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How does LB compare to other healers?

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  • How does LB compare to other healers?

    I completely forgot that LB existed, despite having one back in the 80 cap. So how is it now, compared to Physician and Saint? I'm not a big fan of the changes made to the Physician since the 80 cap.

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    lb is alright, certainly a lot more active than 80 cap. raid teams take whatever healer works best with the team or whichever base buff they're missing

    their heals dont tick as much as the other healers' heals but given that they have two heals its fine. and bunny, which can heal 10% in a pinch, at a long cd
    their cure is pretty hard to use and has a really long cd...
    movement speed buff is nice because the aoe is spread in a long path for directing ppl
    ult is a cool dmg reduction skill that lasts on the field and u can fire it at things
    raid buff is nice
    float heals mp only which doesnt apply to most things


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      Light fury / Bringer is arguably the best healer.
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        LB has some niches that makes him wanted in Raids (more so in 4-man Nests)

        - Raid Buff (nuff said)
        - 3 heals that can either be done in burst or sections: [Awakened] Miraculous Chakra heals for 20% of max HP with a 50% Attack Power sub-heal every 3 seconds for 5 ticks; Energetic Chakra EX heals for 15% of max HP in up to 3 targets; Balm of Azuna heals for 10% of max HP
        - A burst MP healing skill (has small AOE though)
        - Reliable +Def % buff courtesy of Healing Chakra EX (+20% Def buff) and Pulse Ring (+30% Def buff) that can be stacked
        - A second chance skill due to Feint
        - Ridiculous amount of i-frames and air-time skills; also you can get Rubicon for an emergency evade that works even when you are knocked down; LB's are arguably the most slippery of all healing classes however, also the most susceptible to boss mechanic fail damage (Saints and Physicians are Int-based classes, while LBs are not. Most boss mechanic fail damage deals Magic damage though you have your Healing Chakra EX and Pulse Ring +Def buffs)
        - Can potentially be the easiest Healer class to gear and also the best one to gear with end-game equipments. Assassins are mixed-stat classes (meaning 1 STR/AGI= 0.5 Pattk), meaning bonus stats from gears and other sources can boost an LB's Attack Power. Additionally, LB's can be built as an Agi-stat class meaning you'll have the luxury of both increasing your PAttk and Critical Rate.
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