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Question about class mastery 3 for lb

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  • Question about class mastery 3 for lb

    Does anyone know how to activate the second half of the Light Bringer's class mastery 3? It says to use Strike Ring EX but that's a passive buff. None of the skills light up when I use Fan of Blades either (even though other classes with these activations have skills that light up). Is this supposed to happen? Or am I missing something else?

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    Just use Strike Ring immediately after Fan of Blades. Strike Ring will only hit once but that one hit should equal the amount of about 16 normal hits. It refers to Strike Ring EX because it will only work with the EX version.


    • postboundarts
      postboundarts commented
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      I tried out what you said and I finally realized that the animation for that part just looks like the strike ring animation when there's no enemies nearby... Thanks for the response though, it really helped.
      (I honestly thought that I was lagging or something before that realization lol)

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    On this subject does anyone understand how the skill growth for Edged Fan works with CM3? The damage growth on the skill itself seems low does going beyond 6 points yield much gain?


    • Kazidhaan
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      afaik, the damage on CM3 fan of blades is actually fixed at the % listed on CM3. So going above lv6 will give you nothing at all.

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    That seems peculiar, that one could shoot themselves in the foot by putting more points in the skill. However with so many good options out there, I feel like it would have to have pretty good skill growth to warrant points there.

    I think I'll go with you being correct however, as at 6 points it seems to hit reasonably hard and to find out otherwise I guess I'd have to playtest.