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Oracle elder dps potential?

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  • Oracle elder dps potential?

    I made an oracle elder and im enjoying the fast game play.. i might decide to main oracle. if ever i fund this class, is her overall dps good? will her skills be nerfed in future paches? because i think flash tempest is too op.

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    Only changes coming to EO (so far) are: (from Fab's document)
    • Wild Spada & [Divine] Wild Spada
      • Increased super armor.
    • Twister & [Divine] Twister
      • Increased super armor.
    • Vanishing Spada & [Divine] Vanishing Spada
      • Increased super armor.
    • Rising Gust & [Divine] Rising Gust
      • Increased super armor.
    • Sharp Hurricane
      • Increased super armor.
      • After using a main skill, you can activate this with Normal Attack. (PVE & PVP)
    • Ancient Grace (PVE & PVP)
      • Decreased range.
      • Launches the enemy into the air.
      • Decreased super armor break.
      • Fixed a situation where the PVP cooldown was incorrect.
    • Chain Rush (PVE & PVP)
      • Adjusted the time at which the invincibility and super armor take effect.
    • Position Shift (PVE & PVP)
      • Adjusted the time at which the invincibility and super armor take effect.
    • Providence (PVE & PVP)
      • SP consumption reduced from 10 to 5.
    • Ray Diffuse
      • Increased super armor.
      • Decreased super armor break. (PVE & PVP)
    • Oracle Elder (PVE & PVP)
      • You can no longer press Normal Attack to use Sharp Hurricane after main skills.
      • Sharp Hurricane is no longer strengthened in this state.
      • SP consumption reduced from 10 to 5.
      • Fixed a problem in which characters looked weird when they transformed while in a costume.
    • Flash Tempest
      • Increased super armor.
    • Class Mastery II
      • When the Ancient Art state is achieved, it will be indicated by a blue aura. (PVE & PVP)
      • In the Ancient Art state, the damage of Sharp Hurricane increases by 20%.
      • Fixed a problem in which Ancient Art did not reduce the cooldown of Sharp Hurricane in PVP.
    • Class Mastery III
      • Fixed a problem in which Vanishing Spada could not be activated in PVE.
    • Developer’s Comment
      • Oracle’s super armor was lower than intended, so it has been increasedby 20-50%. In addition, using Normal Attack for Sharp Hurricane in the transformation state made the controls awkward outside of it, so we have changed it to be usable only outside of transform.
    • Chain Rush
      • Tooltip changed from “can be used during all skills” to “all skills except for Feather Step and Dash.
    • Oracle Elder
      • Skill name changed to “Oracle Elder Transformation”


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      Editing a comment
      ugh those changes to Sharp Hurricane's controls are gonna be weird