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Reaper Awakening gear tips?

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  • Reaper Awakening gear tips?

    Since the Assassin has successfully been awakened, I was wondering what changes that brings for the Reaper/Ripper (I think Ripper is better but w/e). Looking at 95 CM3, as well as awakening passives, obviously Shadow Hand is going to be a necessity.
    My primary concerns are with Skill crests and Rain of Death (which I believe was frequently used during Ripper's ult since it was high damage and could be tricked into fire damage if you used a basic Ulti Attack as RoD hit). Since Flaming Locust EX's downkick got halved in damage (100% of Flaming Locust's Damage, down from 200%), does that kick out the Flaming Locust Damage crest? Also, with Shadow Hand now very useful, are Shadow Hand DMG/Mortal Blow DMG crests going to be better?
    Finally, I currently am sitting on 22 Skill points that used to be put into Rain of Death. If the fire conversion trick doesn't work anymore and/or is negligible when placing skill points elsewhere, Should I max out my barrage? Or just sit on them?
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