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My Lvl 95 Sniper Skill Build

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  • My Lvl 95 Sniper Skill Build

    Hey! I'm from SEA server. I've been playing the game for several weeks and I really liked this game. Actually I already played it a couple of years back, it's lvl 60 cap and I played artillery/warden class before, but now my main is sniper, I also have a sting breezer for pvp purposes. Hehe! So here it goes..
    I'm not really good at creating a skill build, btw my skill build is PVE/PVP hybrid and I'm pretty sure that some pro snipers will found my guide not useful, but still, let me give you my build and my ideas as well..

    So let's first start at the archer skill tree..

    Archer skill tree..

    >Twin Shot (1/27)
    It's a filler skill and a very useful skill for snipers at pvp, I leave it at lvl 1 since I invested SP at piercing shot for the awakening skill.

    >Piercing Shot (16/27)
    Very good PVE since there is a bleeding effect every 2 seconds that deals 800% of your physical damage, btw I suggest using this skill if the sylph's aid buff is still on for maximum damage. (The skill does not apply final damage/critical)

    >Willow Kick (1/16)
    I don't really recommend using this skill since snipers now have sliding shot awakening skill for utility, but at lvl 6, it got a mini storm around yo so if you're going to go full PVP, you can also invest some SP here.
    >Multi Shot (1/26)
    For super armor break at PVP.

    >Magic Arrow (1/25)
    For PVP also since it can hit downed enemies

    >Wisdom of the Owl (0/1)
    Since archers already have good critical, i don't really recommend getting this skill and its also because of the SP cost which is 10
    And for some other archer skills, i didn't get the high spin kick and somersault kick since sniper deals damage from mid to long range and I don't think those skills can really help snipers at PVP.

    Bowmaster skill tree..
    (Sniper skill tree line)

    >Charged Shot (19/19)
    One of the main dps skills of sniper. Another thing about the charged shot is that it can deal enormous damage if you have 10 arrows, It can perform a windshot that out dps any other skills, you just have to hit enemies using siege stance to earn 1 arrow (up to 20 arrows) and then you can perform windshot by holding normal attack button. Strongly suggest to use it with cheating point, sylph's aid and camouflage for maximum damage. Windshot needs proper positioning for moving nest boss.

    >Aerial Chain Shot (16/18)
    The damage between lv 16 and lvl 18 are not really far so no need to max.

    >Siege Stance (15/15)
    Max it out for better damage while gathering arrows for windshot. Other things with awakening skill will be explained later.

    >Arrow Shower (13/13)
    For this skill, I personally maxed it out because it's one of the filler skill that you can use while in siege stance. Tho the damage difference at lvl 11 and lvl 13 is very not very far so it's up to you if you want to max it or just stay at lvl 11 so you can save some SP.

    (Artillery skill tree line)

    >Frag Arrow (1/19)
    PVP skill and a pre-requisite skill to get tracking arrows which is very useful at PVP.

    >Swift Shot (1/18)
    Can also deal good dps if the positioning is right.

    >Tracking Arrows (1/13)
    Very useful skill for PVP, but I just spend 1SP for this skill because I think it's just gonna be a filler skill for PVP.

    >Bull's Eye (1/6)
    Just lvl 1 is good, the damage is the only thing that will increase if you invest SP here.

    >Spiritual Focus (1/1)
    50% Agi and Int.

    >Sylph's Aid (1/1)
    Action and movement speed bonus. Best used if windshot is ready

    >Stunning Shot (1/12)
    For PVP purposes, just click special attack button + normal attack button, have 100% stun rate so it's good to perform ankle shot after this skill hits the enemy. (PVP)

    >Ankle Shot (1/9)
    If you really prefer PVP, max this skill since it's very useful and its also almost useless at lvl 1 due to very short duration, but in PVE, the dps potential is not really good so I just leave it at lvl 1.

    >Fake Shot (1/11)
    Always use arrow shower afer you use this skill, it just needs good positioning.

    >Tumbling Shot (1/17)
    Can follow aerial chain shot after using it.

    >Longbow/Crossbow mastery
    Just pick 1 base on your preference since its a 10 SP skill.(Mine was longbow)

    >Arrow Barrage (3/3)
    Always use if its off cd, and use it with cheating point buff for best damage.

    Sniper Skill Tree

    >Cheating Point (11/11)
    Max it for fd duration

    Just get all the EX skills and all the class mastery skills


    >Sliding Shot (1/1)
    I think it's a good skill since it works like tumble and you can always use this skill even when you're performing other skills, just click the jump button while using a skill and sliding shot will trigger, I think this skill is just for utility but the damage is pretty good and it has very low cooldown.

    >Camouflage (1/1)
    You can use it to remove enemy threats for PVE and it is a very surprising skill for PVP since you can position yourself without the enemy noticing, you just have to he careful. Also, I recommend using this skill with sylph's aid before performing a windshot since camouflage gives windshot x2 action speed.

    Get Awakened tumble and awakened piercing shot.
    For piercing shot, use it with sylph's aid buff for maximun damage every two seconds, don't re-use it if you don't have the buff since it will just reset the bleeding for a lower damage. Btw, just like I mentioned earlier, piercing shot does not do critical, does not apply debuff or final damage.

    >Awakened Passive Siege Stance Accumulate
    While in siege stance, every successful hit gains 1 arrow for windshot (requires 10 arrows), also every hit reduces the cooldown of arrow shower by 1 second and charged shot by 2 seconds.

    >Awakened Passive Siege Stance Aim
    You can cancel siege stance immediately by just moving unlike before that you need to tumble away to cancel it, another thing of this awakened passive is that while in siege stance, you can use your other ex skills and it will perform modified skills. For charged shot, it will release to charged arrows but the arrows does not penetrate. For arrow shower, it will shoot the arrows in front of you. For aerial chain shot, you will jump backwards and release some arrows.

    For the stats.. It grows 0.25 physical damage for every point of Str, 0.75 damage per point of agility, and also gains 3.5 critical per point of agility. So just like other archer class, sniper is an agility type..

    For dragon jade preference, since the lvl 95 jade is very new. I'm still using lvl 93 dragon jade. Agi + Vit for armors, necklace and earrings. Destruction + Agi for weapons and rings. Bt, for 95 jades, you can get it from mocha for 1000 nest points but the stats are random, you can also get lvl 95 rings from mocha for the same amount of points.

    For heraldry and talisman, prioritize wind/agi and destruction, and also final damage is a must.

    Skill Heraldry
    1. Cheating Point (cooldown)
    2. Arrow Shower (damage)
    3. Charge Shot (action speed)
    4. Critical Break (activation rate)

    Some snipers prefer critical break damage but as for me, I prefer the activation rate.

    I hope that this skill build will help you guys since I'm also just playing for a few weeks, I'm very open for questions and suggestions since this is my first time creating a build. Don't hesitate to message me ingame, it's just xbttrsweet

    Have a nice day

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    I dont pvp at all, but I do have a sniper pve guide and its stickied in archer section here

    for pve, piercing shot, its awakening, and cm3 are all useless. detailed calculation is in the guide (basically, 45 seconds of the dot damage is still less than 1 siege charged shot; mini windshot damage is less than 1 siege charged shot and consumes 1 arrow while siege charged shot gives 1 extra)
    also in pve, maxing fake shot feels so good with constant roa exi usage, and getting hawk ballista is really useful for various dps checks that requires u to nuke multiple mini bosses. but this is a hybrid build so i think thats why u left them out, sp constrain really sucks

    im happy to see more people talking about sniper!


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      Hehe! Thanks for the comment, I have so much to learn about sniper class I'm also thinking to max fake shot for arrow shower instanct. Thanks for the idea!