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  • Help with subclasses

    So, Im new to the game and since I love assassin classes, I chose one as my first char, looking to be an AW. Now Im a bringer but I also liked what I read about Raven.

    Also, I read AW is a hybrid, not having good DPS as Raven and his support is weak, compared to LF, being not much required in parties, so is it not a worthy subclass? Should I go back to Chaser to be a Raven? Ripper seems to be risky against bosses, too. From what I read, ppl love either Raven or AW.

    Btw, I have no interest in PvP. Just want a good dps class.

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    AW is shit rn , itll get revamp soon tho so check it out later but i didnt liked the class, raven is good dps based on alot of i frame skills with shord cd and burst dmg , LB are healers that can also dps but on par in dps with AW , if u looking for pure dps class check BP or raven, if u look to be semi healer -semi dps go LB if u want to be underdog play AW , reaper is good class to play , hard to pull the rotation real good so it quite hard class for new players , wouldnt advise u to play it right off the start