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[PVE] Level 90 Light Bringer Guide

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  • [PVE] Level 90 Light Bringer Guide

    Hello Light Bringers and curious Abyss Walkers!

    Welcome to the place somewhere between invincibility and hell.

    Introduction & Overview

    Light Bringers are one of the most versatile classes on Dragon Nest, quickly shifting gears and carefully juggling DPS and Support. It's easy to be a buffing, healing slave with poor gear, but lets look at what makes the Light Bringer an unforgettable asset to the structure of any raid or party composition.

    Our skills cover a wide range of flexibility on and off of the raid field. Designated as Dragon Nest's own 'Do It All' class, Light Bringers are capable of reaching decent DPS potential and have a very balanced heal output, these heals can be boosted through various key means that oftentimes won't cost you much in your gear build. Light Bringers are also a highly mobile class when utilized correctly and multiple skills have many different uses beside what their general skill descriptions entail.

    Table of Contents

    Skill Builds
    Gearing and Gems - Coming Next!
    Skill Crests and Enhancement Crests
    Summons & Clones
    Light VS Dark
    General Gameplay & Your Place in the Raid
    Harmonizing with your Saint and other Support Classes
    Is our Future Bright?

    Skill Builds

    Disclaimer: The build below will go advancement by advancement, I will explain each choice in depth. Please do not follow my build blindly. Light Bringers, again, are an extremely versatile class, no two bringers will ever react the same to any given situation - and going forward you need to bare this in mind.

    Also if the skill was common sense like tumble, I didn't bother explaining it.

    Build Pre-LV93 Buff

    Lv. 1 Swift Cut: This skill isn't necessary for me and is chalked up to preference.
    CTC: x2, Levels 6 and 11

    Lv. 1 Piercing Star:
    I don't use this skill outside of leveling any assassin. Has an amazing hitbox and good damage at low levels.
    CTC: x2, Levels 6 and 11

    Lv. 1 Dirty Trick:
    Another skill I won't use outside of leveling. The skill is used by many Shinobis' for mobility.

    Lv. 13 Fan of Blades: SP dump, but still a very good, abusable skill. With a cooldown of 12 seconds and 217% damage per dagger, the skill becomes irreplaceable. Blade formation never changes no matter what direction your bringer is facing for precise aiming. I chose to add Triple Blades and Gore Slam to my build for utility over adding SP to get this skill to 16.

    Lv. 1 Triple Blades: Got this skill after finishing the build to find I had leftover SP. Triple blades has great utility with left and right facing tumbles. Extends and quickens tumbles going left and right, shortens tumbles going forwards and back. Has the potential to cancel/shorten the tumble iframe if used too quickly.

    Lv. 1 Gore Slam: I use this to fall from things quicker now. I have been recently struggling between dropping the skill all together or keeping it.

    Lv. 1 Feint: For survival in raids . General side note: This was an ironically controversial skill a few caps ago.

    Lv. 1 Decoy: You need it. Don't question me.

    Lv. 1 Mental Fortitude:
    Adds MP%. You don't need this, everyone was equalized in regards to MP.

    Lv. 4 Attuned Mind: Now how fast you lose MP is another story. Max this skill. MP Regen+ comes in handy particularly for time-stressing raids and general mana killers like Dark Banquet.

    Lv. 4 Health Bolster: Adds HP%. Max it. There's an old saying among support classes that goes: "You can't support if you're dead."

    Lv. 1 Raid: Gives a Critical Damage buff to yourself and party members. Do not confuse this for a Critical % buff.

    Lv. 1 Outbreak: Lunge forward and attack enemies. Use normal attack button to use a knock down. Okay now what they don't tell you is that you can use that knock down at any length of the lunge. This skill will always be tech'd because of our costume weapon.

    Lv. 0 Spectral Blades: I've experimented with this skill a lot pre-93 cap. I chose to drop Spectral Blades because of the nature of the skill spawn and the lack of element. Somewhere between 70 and 80 cap, this skill's Dark element was removed, as well as it's Dark Burn debuff. Spectral Blades now has a hit limit of 1. The nature of bringer's attacks is to strike fast and moving forward, however; Spectral Blades just kind of hiccups upwards, and it's getting increasingly difficult to fluidly put it into a skill rotation. This skill needs to be removed or overhauled.

    Lv. 1 Blessing of Azuna (Ajna)/Tanuki/Raccoon: Summon a raccoon that will refresh a +15% Light and Dark elemental buff. Buff starts at 30 seconds and will refresh every 5 seconds. Racoon is invincible until de-summoned or wiped.

    Lv. 1 Illusion Strike: Dark rotation fodder. Stacks Dark Burn ailment.

    Lv. 1 Energetic Chakra: Your emergency heal. Ignore the description, the skill will pretty much heal up to 2 people within any range as well as yourself, so it heals three people, not two (I swear ED was high when they wrote these, or Nexon while translating). Skill plate is arguable, see below in skill plates.

    Lv. 1 Chakra Cure: Removes up to 10 harmful status ailments from yourself and any amount of party members within 7 meters. Unlike Saints, we cannot use our cure to break out of debuffs like Bind and Frost.

    Lv. 10 Illusory Chakra:
    Don't let it fool you, it's more useful than it lets on. This is our Dash and iframe abuse pre-93. Pressing space mid tumble would trigger a long, quick dash which can add one last iframe with a final 'jump' at the end by pressing Shift. I have chosen to max this skill to lower the cooldown from 30 seconds to 10. I have plated the skill for cooldown, which has lowered it to 9.6 seconds. Abused correctly, this is 3 very easily manipulated iframes very close together every 9 seconds. If you don't want to dash, you can press space mid tumble while holding any direction key, which will result in the jump and not the dash. I will get a video of this in here at some point during the clean up.

    Lv. 15 Night Burst: This skill was strong pre-93 and is even stronger now. Dark rotation fodder again. Stacks Dark Burn ailment. I have chosen to dump as many remaining points from the Taoist tree as I can into this skill after maxing other necessary skills, which is why it's oddly leveled. You can choose between this skill or Dark Line to toggle SP.

    Lv. 1 Chakra Ring (Tunnel): Absolutely necessary for raids. The skill used to give a 1% defense buff to all allies inside it and increased by 1% per level, but was removed. In 93 cap the skill lost some utility with the introduction of Dash for every class, but still retains some value in emergency cases.

    Lv. 0 Chakra Punch: Don't even bother, no bringer ever used this. If you did I'd like to know what you concluded because I don't even want to bother with it.

    Lv. 2 Summon Shadow (Clones): Summons two clones which utilize both your dark and light elements. Clones can Aggro and DPS while you sit on your pretty little rear and support. Clone 1 will always use pre-EX Outbreak and Strike Ring, and Clone 2 will always use pre-EX Nether Burst and Dark Line. Their skills have no cooldown. They last for 10 seconds.

    Lv. 16 Nether Burst: Just like Night Burst, this skill did insane damage pre-93, and got boosted during the 93 buff, so I prefer to max it. Stacks Dark Burn Ailment.

    Lv. 15 Strike Ring: Okay, not maxing this is bananas, I'm dead serious. The line between Support and DPS Bringer was officially blurred in 93 cap, so there is absolutely no excuse to not max this skill, do not blame vulnerability. The skill can be pulled off in it's entirety almost 100% of the time if you know boss animations. The skill has a max tick of 47. This is the highest I have ever seen the skill consistently tick tested multiple times on Divine Kranos (you know the one). I recommend teching the skill if you don't have anything better. Plating is optional.

    Lv. 1 Dark Focus: Useful Stun. Taoist's detonation skill. You need a bit more umpf from your party members to successfully detonate the skill. It works but it isn't as strong as Poison Break or Saint Detonation. Enemies must be afflicted with Dark Burn before you can use the skill. Monsters do not need to be facing you for the skill to work, but players must be facing you in PVP for the skill to work. Skill is camera locked once the skill concentrates.

    Lv. 1 Healing of Chakra: Not truly useful anymore. Skill was overhauled to force a clone to complete the skill for you in idle. The back flip that activates the skill is abused for the iframe. Mana Regen is roughly 2300+ per tick depending on your class.

    Lv. 0 Balm of Azuna (Ajna)/Bunny: Summon a bunny to heal your wounds in battle. Bunny no longer stays on the field indefinitely and will de-summon roughly 3-5 seconds after summoning her. Re-summoning is constantly hazardous. In this cap she isn't useful and I don't want to part with the 10 SP I could put into Night Burst. Tree Gem abuse still works with bunny but is severely nerfed and just not really worth it.

    Lv. 7 Pact of Azuna (Ajna)/Tabi: Summon trainer Tabi to fight alongside you. Tabi is OP as all hell. Max and tech him if you can. Tabi is affected by Dark element. Tabi is completely invincible for the duration that he is summoned. General Note: Tabi has very strange aggro that I assumed was a crap shoot until I noticed how he aggro'd in Dark Banquet. I will add a video during clean up.

    Lv. 1 Dark Line: I chose to leave this skill at level 1 for mobility. I didn't see much use out of this skill at all so I decided to move the SP elsewhere. The damage while plated, and plate tech'd was completely negligible vs Night Burst and Nether Burst combo.

    Lv. 1 Pulse Ring: You're only keeping this ultimate for emergencies and some few and far between utility moments. Left click to fire 3 chakra rings onto the ground in any location. Gives all allies within the chakra ring(s) a -30% Physical and Magical Damage Taken buff and cures up to 10 harmful status ailments. Again, Nexon or EyeDentity or both were high as hell when they translated this because Pulse Ring does indeed work on the caster, I've had to use it many times to cure my own burn and electricity status(s). Alternatively, press the special attack button to charge up and fire a chakra ball that deals damage.

    Lv. 2 Dark Conviction: Slam your offhand into the ground and dark balls of flame will burst from the earth. Treat this skill just like Fan of Blades. Each ball damages and then damages again (wombo combo!) with +25% when they fall back down and explode on the floor. Stacks Dark Burn Ailment.

    Lv. 1 Miraculous Chakra: Heals all party members no matter the range for a flat rate of 30%. There are multiple red flags to look for when judging the proper use of this skill. I will cover that below.

    Lv. 11 Sunshine Spark: The iconic Spirit Bomb (let's be real here EyeDentity) that every party will hate you for, because it's the only effect that doesn't get removed with Processed Transparent. As a Light Bringer, it's your job to blind your party every 30 seconds. Can be used while jumping/double jumping. Afflicts enemies with a -20% physical defense debuff. Blast damage for the end of flight (not just when it hits the ground) is +5%. Max for DPS.

    Outbreak EX: Right clicking while lunging during Outbreak now forces a back flip that comes with an iframe, leaving behind a ball of chakra that explodes after a short amount of time. Knock down damage upped to +30% and the chakra explosion damage is 80% of the initial hit of Outbreak.

    Energetic Chakra EX: Adds a +50% movement speed bonus to Energetic Chakra. It appears to affect all party members. The movement speed bonus can be helpful or deadly depending on the situation. Use your greatest care and judgement.

    Strike Ring EX: Strike Ring's damage gets a little oompf by adding +30% damage and the skill also gets flashier because f**k all you not-Light Bringers.

    Healing of Chakra EX: HoC gets a +30% damage reduction buff to all party members within the skill's range.

    Sunshine Spark EX: Because F**K you that's why. Adds repeated, blinding pulses to Sunshine Spark for +50% damage per burst. +50% damage at the end of it's flight.

    Class Mastery I: Permanently (in town) provides a +10% Light elemental. Using Outbreak or Miraculous Chakra will grant a 10 second +10% damage buff.

    Class Mastery II: Our piss-poor excuse for an INS - which isn't even an INS by the way. Grants +30% Movement Speed to the caster when you use Miraculous Chakra. No, you will never knowingly use this or even find it useful, because you have Energetic Chakra for this.
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    Reserved Slot for coefficients/Level 93


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      Reserved slot for Awakenings [this will probably come at the end of the year for us].


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        Good to see some dedication towards Lbs, GL!


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          another light bringer wow


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            so quick question do you run sunshine spark crest with 20% dmg or the action speed
            lately i have been wondering wich is better while running nest


            • SkitzoRoy
              SkitzoRoy commented
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              I feel like that shouldn't happen very often if you know the boss's mechanics.
              But, overall, I think it comes down to player preference. If you're getting hit a lot when using SSS, the damage crest won't help much, but the AS plate will. If not, then the damage crest is probably better. I'd say try to see how many successful SSSs (that's a lot of "s's") you can use without getting hit on average. If you're successful more than 70% of the time, take the dmg plate. Any less and you might wanna work on surviving. That's what I'd do at least. Btw, ignore my last statement in the previous comment. I forgot there's no where else to put that SP lol.

            • ceruulean
              ceruulean commented
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              In the past action speed was used because back when debuffs stacked you wanted to cast it asap in conjunction with the rest of the team's debuffs to let the burst dps maximize damage, and SSS is a slow moving projectile so it helps against mobile bosses. Nowadays it's just preference because your debuff won't stack with many popular classes like lk and Saint anyway.

            • Hartlander
              Hartlander commented
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              I apologize for not getting to this sooner. This is/will be covered in depth in my guide, but the short answer is: Preference.

              The AS plate of Sunshine Spark still carries it's advantages. In the past (like Cerulean stated) the crest was used in unison with Healing of Chakra AS. This would allow the bringer to get back into Healing of Chakra as fast as possible after using SSS to debuff. Now that we no longer float, this is no longer necessary. I utilized this when bringers still physically floated themselves, but I have tested another method in which the bringer can use Gore Slam to quickly fall and resume floating. Both work equally well. Using AS vs. DMG against bosses that stomp a lot can have timing conflicts and can end up getting you hurt if you aren't used to or don't know their time frame. I've made an example of this in my guide using Adallah (Scorpian) from DDN, since his stomps have a really nice timing and are completely predictable.

              The damage plate these days is more of which type of LB you've chosen to become. If you've gone the support route, then the damage crest is better replaced with the CD plate of something else. If you have chosen to become a DPS bringer, then this plate would make sense, considering that the cool down was recently lowered to 15 seconds. Since we can SSS more frequently now, we're potentially adding more DPS to our output.

              Lastly, there are other factor to considering, like overriding buffs and conflicting boss animations, but that's better covered at a later time.
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            Whats light bringer..? is that like a new class ;-;
            Discord: Korp#8417


            • Little Timmy
              Little Timmy commented
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              no it's just the weakest assassin dps wise and has about 3 useless abilities he needs to learn to get his specialization (one of them gets an EX that doesn't make it better at all)
              and he also is the worst out of the healers to

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            Hey, since the guide isn't up yet, I guess I'll just ask now. Is it still better for LBs to stack dark elemental for damage or can they (should they) stack light elemental now?


            • Hartlander
              Hartlander commented
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              See this is something I haven't looked way too in depth to, but I personally stack light and I do have a healthy balance of both elements (with light still being the dominant element). Since the cool downs on the light skills were recently lowered, the light rotation (outbreak>SSS>Strike Ring) can be used more frequently.

              Honestly I don't personally think it's very viable to strictly stack dark on an LB. I usually tell people if they want to stack dark, then just become an abyss walker. Almost all skills are the same sans Miraculous Chakra and Darkness Incarnate. You're sacrificing all of your light% for 1 healing skill and a little bit of DPS. Without the actual EX(s) of the dark skills, you really still aren't doing any damage. The EX(s) really play a massive role in giving Abyss Walkers all of their power, as well as their dark%, not to mention their Dark Line EX/INS is (to my knowledge) still spammable, where as ours is not.

              You also have to realize that having both balanced has it's advantages. Clones, for example, utilize both elements. 1 Clone uses only Outbreak and Strike Ring, while the other uses only Nether Burst and Dark Line (both clones are pre-EX). By stacking strictly dark, you're essentially crippling 1 of your own clones without good reason, halving the DPS of the skill. I would assume that Tabi could make up for this, but that includes so many other in depth factors like Level, Tech, Dark% and whether or not Tanuki actually affects Tabi via double buffing.

              I do plan to try dark converting and seeing what I can fully conclude from it, but I won't say it will be my favorite part of the guide T^T

            • SkitzoRoy
              SkitzoRoy commented
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              I tried to pve on my AW, but I just don't like having to spam Dark Line all the time. It's so messy and always runs me into a boss's attack. Outbreak>SSS>Strike Ring can't be constantly used however. There's always a period where all 3 of them will be on cooldown plus, Strike Ring makes you very vulnerable (Though, I guess I could use dark skills in between, but idk if that would help much). Outbreak > SSS > Illusion Strike> Outbreak > Night Burst > Dark Line > Repeat/use-whatever-comes-off-cooldown-first, usually works pretty well where I can keep using skills without having to wait. With action speed buffs, I can throw in Strike Ring once in a while. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying be pure dps class. I'm prioritizing support while just trying to do the most damage as well.

              Now yes, clones utilize both elements; however, increasing one clone's damage and decreasing the other clone's damage should end up with the same result right? However, the clone using dark skills may do more damage than the light clone, at even dark and light percents. If they really copy our moves, Dark Line should be doing more damage than Strike Ring, and Nether Burst would do more damage than Outbreak. So increasing their dark attack will yield a greater increase in damage than the decrease in damage from losing light attack. Though, I'm unsure if the clones copy the skill lvl of those attacks as well. If so, then I may be wrong with that as I am trying out leaving Strike Ring and Outbreak lvl 1 while maxing Dark Line, Illusions Strike, and Night Burst. However, after testing 2 different builds, 1 with Nether Burst maxed, one with it lvl 1, the dark clone did not show any difference in damage when using Nether Burst. So yeah, I do think that the dark clone would yield a greater benefit in damage than the drawback from the light clone losing some damage. Even if the clones weren't glitched and did the EX versions (Strike Ring, Outbreak, and Nether Burst would increase, but I don't believe Dark Line would as the 3rd hit from the EX doesn't hit the boss?), it still wouldn't make that much of a difference if damage was lost from the light clone.

              But anyways, Tabi is the main reason why I figured on stacking dark %. In nests that don't wipe summons that often, Tabi will be doing either more or the same amount of damage as SSS with even light/dark percents. Maxing Outbreak won't yield that much damage from what I can tell, yet Dark Line, Night Burst, and Illusion Strike make for good dps skills vs just Strike Ring. So buffing 4 (Tabi, Dark Line, Night Burst and Illusion Strike) high damaging skills vs 2 (Strike Ring and SSS) seems like it would be beneficial. What makes me so unsure is that SSS's damage is enormous. It still does more damage than Dark Line and Illusion Strike combined. Especially against dragons and other bosses with large hitboxes and even more so against bosses that continuously wipe summons. If I had the gold, I would test out a build maxing each of these skills at the same time and dpsing with light attack stacked and dark attack stacked. Maybe I'll use my DNP to buy a couple of reset scrolls since I don't have the time to use an unlimited scroll in the near future. Also, I'm 99% sure Tanuki doesn't double buff Tabi as I just tested it. I don't think Tabi receives any more regular buffs after being summoned, otherwise raid would be applied to him.

              So, in summary, I'm unsure of whether buffing Tabi, Dark Line, Illusion Strike, and Night Burst, is better than buffing Outbreak, SSS, and Strike Ring. If anyone is able to tell me how elemental % is added in with your damage, and how SSS does damage, I'd be more than willing to try to actually calculate all of this.....................
              And.. I just did.. So here's some math..
              The following is done with even Dark/Light Elemental %s (so they're negligible when comparing) unless stated otherwise. Each skill talked about is maxed.
              I should note that Strike Ring's, Outbreak's, and Dark Focus's, dps are unrealistic. Though, I didn't bother with Dark Focus.

              From what I've so far tested with SSS, each little tick explosion is 50% of the last hit of SSS. Meaning each little explosion is 50% of the 2055% (at max) which is 1027.5% each (about 1 per second). The blast damage is 5% of the 2055% each time the spark itself is touching the enemy (about 5 hits of those per second). However, the additional damage of 50% at the last hit of SSS doesn't add in to those damages. In total, you have 3082.5% on the last hit. With an additional 1541.25% per second of the Spark touch the enemy. On a boss like Spooore, you can get about 2 seconds of the spark being on him for a total of 6165% every 15s (not including the 20% damage buff, that would make it 7398%). Strike Ring you can get about 17 hits on Spooore for a max of 5436.6% every 18 seconds. Outbreak would be 1535.625% for the whole thing every 6 seconds or about 1412.78% (about 92% of original's damage) for the entire animation + right click every 6 seconds.
              Tabi looks like it does 557% per second (a little more actually, each one of his skills does 557% except the shuriken move which does a little more). Dark Line about 6212.3% every 27 seconds. Night Burst about 3615.3% every 12 seconds. And Illusion Strike about 3680.3% every 9 seconds. (These are the skills I believe do the most dps. I ignore Dark Focus since its dps is unrealistic). These %s include the dark burn.

              So, overall, Light attacks would do 493.2%/s (SSS) + 302.03%/s (SR) + 235.46%/s (OB) (right click) = 1030.70%/s or about 1000% per second. 255.94%/s for Outbreak full animation (no right click). Since you can have about 10% more light attack than dark from our passive, I'll say about 1133.77% possible. W/ normal outbreak animation it's 1156.47% per second.
              Dark attacks would do 557%/s (Tabi) + 230.085%/s (DL) + 301.275%/s (NB) + 408.92%/s (IS) = 1497.28% per second.
              Dark attack clearly outweighs Light here.
              That's just for average nest bosses however. If the boss was a dragon or something really big, SSS and Strike Ring's damage would greatly increase. With just 3 seconds of the spark on the boss, the %/s goes from 493.2% to 616.5%. If Strike Ring can get say, 25 hits on an enemy (I think that's around the highest on average) the %/s is 444.17%. The total %/s of everything then gets to about 1448.28% per second (including the 10% more light attack).
              Whereas if Tabi isn't carrying your damage, (continuously wiped, attacking the wronggggg enemy, forgetting to resummon him) the dark damage severely falls.
              Here's an approximate, ordered hierarchy of dps: Tabi > SSS > Illusion Strike > Strike Ring >= Night Burst > Outbreak >= Dark Line
              (Strike Ring can do more, less, or the same as Night Burst depending on the amount of hits. Outbreak could/will do more if you continuously land the entire animation.

              Now, there's some crests to consider.. A Dark Line cooldown crest changes the %/s to 287.606%/s from 230.085%/s. Illusion Strike cooldown crest would make the %/s to 511.15%/s from 408.9%/s. Strike Ring cooldown crest (17 hits): 377.54%/s from 302.03%/s. SSS dmg : 591.84%/s from 493.2%/s. And Night Burst cooldown: 376.59%/s from 301.275%/s. Outbreak cooldown (right click): 336.38% from 235.46%!
              With technique accessories (no crests), SSS (2s) tech would be doing 3390+2260+1130 = 6780. 6780*1.2 = 8136%. 8136/15 = 542.4%/s.
              Tabi goes to 612%/s.
              Dark Line: 253.085%/s
              Strike Ring: 331.5%/s (17 hits)
              Illusion Strike: 450.09%/s
              Night Burst: 331.39%/s
              Outbreak (RC): 258.9%/s

              From these results, I'm concluding that burst wise, Light Attack is best by far. For raids like DDN where summons are wiped a lot, the bosses can be rather large, and you don't have long windows for DPS, Light will probably be best. In regular dungeons with many mobs of enemies, Light attacks have more aoe, therefore Light would be better as well. However, in most regular nests (non-raids) where the bosses don't wipe summons, I believe Dark Attack will be best.
              So, I'm gonna say it's based on player style. If you raid a lot/grind dungeons, definitely go Light Attack. If you mostly do regular nests like Daid, TKN, Mant, ABN, more than raids and dungeons, go Dark Attack. If you do some combination of these, perhaps a combination of Dark and Light Attack or, just switch some stuff depending on what you're doing.
              Dungeons: Light Attack (more aoe)
              Nests: Dark Attack (Tabi carries)
              Raids: Light Attack/Both (big bosses = SSS carries)
              Note: when I say Dark/Light Attack, I'm assuming you have the respectful skills maxed as well, if you only maxed Light skills, obviously don't stack Dark and vice versa.

              This comment turned into my own little guide and I'm still unsure of what I want to do on my LB...... Maybe I'll do both and get rid of Dark Line or Night Burst for maxed Strike Ring. Probably Dark Line, it has less aoe, runs me into the enemy and their attacks, and Night Burst should have better dps. Yeah, I'll probably go half Light, half Dark.. maybe with Dark being a little higher since I think I personally do more Nests than raids. Tho, raids are kinda more important/harder than nests.. hmm..

              Do let me know if there's somethin wrong with how I did this stuff.
              Disclaimer: I'm human I can make mistakes.

              Edit: After testing it out, I regret maxing Strike Ring. The skill's animation is too long and gets canceled too often. It ruins the dps of other skills despite being potentially good dps. The burst isn't that special as it still takes a couple seconds to do all of its damage. Now I'm debating on whether to go back to Dark Line or try out Outbreak maxed.

              Since I don't use Outbreak for dps purposes anyways, I've decided to get Dark Line.
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            I can't find it anywhere online, does LB want to stack physical damage or magic damage? I know the new (a year ago) update changed it to be all 1 damage type, but I can't find the patch notes.


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              Light Bringers have always stacked physical damage.


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                Updated Pre-93 Skill build

                Releasing advantageous/cost efficient gear sets next!

                Sorry for being so bad at updating all this, night shift is a killer.


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                  Ok, so I have a few questions.

                  1. Why post a lvl 90 PvE Guide and not lvl 93?
                  2. How come you're giving a pre-93 Skill Build?
                  Not that the rest of the questions matter that much since your guide is based on 90 cap stuff but:
                  3. In your build, why max Nether Burst instead of Night Burst? They both have similar cast times but Night Burst has a shorter cooldown and does a little more damage (in both lvl caps). Nether Burst never really did "insane damage" in 90 cap. The max % was 2352%, whereas Night Burst's max % was 2431%. Here's my source for those:
                  4. Why not max Illusion Strike? It does the most damage overall, compared to Night Burst and Nether Burst and it has a shorter cooldown. Even though the cast time of it is like 3 seconds long, that still a lot of damage in a 12 second interval, still more than Night Burst/Nether Burst. Also, unlike Night Burst and Nether Burst, you can tumble out of the skill if needed.
                  5. Re-summoning Balm of Azuna is no where near as hazardous as Strike Ring (as you said, assuming you know the boss's mechs for both) don't ya think? Do note that, I'm neither in favor of this skill nor am I against it, I think it's completely up to the player whether he/she wants to spend the 10 sp for that little bit more of support or go for more damage/utility.
                  6. For Pulse Ring, that's really funny because it completely worked (and still does) for us in PvP.
                  7. Why is Energetic Chakra the emergency heal? Isn't it wiser to use this heal sooner/for smaller injuries as it's a weaker heal than Miraculous Chakra and it has a shorter cooldown?
                  8. Strike Ring's EX hitbox also greatly increases. This isn't really a question, I just thought it'd be helpful to point out.
                  9. Weren't the shadow clones working properly in 90 cap? By that I mean they used the EX skills at lvl 2; however, now they don't and the dark clone's Dark Line only staggers enemies instead of lifting (which I think both are bugs as there was never any patch notes that said this was supposed to happen).

                  Hope to see the rest of your guide though Good luck with your night shifts.
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                    Can we get an updated lvl 95 Build?


                    • SkitzoRoy
                      SkitzoRoy commented
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                      Hey, I'll give ya a few builds along with some comments on them.

                      First off, here's a skeleton build: This has all the stuff that you'll definitely need. You could technically put the points anywhere else and your gameplay wouldn't change too much..
                      Here's the build I'd recommend: Note: the mp passives aren't really necessary at all. Healing Chakra restores ~33% of your mp every 60 seconds. You don't use nearly as much mp as that.. The only reason I took them was for Attuned Mind. In the off chance you're hit by an attack that wipes your mp, having one point in Attuned Mind will allow you to use Healing Chakra much faster. If you don't want these two mp points, I'd recommend putting them in Fan of Blades. Fan of Blades isn't max already because the increase in damage is quite small from 16 to 18.
                      A rather unique build would be: This has the AW ultimate which I believe can help with burst/dps checks in raids since it should do more damage than the LB ult. It also has Rubicon, which is really good utility for dodging attacks. The build drops Illusory Chakra as it's the second weakest skill you're able to drop (Full Brightness being the weakest LB skill) since some players don't care for this skill. The clones have the lowest dps, but in actual nests they will probably perform better when compared to the other weak LB skills (the clones don't really have to stop attacking to dodge attacks).

                      But as you can see, LB can be built around your preferences by quite a bit.
                      As for the whole light vs dark thing, that's now old, outdated, and irrelevant now. LB's should focus on physical damage if you want to focus on support (more phys dmg = bigger heal from miraculous) or light atk if you want to focus on higher dps. (Obviously, you want to have as much as both in the end).

                      Also, if you have any more questions, feel free to join this class discussion discord channel for taoists: The discord server has channels for discussing any class as well. (This way it won't take so long for someone to reply to you).
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                      Thanks so much for your reply! Discord will be very helpful for me! Much appreciated <3