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  • Sader post-buff

    So I logged in to my alt Sader to test out the recent buffs and I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed so far. He has trash gear (+10 Medea main, rest is +20 Neris), but he's barely topping 12m dps in the training room. I know his lack of crit (~20% atm) is a contributing factor, but I have other chars with crit in that range and similar stats and they seem to (still) blow him out of the water.

    Anyone else feeling underwhelmed?

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    It's been like that since forever.

    Non-Legend Crusader can be considered as a different class than Legend-user Crusader, due to their massive gap of stats (and DPS).


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      I guess I was expecting something similar to 80 (90?) cap sader, where even with trash gears if you had HoG and Zeal up you were a god.