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  • Help with subclasses

    So, Im new to the game and since I love assassin classes, I chose one as my first char, looking to be an AW. Now Im a bringer but I also liked what I read about Raven.

    Also, I read AW is a hybrid, not having good DPS as Raven and his support is weak, compared to LF, being not much required in parties, so is it not a worthy subclass? Should I go back to Chaser to be a Raven? Ripper seems to be risky against bosses, too. From what I read, ppl love either Raven or AW.

    Btw, I have no interest in PvP. Just want a good dps class.

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    AW is shit rn , itll get revamp soon tho so check it out later but i didnt liked the class, raven is good dps based on alot of i frame skills with shord cd and burst dmg , LB are healers that can also dps but on par in dps with AW , if u looking for pure dps class check BP or raven, if u look to be semi healer -semi dps go LB if u want to be underdog play AW , reaper is good class to play , hard to pull the rotation real good so it quite hard class for new players , wouldnt advise u to play it right off the start


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      I would suggest Raven if you want to good dps while also maintaining good distance on bosses. AW is shit rn but even if he gets revamped, I would still pick Raven since it's very versatie than AW. AW only deal good amount of bosses againt non-moving boss not to mention it's Ultimate that has the biggest amount on his dps kit is still bugged, you can only hit it 2/10 chance ( I dont know if this is fixed tho). If you want a change of phase tho and want to play PVP, you can pick Raven or Ripper since if their combo manage to connect, it's sure win. AW uses hit and run tactics.