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  • Worst PvP class?

    Or do I just suck that bad? I feel like it can't be that, because I can beat *most* mirrors, but warriors, mages, alchemists, snipers, acrobats, clerics, they all beat the crap out of me and I can't figure out how or why. I've watched a bunch of PvP videos, have done research on SA, SAb, iframes etc, but... I just get super rocked and don't freaking get why or how.

    Edit: Maybe I should switch specs, just got absolutely rocked by a chaser (taoist, on my server, for whatever reason taoist/shinobi seem to be mixed up from what they're supposed to be?)

    Edit2: Maybe the server is older than I thought and people have their second specs already... Because there's no way some fights can be so close/easy and some can be so impossible.
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    For clarification chaser = shinobi and bringer = taoist.
    I can tell you for sure that both Light Bringer and Abyss Walker are not the worst pvp classes by far.
    If you're brand new to PvP, you're probably going to lose a lot in NA since we mostly only have experienced players remaining.
    There's a lot of mechanics to learn in DN PvP. Stuff like: when to dodge, what skill can counter what, when to escape, how to bait your opponent to use an escape/skill, when not to use a skill, etc. It really helps if you know the other classes as well as your own class. Knowing what skill an opponent might use around a certain time can help you counter it by knowing what skills you should have ready at the time for example.
    Also, not dropping combos can be pretty important too like most fighting games. The less time your opponent can fight back, the better for you.
    Lastly, if you let me know which specific class you actually play, I can give you some pointers for them if you'd like since I have a decent amount of experience/knowledge of PvP stuff.


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      Well, I'm playing "Shinobi" but I'm pretty sure it's actually supposed to be Taoist (I'm telling you it's backwards on my server). My spec says shinobi but I have the shadow clone and that abyss dive attack and the dagger dash slash thing (don't have the game open right now to get proper names) and the ultimate that summons the shadow balls in a ring.

      These are my biggest perceived struggles (besides not knowing how to combo on my taoist... I can combo well as shinobi, but do worse overall for whatever reason.)
      vs Warrior (swordmaster is harder than glad for me) - It feels to my inexperienced behind like all of their moves are SA invincible SAb ultra. Anything I do gets interrupted, and they can escape my combos while starting their own. Like, endlessly. Also fought one that would just run away while waiting for CDs. SUPER obnoxious.
      vs Mages (EL harder, but both are nasty) - I feel like there's just nothing I can do. All their moves are inescapable because they linger and cover a massive area. Even air recovering then dodging when you hit the ground often isn't enough. And then if you do manage to get them into a combo, they have escapes for days, and their escapes move them FOREVER away. They also have impressive amounts of SA and SAb on their moves, it feels like.
      vs Clerics - This feels like a skill thing. Some clerics I can beat, some destroy me without me even being able to touch them.
      vs Archers - Another skill thing. I can beat some, can't beat others. I feel like I usually struggle more with snipers, unless the acrobat is really good.
      vs Engineer - More annoying than anything. Most of my losses against this class are very close. Just obnoxious when you finally get some damage in and her goons break you out of it.
      vs Alchemist - Feels a lot like fighting an elemental lord, actually. Lots of nasty lingering AoE and ways to keep you at bay while simultaneously doing crazy damage and setting up easy combos.

      Maybe I should try to level an EL and swordmaster as well, just to see how they play and how others fight against them. But... When I keep seeing win ratios on ELs and SMs in the 70-90% range and all the assassins and archers are around the 40-50% range, I feel like it's not just a skill thing.

      Edit: I'm currently playing Bringer but would happily switch to Chaser if they're better for PvP (I actually like Chaser more, but originally went Bringer because they're apparently great support in PvE, but I'm finding that I like PvP better).

      Edit2: Feel like I'm getting a little better... Only just now realized I could do a short dash after dodging (would always try for the knives), and it definitely has some good uses in running/chasing/dodging etc. It's helped me a lot. I still struggle with people just countering everything I do. Fought another good acrobat that would just SA through and then SAb through any of my attacks with a single attack, break all my combos with some kind of nasty damage attack, and just generally stick to me with no way to escape. They just have an easier time getting momentum on me, I feel like. Of course, that's most matchups for me =/ And I still continue to win all my mirrors.

      Edit3: Supposedly the two leap then drop attacks have iframes but I can't find them. I always get knocked out of them by warriors. Always. On the way up less than on the way down, but even on the way up I get beat out.

      Edit4 (yet another): Holy crap I'm starting to eek out some wins! Starting to learn which attacks to run and avoid, and how to bait things a little more (and the importance of the backflip on plasma outburst). Good warriors are still a nightmare but the matches are getting closer when I do lose (beat a couple 1900+ ones today). Elemental Lords are getting MUCH easier. Good acros are closer, but they still often beat me. But yeah, overall my rank is actually starting to climb a little. May even hit 1900.
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        Decided not to help? I did get to 1900, but wanted to mess with chaser, and now I'm back down to 1700. I do either really well or really poorly. Still struggling with the nuances of chaser. It's more fun, and cooler, but definitely tricker to do well with unless they're noobs and get baited into long combos easily.


        • Arvandor
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          Oh, no, you're right, I am talking about the mobile version. I was wondering why there was talk about things like "double jump" and whatever. I'm like "How the eff do you double jump? =P" Yeah, I've watched a bunch of videos, and gotten better with both specs. I just can't seem to decide which I like best. Freaking warriors are still the worst though. Hate them so much. Now sitting pretty comfortably in the 1900 range which is apparently a no mans land. I either get put against 2000-2100 people who murder me, or 1800 and below people whom I utterly destroy. There is very rarely any in between.

          Edit: Ugh, maybe you can help though. The better I get, the less I struggle with everything except swordmasters, paladins, and the occasional really good acrobat. Swordmasters especially can just... Combo forever no matter what I do or when I "attempt" to escape. With more SA and SAb on each of their moves than I have on any of mine. The SAb they have on their wakeup slash and air combo breaker are retarded too... Spend the entire match trying to dodge and bait bad things only to lose anyways. On rare occasion the force mages will wreck me too. The ones really good with that time stop move (so effing broken... What in the actual hell). I even once baited one and got caught by a second like 5 seconds later. How even does that work? Do they have a CD reset move or something?

          Edit2: Almost forgot about engineers... So annoying
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        • SkitzoRoy
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          Ah, well, good luck to ya!
          General tip tho: Learning how other classes work in pvp (like what skills they use in what order, cooldowns, etc) can greatly benefit how you play against them, so don't forget to watch for that.

        • Arvandor
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          Yeah, still can't figure out how to fight warriors. Now matter how much I dodge their nasty things, and wait for the right moment to escape and not get re-lifted into an unavoidable combo, and how much I nickle and dime them, I CAN NOT beat the bastids. They just come at me with full super armor and a hundred bajillion escapes on a short cooldown (which also have ridiculous SAb, I might add) and beat me to death. You can't chase them down, you can't run from them, you can't escape combos, you can't combo them... How on earth are you supposed to fight these cheese monsters?