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Show Us Your Archer~! #FashionNest

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  • Show Us Your Archer~! #FashionNest

    surprised no one has made this thread here yet haha

    not sure about the green hair, but i havent had any luck with the hair dye boxes qq

    IGN is NexusGaia, so yea, nature, mother earth, etc, plus the archers are like all about nature and that :P
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2016-09-26 17-12-44 Mon.png
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Name:	DN 2016-09-26 17-12-52 Mon.png
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    mimicking some other archer : P
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Name:	FRBXwRM.jpg
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    Am I cute enough?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2016-09-26 18-11-28 Mon.jpg
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Name:	DN 2016-09-26 18-11-34 Mon.jpg
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    • shio
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      cute but not as cute as mine

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    My chocolate skin keeps getting lighter.


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      my sniper pic is really big tho woops


      • Nexus
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        yay swimsuit~~ naked potatoes are the best potatoes :P

      • Amberlyy
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        pls shio, mine's cuter.

      • Queen
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        usually not a fanatic of white, but i like what u did there 'v')b

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      Heres my cutie warden <3

      wish cash items didnt have stats or else i'd keep this ♥ cant wait for my krasus set either~ ♥♥♥

      | Youtube | Discord: Leichel#8821


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        my archer before i dyed her hair Orange

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        Igneus / Pyromancer


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          Discord: Chuối #6193 | Sniper Chuoi


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            old photos but whatever still cute af (lowkey sad i forgot to start the thread on here)

            ur not cool

            nakamicchi (ww) + Sarailia (iw) | discord naka#0323


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              cute archers everywhere!
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                I give up


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                    can anyone tell me when the new servers will be up? sorry or the noobish question lol kind of new to this


                    • Dinkleberg
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                      Should be up by tonight. The date should be on the DN homepage.

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                    wish i could put glasses over other costume
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                        My idea of steampunk x: and white hair popularity <3