase effect has been increased
      - Before: 27% After 50% (PVE)


      - Pressing [Jump] button will allow skill to activate while using skills. (PVE,PVP)

      Hurricane Dance
      - Skill duration has been increased (PVE,PVP)
      - DMG is increased
      Max Skill Level 2194% -> 3241% (PVE)

      Class Mastery
      - DMG is increased
      - Before: 10% After 50% (PVE)
      List of iframes
      As I said before, tempests have a very large number of iframes to use. I do not know the specifics for these iframes, for instance their duration or exactly when they start, but I can give a rough estimate after using them so often.
      I’m not sure if our iframes have changed at all, but for right now I am going to include everything that was an iframe in 90 cap, as well as what I know has changed. I will update this if I learn otherwise.

      • Tumble – self-explanatory, every character has this skill
      • Power tumble – can be used after getting hit, useful for getting out of multiple hit moves
      • Pin wheel – get up attack, iframe lasts until last hit
      • Aerial evasion – can be used when hit midair
      • Kick shot – iframe lasts until you move back to shoot the arrows
      • Chain tumble – extends tumble iframe, useful for being midair for stomp mechanics, iframe lasts until you touch the ground
      • Ring shot – iframe lasts until you shoot the arrows, also used for being midair
      • Somersault dance – entire skill is iframe, but setup and exit skills may not have iframe; setup skill being somersault kick, exit skills being moon kick, air pounce, falling star, eagle dive or butterfly float
      • Counter ring shot – another aerial evasion, identical to ring shot otherwise
      • Furious winds EX – a note for this one, ONLY the EX skill has an iframe, which starts after you hit left or right mouse button; right mouse button has a slightly longer iframe, as well as farther dodge
      • Cyclone kick – can be used to chain into other skills like butterfly float, iframe lasts until the second kick
      • Butterfly float – useful for being midair for stomps, iframe is the arch of the skill, meaning not the very beginning nor the very end; can be used after several other skills to extend iframes or get away from an area quickly
      • Untouchable – with the awakening update, you can now press your jump button after almost any skill you use in order to proc this iframe, it has no cooldown so it literally does make you untouchable if you can time it right
      • Hurricane dance – there is no iframe until after you land your first hit, after that the iframe lasts until your final hit; note that this skill cannot dodge some stomp mechanics
      • Nature’s rage EX Instant – the iframe is essentially the entire skill, note that it is only the EX instant that has iframe, the regular ulti is still only super armor and increased damage reduction

      Tempest skill builds
      All DPS skills in this game receive major increase in damage after every 5 levels, 1, 6, 11, and so on. Therefore, my build focuses on getting those skills to those levels.

      First things first, I want to share my calculations for damage comparisons. I used 150k damage for the calculations, and simply multiplied by the % given in the tool tip as well as how many times it hits, then I divided by the cooldown of the skill. It's very simple, and not necessarily 100% accurate but it’s the best I can do. Some skills can hit multiple times or have other coefficients that I am not including, which may affect how their DPS turns out. I’m unable to find a list of updated coefficients, which is why I am excluding them from calculations.

      These skills that I am comparing are the acrobat skills that aren’t the core skills for a tempest.
      Level 21 (max + tech + crest) air pounce: 150k x17.48 x5 / 6 = 2,185,000
      Level 16 air pounce: 150k x14.20 x 5 / 6 = 1,775,000
      Level 16 air pounce (3 hits): 150k x14.20 x3 / 6 = 1,065,000
      Level 16 ring shot: 150k x7.84 / 14 = 84,000
      Level 18 eagle dive: 150k x25.14 / 12 = 314,250
      Level 11 (max + tech) blooming kick: 150k x33.93 / 10 = 508,950
      Level 13 cyclone kick: 150k x45.08 / 20 = 338,100

      For acrobat skills, it seems air pounce wins by a landslide, however the likelihood of getting all 5 hits is very low and requires quite a lot of time spent not using other skills for more DPS. When we lower the amount of hits to 3, the DPS of air pounce is still about double that of blooming kick and even though it is reasonable to get at least 3 hits on most bosses, it requires more cast time than blooming kick, and it gets harder to do the more lag you have. Cyclone kick's DPS is not quite as high as blooming kick, and its cast time is much longer, so blooming kick is a better choice there.

      TLDR: I math'd to figure out stuff to find a good skill build. Now on to the actual skill build.

      First, here is the basic, core build that every tempest should follow, regardless of what they put points into otherwise. SP is really tight for us, only 20 SP leftover after getting all of our important skills.

      Core archer skills are just the basic stuff, evades and passives. We got a dash now, so max that as well. Lvl 16 twin shot is required in order to learn one of our awakening passives, so that is also in the base build.

      Core acrobat skills, like spiritual focus and spirit boost, of course. Tempest side skills were raised to their highest peak levels. I’m including a tech for somersault dance even in the core build.

      Max everything, no questions.

      Right now, I think the build that I’m going to use will be the following one:

      I have no reasoning here, just need a few more points into archer tree for 45 SP, so i just grabbed multi shot to get mobs away from me in dungeons. Only other real option is put 2 extra points into mp passives and 1 point can go anywhere.

      Level 16 air pounce, since its damage is pretty significantly higher than the other acrobat skills. Air pounce also gives utility of being up in the air to avoid stomp and other skills and deal damage at the same time. Need to forsake maxing some tempest side skills since SP is pretty tight, but the difference is really small.

      No difference to the core build, max everything.

      Alternate build, the major difference is that this build replaces air pounce with blooming kick.

      Same as previous build.

      Instead of air pounce, this build maxes blooming kick and gets a tech for it. Blooming kick offers utility of being able stun mobs. You can use somersault dance on stunned mobs for increased DPS. Since blooming kick requires less SP to max, you have an extra 3 SP which can be used to max kick shot or get cyclone kick for another iframe. If you max kick shot, you are also able to get it up to level 21 for higher damage, which would require the +1 kick shot cash shop weapon and the +1 skill crest.

      Do I need to say it a third time?

      Whichever build you choose is mainly preference, I believe the first build would provide higher DPS, however some people don’t like air pounce or are too laggy to use it and would rather get a different skill.

      Skill crests
      This section is still under construction. With pretty much every skill getting a boost in damage, it’s hard to tell which skills are now the best options for a crest. Also, I’m unsure if the new skills have skill crests, and if they do, if they are more worth it to use those over the current skill crests.

      The most important crest to get is spirit boost cooldown reduction. Even though it’s no longer a party buff, spirit boost is still amazing and lowering its cooldown lets you have it up more often.
      Other than spirit boost, here is a list of the better options for skill crests:
      • Kick shot damage
      • Marionette damage
      • Somersault dance damage
      • Furious winds action speed
      • Nature's rage damage
      • Hurricane dance damage
      • Air pounce damage
      • Blooming kick damage
      In my opinion, you would want to crest at least nature’s rage and somersault dance, since they are pretty much your major sources of damage. Your last skill crest can be whatever you feel you use the most often of the crests listed above. I personally will be sticking with furious winds action speed, since I’ve become so used to having it. You can also get the crest expansion, which gives you 3 more crest slots which you can use for either stat crests or skill crests.

      Skill combos/rotations
      The following thread has some pretty good information regarding how to use your rotations effectively. Of course, this will always depend on what skill build you decide to go with.

      The following quote is an update made in the most recent KDN patch.

      Originally posted by LEJAC11 View Post

      Fury Of Owl
      - Previous skill effect is removed. Skill now increase caster&party critical DMG by 10% for 300 seconds.

      Wisdom Of Owl
      - Previous skill effect is removed. Skill now increase caster critical DMG by 20% for 15 seconds.
      - Cooldown is changed 120 -> 90 seconds
      The biggest thing to note from this is that it essentially makes wisdom of the owl mandatory for all archers, and makes our SP even tighter than it already was.

      Everything else about tempest needs to be learned by playing the class itself. I hope my insights have been helpful and hope to see more tempests in game.
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        thank you for the guide !!

        MyAnimeList / Tumblr / Gaia

        IGN: ShallyBuds / Tempest
        Igneus / Pyromancer


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          Do people not max willow kick anymore?
          I login every once and a while.


          • seand04
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            honestly, whatever skill you choose in the archer skill doesnt really matter. those skills are an insignificant amount of your overall dps. my issue with willow kick is its slow to cast, so i only ever use it to get that first hit for 20 sec cd reduction then i butterfly float out to continue my combo. i saw magic arrow more beneficial because during those times where you want to be farther away to dodge something, you can still do some poke damage.

          • Skiptrace
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            No, Tempest needs 16 into Twin Shot for one of their Awakening Passives, so they have to take that.

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          where do the 93 epics rank in this?
          Spell Damage +1.
          Battlecry: Draw a Card.


          • SeanD
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            I havent looked into the 93 epics yet, but its most likely the usual. 93 epics better than rdnL and 90 epics, but worse than idnL. Im not sure about the comparison to 90u though

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          One of the awakening required +16 twin show, so looks like I have to give up multishot.


          • SeanD
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            Does it really? I hadnt noticed that, if so then that lowers the amount of free SP we have even more.

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          Will have to update skill builds when im able to get on my laptop. Twin shot is required for awakening, so you no longer have a choice of what skill in archer tree to get


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            requesting sticky whenever possible to keep the guide on first page


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              Here is the build that I have decided to use for now.

              A few things to note with this build: I took out spiral kick, since I was not going for blooming kick, and spiral kick does not have any iframes anymore, I decided it felt out of place. It also kept interfering with trying to use somersault dance immediately after using untouchable, as spiral kick's right click took priority instead of somersault dance. The only thing spiral kick offers tempest is the utility of a little bit of movement away from potentially dangerous attacks, which I will admit I have been hit by a few in idn because I'm still not using to not having spiral kick.

              I put the extra points into maxing kick shot, because of this and having weapon +1 and skill crest +1, I was able to get lvl 21 kick shot.

              I'm debating whether or not eagle dive is still necessary, but for right now I am keeping it as even at lvl 1 it still does pretty good damage, and you can use it immediately after some moves that you couldnt previously, however it can be dangerous to use since it has no iframes.

              There are a few more things that I would like to add to the guide when I get a chance, now that I've had the ability to play awakened tempest some more, so stay tuned.
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                Made some changes to the guide:
                Added information about IDN and 93 gear in the how to gear section.
                Added a link to the skill rotations thread.
                Added a quote with information about the newest kdn patch.


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                  really looking for a mod to sticky this...


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                    bump up class guide


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                      bump up class guide.