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  • Oracle Elder / Elder Oracle Skill Builds

    Day 2 of Oracle Elder, and I've been staring in my free time at the skill sim for her. I'm looking specifically at the Power Boosts and the Attack Accels. I'll get into other disputes I have with math, prereqs, and my ideas for Kali tree in a later paragraph.

    First. Oracle Elder Special Enhancers. We have been given a unique set of Special Enhancers, that differ greatly from past ones, esp. in the Attack Department. With many of the previous Spin-offs, the Attack Accels have been between FD and the Element of that class (RM need not apply obviously because it's a neutral class. I'm looking at the other elemental spin-offs here since only they apply to this). However Oracle Elder has an interesting set of Attack Accelerators. They have 4 choices (so to speak): 2 Power Boosters and 2 Attack Accelerators. The two Power Boosters give either 10% Crit or 10% FD, and the Attack Accels give either 15% Light ATK and 50% CDMG.

    My gut tells me that Attack Accel is easy: High Light ATK (may not be as easy with OE as it is with say AH since they don't seem to have an ELE ATK buff) means get CDMG, low light ATK/high CDMG (easier than some others because STR = CDMG) means get light ATK. This is still confusing me though, because I'm not in the L-grade family yet xD meaning my CDMG will be lower (My OE is currently 44 but I think at cap with the Neris and STR gems I'll get ~220% CDMG).

    BUT, since unlike some of the other spinoffs (DA, AH), OE does NOT have a light ATK buff, meaning they will have a harder time overall getting enough light ATK that Diminishing Returns will mean the SP put into CDMG will yield higher damage output overall.

    As for Power Boosters, it's a bit harder. 95 Cap has put crit cap at ~800-830k (I could be wrong, but I know it's over 800k). Meaning, that if my assumption is correct and the 10% Crit is applied to the %CRIT and not the #CRIT, 10% crit will be pretty big in getting to crit cap quickly. But again, FD is also a pain to cap, so 10% FD is going to be really good. Which to pick when both are hard to cap (for different reasons of course, one is expensive and the other is insanely high)?

    Second. Kali Tree. I'm confused over how I should do this because the CM3 gives Spirit Sting a 400% increase (5x boost in board damage. At level 6 that's 206*5 = 1030%. at Level 27 that's 471*5 = 2355%) That's a nice increase in damage. BUT, like the AH CM3, the skill doesn't get converted to Light ATK (based on the skill description only, haven't gotten my OE to 95 yet :P), so that means it won't scale as high as other skills, meaning only taking it to 6 is probably best in order to spend 21 SP into worthy skills.Then we get into a problem with SP Prereqs.

    In order to get Oracle Ulti AKA the Oracle Elder tree, you need 45 SP into the Kali Tree. Here's what I've got as a Skeleton: (Genie was not added because it's 0 SP and is irrelevant in my following point). Oracle skill MP seems to be low, so it's not worth dumping SP much into the MP passives (The highest cost skill is 15k cure/heal, which also restores 15% MP (25% total with the EX). 100k MP is enough to restore 15k MP with a 15% regen). However, as you can see there's only 37 SP in the Kali tree. I could do A) dump more into Spirit Sting to get to 45, but that's not going to increase dmg as much as using it in Oracle tree since it doesn't scale with light ATK with CM3; B) Dump into MP passives and other random crap to get to 45, but then I'll have a lot of useless passives and too much MP regen; or C) wait there is no third option o.o

    So yeah, there's an issue here. I would like to do something like the following with the Oracle Tree, but Kali restrictions OP.

    Anyone got any idea how to resolve these two problems? While you're at it, can you point out some good OE skill crests to look for? Thanks!

    EDIT: I just got Elder Oracle to 95, and discovered that somehow Spirit Sting does actually convert to Light damage. Meaning, my previous wonders on how to get Kali SP to 45 are now gone, because I can just dump SP into Spirit Sting.
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    For crests, I'm using these:

    Vanishing spada - DMG
    Sharp hurricane - DMG
    Flash tempest - DMG
    Ancient grace - CDR

    IMO the CM3 doesn't feel too strong. Sure, it adds a little more damage and shortens the animation for Vanishing Spada. But as you pointed out, it's not even converted into light damage.


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      Feel free to ignore this one if you saw it. Don't know why it didn't show up the first time, and the bottom one is much better honestly.
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        Just like the first one, ignore this one as well. For some reason, neither of them came up for me when I submitted them.
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          I haven't capped out my Oracle Elder and properly tested out the draft build provided yet (yes, draft. Which means it's subject to change if I decide I need to move points around), but I'd honesty recommend putting the points into Spirit Sting (the build has it at 16, but you can drop both MP passives and Ghostly Kick to push it to 21 if you don't think you'll need the safer landing ability if you get launched). There's not really much else besides Needles of Despair that's worth putting points into, but the latter isn't that good against mobile enemies since its damage is over a 5 second duration in a stationary 3m area, and you would need a good amount of dark% (yes, dark. Not light. And possibly 20-30% at least) to outdamage a CM3-enhanced Spiral Sting of the same level. And similar to Arch Heretic with Divine Combo > Sawblade, Spirit Sting is one of the two skills that boosts Vanishing Spada's damage, so it's a bit easier to fit into a skill rotation. It's not light element, but investing points into it at least gives you more damage if you use it to trigger CM3.

          Edit: posted the wrong build. Should have the right one now.
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