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KALI sixth Class & the Blue Wolf

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  • KALI sixth Class & the Blue Wolf

    In 2013 Patch 91 a new class was introduced ( for girls) KALI a descendant of the Ancients.
    She is primarily a Shaman of Hermit village.
    The Blue Desert Wolf attack her village upon the orders of the King Feder.
    Kali's mother died in this raid.

    Kali is searching for this Blue Wolf so she can avenge her mother.
    She must choose to become a Dancer(melee) or a Screamer(ranged) fighter.
    Tel Numara?
    Kali MAIN QUESTS(story) begins in Prairie Town, arcs with Tel Numara.
    Blue Wolf is searching for KALI(descendant of the Ancients) to destroy her.
    Kali is preparing to defeat the Warrior Blue Wolf to avenge her mother's death.


    Priestess of Darkness THRONE OF ELVES

    WONDERFUL THEME PARK Store( Hero Synthesis)