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  • Donkali's Guide to Soul Eater

    Contact me:

    Donkay or Donkali in-game, or
    via Discord (join the DNCD to contact me easily!)
    My Discord ID is Donkay#9247.

    Skill names are italicized

    Debuffs and coefficients are bolded

    “Who tf are you and why are you making a guide”

    Hi, I'm Donkay (although some of you probably already know me by my Soul Eater, Donkali), and I've been playing Soul Eater since 70 cap. I'm making this guide because I have recently been playing mine a lot and have fallen in love with the playstyle, so I decided to share my knowledge with the community.

    Remember, this is a guide, not a way of life. Feel free to recommend something to me or correct me if I have made a mistake somewhere!
    “Open the Gate!” - Ghost Gate

    Soul Eater is an off-burst support debuffer. Its innate Dark Elemental and is magic damage based (scales with Intellect). It's also the only Kali without an artificial FD buff in their kit. Due to how the skills work, it is deceptively mid to close ranged, although it doesn't look like that at first glance.
    Pros and cons:

    + Has good damage

    + Has good and unique debuffs

    + Has burst

    + Has very good and unique mobility

    + Has decent range on attacks

    + Is a cute girl

    - Long wind-up, which is counter-intuitive to a bursty class (ED wat r u doin)

    - Must play close ranged to maximize damage, but lacks physical defense to mitigate damage from melee enemy attacks

    - Long cooldowns on some skills (Awakening helps with this a little bit)

    “Hold still!” - Spirit Snakes

    Stigma is an offensive debuff that increases your damage output by enhancing Spirit Creeps, Ghost Gate, Ghostly Web, and Specter of Torment to do extra damage, increasing with the amount of enemies afflicted by Stigma at once. Humiliation is the only skill that inflicts this debuff.

    Curse is what Screamers (mostly Soul Eater) are known for. It is a debuff can stack with itself up to three times, applying -5% Elemental Resistance for each stack (total: -15% Elemental Resistance). It also applies a DoT effect equal to 100% of your magic damage per stack, dealing damage every 2 seconds. Note that Curse is extremely easy to stack and it should almost always be up on a raid boss. This debuff, like Stigma, also enhances Dragon Bite to do extra damage. Spirit Creeps and Summon Totem inflict this debuff.

    Delay is a one-of-a-kind utility debuff that only Screamers have that is similar to Gravity Trap or Frostbite. Delay slows down the enemy's existence entirely, even slowing down their fall speed. Unfortunately, since the introduction of T5, this debuff is resisted by any enemy worth using it on, making it almost useless in PvE (currently works in normal dungeons and DDN bosses). Spirit Snakes, Ghostly Web and Dragon Bite inflict this debuff, however, each skill's duration and intensity will vary.

    Soul Shriek is a Soul Eater-only skill (level 50) that is hands-down the best critical resist modifier in the game. It reduces the affected enemy's critical resist by 20% like all the others, but it also raises the critical chance of any ally that attacks an affected enemy by 20% (this does not exceed the universal critical chance cap of 89%). It also wipes an enemy's buffs upon hitting them with it (aside from being useful in PvP, this can be used to remove enrage mechanics like Death Knight Tacitus "Awakening" skill or Balapa's "Enrage" skill.

    Ghost Curse is a purely offensive debuff that interacts only with Specter of Torment, your main DPS skill. If an enemy is hit with Specter of Torment, they will get one stack of Ghost Curse. If an enemy is hit with three stacks, they explode, receiving additional damage.

    Fright is a defensive debuff that renders enemies affected unable to attack you for its duration. As is the case with Delay, it'll be resisted by bosses and certain enemies. Ghostly Surrender is the only move that can inflict Fright.

    This section will go over some of the skills in the Kali tree, the Screamer tree (both sides), and Soul Eater tree, just to get an idea of how they work.
    Kali Tree

    Yoo-hoo, Genie!” - Genie's Blessing

    Soul Breath and Needles of Despair are both decent filler moves, with Needles coming out on top in terms of damage. I recommend Needles, but you can pick either one depending on your playstyle. Max whichever one you get. Spirit Sting, Soul Flurry and Spirit Blow are not viable because their scalings are sub-par and their animations leave you vulnerable for too long. Those skills have better use in PvP.

    Ghostly Surrender attacks in a small range around you and debuffs enemies hit with Fright for a short while. Bosses will resist the Fright effect and the damage is mediocre, so there’s no point in getting this move either.
    This move can be used on the Punisher in IDN Phase 1 Dragon to render him unable to attack for a short while. Note that this will not make you immune to his spin attack.

    Ghostly Kick is recommended for mobility; it allows you to speed up as you hit the ground and travel a decent distance.

    Skeletal Distraction is your power tumble, allowing you to travel a large distance. This move can be used at will by tumbling after using Ghostly Web. This move is pretty much staple to any Kali, as well as Hand of the Dead (the recovery attack), Aerial Evasion, Health Bolster, Mental Fortitude, and Attuned Mind.

    Phantom Guard has suddenly become viable with Awakenings.. It gives you a buff that mitigates damage dealt to your HP. This will even mitigate DoT effects like burn or poison. It also increases your Super Armor by 50%. Now that the mana drain is gone, it has become a very viable skill to take, as it is free damage reduction.

    Genie’s Blessing is your party buff and costs no SP to get, so it's a staple. It's a nice 10% stat boost to AGI, INT, VIT, and STR so it'll benefit everybody.
    Screamer Tree

    “Dragon of the Mist… Arise!” - Dragon Bite

    This is the fun part.

    Spirit Creeps is your most reliable and one of the easiest moves to use. You throw out four paper birds to attack enemies at a moderate range, and each bird hit will deal damage. Using this skill with a Stigmatized enemy nearby will send out one additional bird per enemy afflicted, and the additional bird will fly towards the enemy. Put lots of points into this skill because the damage is very reliable.

    Spirit Snakes throws three snakes out in a cone in front of you. These snakes apply Delay and deal damage. The Delay lasts 8 seconds; the first four slowing by 30%, and the last 4 slowing by only 20%. Decent damage, put points into this too.

    Ghost Gate is a summon that shoots ghosts from itself. These ghosts hit 3 times per round, 5 rounds in total. Using this skill with a Stigmatized enemy nearby will make each round hit 4 times instead of 3 on the afflicted enemy. The summon animation is quite lengthy, but it can be tumbled out of early but still summon the gate.

    Spirit Wolf summons a wolf in front of you, and deals damage as it lands and howls. Pretty powerful move, but long cooldown and bosses can walk out of it very easily, so throw it when the time is right. It’s recommended to put lots of points into it.

    Dragon Bite is your ultimate. You start channeling in an area in front of you, applying Delay and sucking enemies in. Once the channeling is done, a huge bone dragon bites the area, dealing massive damage. If an enemy is already afflicted by Curse, they will take an additional 15% bonus damage. This skill does decent burst, and is recommended to be maxed.

    Humiliation is a projectile that stops at the first enemy struck, dealing damage and applying Stigma. Leveling this skill up to 6 and 11 allows you to shoot additional charms by left-clicking, and increases Stigma duration. This skill is a one-point wonder, as the extra charms usually aren’t needed or worth investing the SP into.

    Puppet Dance is a basic debuff summon. You summon a puppet that increases all enemy incoming damage by 20%. The debuff AoE itself has a short range, so put the puppet close to the boss. However, be careful as it can be attacked and killed, ending it early. Nothing special here, pick it up just for the extra damage in cases where someone else doesn’t have their debuff up or when you’re soloing something.
    -continued on next post-
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    Screamer Tree (cont'd)

    Ghostly Web shoots out charms from all around you. You can right click after using Feather Step to activate this skill, and tumble again to cast Skeletal Distraction and evade in a direction. Screamer is the only class in the game that can activate their power tumble at will, so this is a very valuable skill. These charms inflict damage and apply Delay. The Delay diminishes over the three seconds it lasts for. If a Stigmatized enemy is nearby, an additional charm will be shot out, per Stigmatized enemy. One-point wonder for the mobility.

    Begrudge summons a small AoE that damages enemies and increases your damage by 15% while inside it. Note that the AoE’s tooltip damage is over the total duration of the skill, not per hit. Soul Eater Awakening passives will force you to rank this skill up to 9.

    Spirit Thorns is a passive attack that you can cast after using Feather Step. This doesn’t really have any use for Soul Eaters, so there’s no need to pick it up.

    Phantom Rage and Blitz Claw are pretty much extra mobility for a Soul Eater, where the former will let you float in the air for a bit and the latter gives you an extra i-frame while performing a jump. You can learn these if you want.

    - Hitting Phantom Rage manually on your skill bar will allow you to rise up even higher on-cast.

    Unholy Ground is a skill that inflicts damage to enemies around you every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. This doesn't have a practical use, unlike our Dark Summoner counterpart (full damage takes too long to get off and scaling is sub-par), so there's no point taking it on a Soul Eater.

    Phantom Claw shoots out 4 hands in front of you with each hand increasing in range. This is a nice tool to push things, at the very least, but there are better things to put SP into.

    Chain Claw is one of the best moves in the Screamer tree. You instantly slap out a claw in front of you, dealing decent damage and interrupting almost anything you do. This is extremely useful for cutting long animations short so you can throw out other moves quicker. If you find yourself using it a lot, consider putting points into this skill.

    Hands of Vengeance is an AoE skill that deals lots of damage and displaces enemies caught inside. Very good skill and helps with mobbing and dungeon clearing, would highly recommend taking it to 1, at least.

    Rampage Claw has improved after awakening. You swing 3 claws out and deal damage. Unfortunately, just like before Awakening, it's still camera-locked and doesn't offer any additional bonus damage like Dark Summoners gets, so while you can get it, I would not recommend it.

    Phantom Avenger is still a good ultimate, even after the invincibility removal. After a channel, this increases your action speed and cooldown reduction by 30% for a short time. Need to look into this as it may still be worth picking up.

    Soul Eater Tree

    “Enjoy!” - Specter of Torment

    For the explanation of Soul Shriek, read about it in the Debuffs section. If the enemy is afflicted with Curse, they will take an additional 30% damage from Dragon Bite instead of 15%, and it will also temporarily make Dragon Bite a fire-and-forget skill instead, so you won't be locked in the channeling animation.

    Specter of Torment is your main DPS skill. You throw a ghost that travels in a direction and hits all enemies it passes through, applying a stack of Ghost Curse. Upon the application of the third stack of Ghost Curse, the enemy will explode, dealing bonus damage equal to the board damage of Specter of Torment. This is an amazing skill, sporting a low 7 second cooldown, so use it whenever you can.

    Spirit Creeps EX enhances Spirit Creeps to shoot six birds instead of four and will also apply Curse with each hit. Additionally, each bird explodes on contact, exploding for 30% of the board damage. Attacking with a Stigmatized enemy nearby will shoot an additional two birds instead of one, per Stigmatized enemy. This is a very good EX since Curse stacks faster due to the explosion applying a stack as well, marginally increasing this move's damage. Spirit Creeps now does considerable damage. Note that the cooldown for Spirit Creeps is lower than the duration of Curse, so it should always be up in a raid setting.

    Spirit Snakes EX enhances Spirit Snakes to shoot out one additional snake, adding extra range to all of them. Additionally, each snake also deals a bonus 15% board damage and Stuns enemies for 3 seconds. The Stun isn't important in PvE, but the additional snake and bonus damage are nice.

    Ghost Gate EX enhances Ghost Gate to shoot one extra round, make each round shot deal more damage, and occasionally shoot out big explosive ghosts that deal four times the damage of a normal ghost in an AoE. The damage difference between the normal and the EX is outstanding due to this. As with the normal one, if there is a Stigmatized enemy nearby the rounds will hit an extra time.

    Spirit Wolf EX enhances Spirit Wolf to shoot out two more small wolves out of the original one, dealing 20% of the board damage each. Nothing really interesting about this, just some more AoE and damage if a raid boss stands still.

    Specter of Torment EX is amazing. After shooting out your spooky ghost, left-click to shoot another, for half damage. This means you can apply two stacks of Ghost Curse in one cast. Therefore, your next cast of Specter of Torment will trigger the explosion, unless you wait until after the explosion is done (by delaying your second cast). However, the second click during that rotation will not add a stack of Ghost Curse. Additionally, the explosion damage is raised to 150% the board damage.

    Your Class Mastery I, originally called Mistress of Pain, adds 10% non-elemental additional damage to your attacks against Cursed enemies. This forces you to play well with Curse to play optimally, but this generally should not be an issue since it has a near-100% uptime. It also boosts your Intellect by 50%.

    Class Mastery II gives you 10% bonus damage (always active), and allows you to use Spirit Snakes EX Instant when you tumble. Spirit Snakes EX Instant shoots 10 snakes all around you instead of 4. To hit full damage on an enemy, they need to be at point-blank range. Also, your damage is increased by 30%.


    [insert wailing souls here]

    [Awakening Passive] Soul Eater removes one of the cons that was originally up there. Soul Eater now has a Soul Gauge, and casting Ghost Gate and Begrudge will give it 10 Soul (capping out at 30). Once you hit the cap, you will heal over time. This is pretty cool that they gave us a heal to be honest, so no arguments here.

    [Awakening Passive] Spirit Snakes attempts to alleviate another one of the cons that we have. Hitting with Spirit Snakes will reduce the cooldown of Spirit Creeps, Spirit Wolf, and Ghost Gate by 5 seconds each (one reduction per cast, multiple snakes hitting do not reduce it further). This means our rotations change as we have to use all three of those moves first before hitting with Snakes.

    Summon Totem is a funny, but powerful skill. You merely just summon a totem. But, once this totem is summoned, it will pulse, deal damage, and apply Curse with each hit. It lasts for fifteen seconds and while it remains on the field, Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes, and Spirit Wolf have 30% increased damage. That's pretty nuts. Obviously it can be used to carry a Curse stack if you're late on applying Snakes, but the damage bonus is what makes this totem so useful.

    [Awakening Passive] Soul Shriek is my only "?" at this Awakening. It allows you to absorb 10 Soul if you hit with Soul Shriek. It feels like they ran out of ideas and put this in there as filler, when it could have easily been part of [Awakening Passive] Soul Eater. But oh well. With a full rotation, we can get 30 Soul easily. Not entirely essential to take due to the fact that the passive doesn't really do anything that cataclysmic to SE gameplay.

    [Awakening Passive] Specter of Torment sound deceptively weak at first, but in reality is actually a decent buff. Upon hitting a Stigmatized enemy with Specter of Torment, the first ghost will hit twice. Now this is huge because we can get a full explosion in one EX cast. This also makes Specter very very consistent as a source of damage, since we don't need to wait 7 seconds to get the explosion, where the boss could run away, it could die to something else, or whatever whatever. Definitely a good passive.

    Soul Liberation is the big wham bam thank you ma'am of the Awakening. You can only use this if you have 30 Soul. Using this skill consume all of your Soul and will place you in a channel, where you will deal damage in an area around you for a few seconds. You take reduced damage during this skill's channel and you can tumble out of it at any time. The number of hits it does is not a hard cap; action speed buffs will increase the amount of hits during the channel. Unfortunately, this skill's startup and ending animation are way too long for a class that's already slow to begin with, including Phantom Avenger's action speed boost. It is still perfectly viable for nests, casual play and PvP though.
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    “This would be much better in table format. Like you.” - Vahrheit

    This coefficient guide will only cover skills used by a Soul Eater, and will skip non-EX skills in the Soul Eater tree.

    Soul Breath has a coefficient of 2. One per blast. If it is level 6 or above, it has a coefficient of 2.5 due to the extra 25% damage per blast.

    Needles of Despair has a coefficient of 1. 10 hits, 0.1 per hit.

    Ghostly Surrender, Ghostly Kick and Skeletal Distraction all have a coefficient of 1.

    Humiliation has a coefficient of 1. Level 6 and 11 add 0.2 for their extra charms, each.

    Phantom Rage has a coefficient of 4. One per claw.

    Blitz Claw has a coefficient of 1.5. 7 hits; first two hits do 0.5, while the last five hits are reduced in damage and do 0.1.

    Chain Claw has a coefficient of 1.

    Hands of Vengeance has a coefficient of 1. The initial hit does 0.1, the suction does 0.2, and the explosion does 0.7.

    Ghostly Web has a coefficient of 8. One per charm. If there is a Stigmatized enemy nearby, it’s an additional coefficient of 1 per unique Stigmatized enemy, for the extra charms.

    -1 Stigmatized enemy: 9

    -2 Stigmatized enemies: 10

    -3 Stigmatized enemies: 11

    Begrudge has a coefficient of 1.05. Hits 21 times, 0.05 per hit.

    Phantom Avenger has a coefficient of 1. First hit does 0.1 of board damage, while the other five do 0.18 board damage.

    Dragon Bite has a coefficient of 1. The suction hits are 0.01 each, eight times, with the final hit being 0.92. If you’re attacking a Cursed enemy, it’s a coefficient of 1.15. An extra hit is added that does 0.15 board damage.

    Soul Shriek has a coefficient of 1. Five hits, 0.2 per hit. Attacking a Cursed enemy will raise the coefficient to 1.3, 0.26 per hit instead.

    Spirit Creeps EX has a coefficient of 7.8. Six birds, with the bird dealing 1 board damage and its explosion dealing 0.3. Attacking a Stigmatized enemy will increase the coefficient by 2.6 (per target afflicted), due to the two extra birds per target.

    -1 Stigmatized enemy: 10.4

    -2 Stigmatized enemies: 13

    -3 Stigmatized enemies: 15.6

    Spirit Snakes EX has a coefficient of 4.6. 4 snakes + the bonus 15% damage per snake.

    Spirit Snakes EX Instant has a coefficient of 11.5. 10 snakes + the bonus 15% damage per snake.

    Ghost Gate EX has a coefficient of 21.2. Six rounds of ghosts, 4 rounds being 3 hits of regular ghosts with 1.1 each, while the other two have one huge ghost (3.9)and one small ghost (0.1). If there are Stigmatized enemies nearby, this coefficient is raised to 33.6 for the afflicted enemies. Each regular round is 4 hits of ghosts with 1.1 each, while the other two have 2 huge ghosts (7.8) and one small ghost (0.2).

    Spirit Wolf EX is a coefficient of 1.4. The mini wolves do 0.04 over 5 hits. The big wolf’s first hit in the air does 0.05, 0.15 as it lands, the howling does 0.1 per hit, five times. The final hit does 0.2.

    Specter of Torment EX has a coefficient of 2.5, the first ghost hitting twice with the Awakening, and the second ghost being only half as strong.

    If we take into account the explosion by hitting with the Ghost Curse debuff 3 times, the coefficient is 4.

    Summon Totem has a coefficient of 6. Six pulses over 15 seconds of totem lifespan.
    Note that Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes, and Spirit Wolf have 30% increased damage during this skill's lifetime.

    Soul Liberation has a coefficient of 20.

    DPS Calculations per skill, using coefficients

    DPS% is calculated by taking the % (accounted by proper coefficients) and any additional damage bonuses attributed to that skill and dividing it by its cooldown.

    For the sake of consistency and my sanity, Curse will be ignored for moves that apply it, while factoring in the DPS%.
    This will only cover relevant skills for a Soul Eater and skip non-EX skills.
    All %s listed are the damage dealt per second by that skill.


    Soul Breath (26/27) is 130%.

    Needles of Despair (26/26) is 160.4%.

    Ghostly Surrender (16/16) is 28.1%.


    Chain Claw (11/18) is 192.1%.
    • (16/18) is 259.3%.
    Hands of Vengeance (11/15) is 131.2%.
    • (15/15) is 144.4%.
    Humiliation (1/12) is 19.7%.

    Begrudge (9/9) is 54.3%.

    Dragon Bite (3/3) is 83.4%.

    Soul Eater

    Soul Shriek (11/11) is 36.9%.

    Spirit Creeps EX (19/19) is 405.6%. Attacking a Stigmatized enemy will raise this value.
    • 1 Stigmatized enemy: 540.8%
    • 2 Stigmatized enemies: 676%
    • 3 Stigmatized enemies: 811.2%
    (20/19) is 445.8%.
    • 1 Stigmatized enemy: 594.4%
    • 2 Stigmatized enemies: 743%
    • 3 Stigmatized enemies: 891.6%
    Spirit Snakes EX (18/18) is 186.4%.
    • (19/18) is 204.8%.
    Spirit Snakes EX Instant (18/18) is 466.1%.
    • (19/18) is 512.1%.
    Ghost Gate EX (15/15) is 224.9%.
    • Against a Stigmatized enemy, it's 356.4%.
    (16/15) is 247.6%.
    • Against a Stigmatized enemy, it's 392.4%.
    Spirit Wolf (13/13) is 309.7%.
    • (14/13) is 340.7%.
    Specter of Torment EX (12/12) is 1096%.
    • (13/12) is 1205.1%.
    • (14/12) is 1289.7%.
    Summon Totem (1/1) is 96.4%. Note that Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes, and Spirit Wolf have 30% increased damage during this skill's lifetime.

    Soul Liberation (1/1) is 675%.
    “This is for you~” - Skeletal Distraction

    “You can have any build you want, so long as it’s my build”

    I'm thinking about one of these two builds.

    You can fiddle with the points in the Kali tree if you don't want Phantom Guard, which is fine too. You can also fiddle with the points of HoV and Chain Claw. This is liable to change with further testing.
    -continued on next post-
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      “He should not survive this.” - Aelphaeis

      Just like before Awakening, DPS Skill rotations for Soul Eater should always revolve around Specter of Torment, since it's your main DPS skill, and Curse, because of your Class Mastery I. You also need to make sure that the boss is Stigmatized as often as possible to enhance a few of your skills.

      Assume Genie's Blessing is already applied.

      The first thing you'd want to do in any situation is debuff your enemy/enemies, to soften them up, as well as unlock your potential damage for the remainder of the fight. For Soul Eater, your wind-up phase is quite lengthy so you can hit with maximum strength for the rest of the fight. For example, you always want to get Curse, Humiliation, Puppet Dance and Begrudge up at the start of the fight, to enhance your damage, your team's damage, and enhance your other skills later on. You also want to cast Summon Totem to increase the damage of Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes and Spirit Wolf afterwards.

      Example Set-up phase rotation:

      Puppet Dance > Humiliation > Ghost Gate >> Chain Claw animation cancel > Begrudge > Summon Totem

      • 20% increased damage taken by enemies
      • Humiliation debuff applied, enhancing Ghost Gate, Spirit Creeps, Specter of Torment
      • Curse is applied (-15% Elemental Resistance, Dragon Bite damage enhanced, Class Mastery I now in effect, resulting in 10% bonus damage)
      • 17% bonus damage to yourself with Begrudge
      • 30% increased damage on Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes, and Spirit Wolf
      • +20 Soul
      As lengthy as that is, you're now ready to start DPSing.

      Attack with Specter of Torment. Thanks to the Stigma you applied earlier, the stacks of Ghost Curse should detonate when the second Ghost hits.

      If possible, attack with Spirit Wolf and Spirit Creeps right afterwards, then use Spirit Snakes (and the instant as well) to reduce the cooldown on Spirit Creeps, Ghost Gate and Spirit Wolf. While waiting for Specter of Torment to come off cooldown, you should use Soul Shriek to help your team you and your out with critical hits, remove any possible enemy buffs, give you the last 10 Soul needed for Soul Liberation, and enhance Dragon Bite to be a fire-and-forget skill for a short while. Specter of Torment is up by now, so cast it again, sneak in an enhanced Dragon Bite, and cool off with Soul Liberation.

      Specter > Spirit Wolf > Spirit Creeps > Spirit Snakes >> Feather Step >> Spirit Snakes Instant > Soul Shriek > Specter > Dragon Bite > Soul Liberation

      If the raid boss doesn't move around too much, use something like this if you take Dragon Bite over Phantom Avenger. If you do take Phantom Avenger you'll be in the Set-up phase for a little while longer, and it's already pretty long as-is.

      Are you low on HP? Omit risky moves like Spirit Snakes Instant and do not cast Soul Liberation so you'll passively heal. It's better for you to be alive and enhancing your team's damage rather than you going in and dying trying to increase your own.

      The main difference between pre-Awakening and post-Awakening combos and rotations is that you do not need to be committed to a Specter of Torment stack as long as you're keeping Stigma up properly. Unfortunately, our Set-up phase is ridiculously long to get optimal damage, so if anyone has anything that can substitute Puppet Dance (20% damage amplification, in most circumstances your team always has another one of these on hand that are way more reliable than Puppet) then you can forgo using it until later.

      A combo like this would assume that the boss is standing roughly in the same spot. If you're fighting an annoying boss that breaks your Super Armor easily, consider using Phantom Guard before you begin the DPS phase so your chances of being interrupted is reduced.

      If you want to get Curse up really easily, throw Spirit Wolf before the boss comes out of invincibility (but time it accordingly) so that the boss will get debuffed by at least 3 hits, fully stacking Curse. Use Spirit Snakes afterwards to reduce the cooldown of Spirit Wolf for later on.

      Use your judgement to deal as much damage as possible!

      To escape or to move around, Ghostly Kick, Feather Step, Ghostly Web and Skeletal Distraction are your best friends. These can almost be used in any order.

      At the end of the combo, you should probably be on Saturn due to how far you moved.

      A Screamer can travel great distances with their mobility. For aerial mobility, use Phantom Rage and Blitz Claw, using Ghostly Kick and your basic attack to control where you land.

      “Inspect me.” - Waldobert, in brand new I-just-crafted-this-now-because-I-can full set RDNL

      Final Damage > Magic Damage > Dark % > Critical chance > Critical damage > Intellect > Agility > Strength
      Vitality > Defense > Max HP > Magic Defense

      Soul Eaters use a Fan as their mainhand, and a Focus as their offhand.

      Equipping Darkness Dragon Gems will significantly raise your attack power, as all of your skills are Dark elemental.

      If you plan on using a Soul Eater as a debuff mule, then you can pretty much put on anything, as long as you can survive whatever you’re doing. Note that Screamers have low physical defense, so favor VIT over Max HP.

      Soul Eater has an intellect bonus of 50% for Class Mastery 2, so try and get a lot of INT wherever you can! You will also get a bunch of magic defense for doing so.

      If you’re gearing casually then it’s recommended to go at least Evolution Coma / Theano / Desirous Theano armors and attempt to get Evolution Coma / Ice Dragon Unique / Nightmare Theano / Ultimate Theano weapons.

      For accessories, techniques are very cost-effective if you get lucky. Highly recommended you get a Specter of Torment technique ring, and either a Spirit Creeps or Spirit Snakes technique ring for the extra dark %, otherwise, anything with INT and VIT is usually good. Otherwise go for some cheap rings with INT/ magic damage.

      If you’re gearing hardcore, then try and get some Ice Dragon Legendary gear pieces. Equip L-grade dark % gems on your weapon and off-hand. Grab Radiant INT% with either STR%/VIT% earring and necklace and technique rings until you can get Genesis Rings/Necklace/Earrings.

      The staple crest for Soul Eater is Specter of Torment damage increase.

      Recommended skill crests are Spirit Creeps damage increase, Spirit Snakes damage increase, Ghost Gate cooldown reduction and Spirit Wolf damage increase.

      Situational skill crests are Feather Step mana on cast, Soul Shriek debuff duration increase and Spirit Creeps debuff duration increase.
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        “Look mom, I’m on!”

        Various Chain Claw canceling examples (please enable annotations)

        Screamer Showcase stream~

        “Stop pestering me for datamined information and translated patch notes” - Vahrheit

        November 2nd, 2016

        Skill balancing:


        Phantom Guard >
        No longer consumes MP when damaged.
        Damage reduction reduced from 26% to 20%
        Super Armor Bonus Decreased from 200% to 50%
        Duration decreased from 29 seconds to 20 seconds.


        Blitz Claw >
        The requirement to learn Blitz Claw will be removed.

        Rampage Claw >
        The additional stun chance is removed.
        The additional damage that occurs to a target that is Stun Immune is removed.
        Damage is now 4923% from 1306%.

        Hands of Vengeance >
        Cooldown is reduced by skill acquisition level.
        Cooldown time is based on max HoV level(?).

        Phantom Avenger >
        Fixed an issue where the Cooldown recovery effect was also applied to Phantom Avenger.
        No longer grants invincibility.
        Level 3 duration increased from 18 to 21 seconds.
        Maximum damage decreased from 7723% to 3530%.

        Humiliation >
        Has been increased to level 19.

        Spirit Creeps >
        The Curse debuff has been removed.

        Ghost Gate >
        The Curse Debuff has been removed.

        Cooldown reduced from 35 to 28 seconds.

        Spirit Wolf >
        The Curse Debuff has been removed.

        Begrudge >
        Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds from 45 seconds.
        Damage increased from 118% to 1358% at max rank.

        Soul Eater:

        Soul Shriek >
        Max level is now 13
        Damage increased from 1105% > 3600%

        Class Mastery I >
        INT increases by 50%.

        Spirit Creeps EX >
        Curse debuff is added.

        Specter of Torment EX >
        The additional damage from exploding Ghost Curse has been decreased from 300% to 150%.

        Class Mastery II >
        The damage bonus has increased from 12% to 30%.

        __________________________________________________ ________________________

        I was finally able to go on kDN and try to play the Soul Eater awakenings!

        The skills in detail are:

        Summon Totem
        Summons a cursed totem in front of you that applies Curse and deals damage to nearby enemies. While the totem is active, Spirit Creeps, Spirit Snakes, and Spirit Wolf deal 30% increased damage.

        Damage: 450% per hit, hits 6 times.
        Total 2700%.
        Applies one stack of Curse per hit.

        Soul Liberate
        Release all of the Soul and deal damage in an area around you. You take 50% reduced damage while casting this skill.

        Consumes 30 Soul
        Damage: 1350% per hit, hits 20 times.
        Total 27000%.

        [Awakening Passive] Soul Eater
        Casting Begrudge and Ghost Gate will grant Soul. When your Soul meter is maxed out you will gradually recover HP.
        Limit of 30 Soul
        10 Soul per cast
        3% HP recovery every 2 seconds

        [Awakening Passive] Spirit Snakes
        Hitting with Spirit Snakes reduces the cooldown of Ghost Gate and Spirit Wolf by 5 seconds. Does not apply to the Instant version.

        [Awakening Passive] Soul Shriek
        Gain 10 Soul when Soul Shriek hits an enemy.

        [Awakening Passive] Specter of Torment
        Hitting a Stigmatized target with the first Specter will deal an additional hit of the same damage (will also apply a second stack of Ghost Curse).

        December 7th, 2016 | Black Mara Update


        Chain Claw
        - DMG is increased
        Max LvL Skill DMG 1446% -> 2792%

        Rampage Claw
        - Skill cooldown is changed 30 seconds -> 24 seconds

        Spirit Creeps
        - DMG is increased
        Max LvL Skill DMG 420% -> 676%

        Spirit Snakes
        - DMG is increased
        Max LvL Skill DMG 492% -> 689%

        Spirit Wolf
        - DMG is increased
        Max LvL Skill DMG 4016% -> 5973%

        Dragon Bite
        - DMG is increased
        Max LvL Skill DMG 6983% -> 10424%

        - Skill is removed

        Soul Eater

        Soul Liberate
        - [Feather Step] can be activated while using this skill

        My thoughts:
        To be honest, I almost had a heart attack when Sacrifice was removed, but it looks like they individually buffed most of our skills to compensate.

        Spirit Creeps - 60% damage increase
        Spirit Snakes - 40% damage increase
        Spirit Wolf - 48.7% damage increase
        Ghost Gate was not affected
        Dragon Bite - 49% damage increase
        Chain Claw - 93% damage increase
        Phantom Claw was not affected
        Hands of Vengeance was not affected.
        Rampage Claw CD -6 seconds
        Phantom Avenger was not affected
        Soul Liberate was not affected
        Summon Totem was not affected
        Overall damage -20%
        Soul Eater overall damage +18%

        So from the Awakening patch we lost 2% overall damage, but we gained a lot of individual damage boosts, so this is an overall buff to Soul Eater, thank God. It looks like they're trying to get us to stop relying on Specter for most of our DPS which is why the skill didn't get a compensation buff like the rest (same with Soul Liberation / Totem / Ghost Gate)
        Also, allowing us to tumble out of Soul Liberation removes any kind of risk that this move may have previously had, so this is a total boon.

        “Change… is good.” - Kha’Zix

        • Migrated the guide to the Eyedentity forums. The version on the Nexon forums will no longer be updated.
        • First revisit to the Screamer Awakening after balancing has been added to the Future Content section.
        • (12/14/2016) - Revisiting some contents and updating them for 93 cap and Awakening changes.
        Special thanks:

        Vahrheit for proofreading & partial graphic design
        Talice and MilkBottle for proofreading
        Yttrium for their Screamer coefficient guide, retested and reconfirmed
        Astaroth for seasoning the meat
        And anyone who reads, enjoys and critiques the guide!

        Thanks for reading! <3
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            Very nice Donkay! I'm surprised by the lack of comments...
            I don't play Soul Eater myself (as you can see in siggy), but this should be very helpful to those who do.
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              I got the majority of my comments over on the Nexon forums haha, it's fine.

              But thank you, I hope it'll be helpful as well

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            Best Soul Eater guide ever.
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            Uuu I need to update some things to explain 93 cap stuff, notably builds, so expect that soon.
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              best guide
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              Loved your guide :3 SE is the definition of love, to me <3

              About soul scream (which is called soul shriek here~)

              If the enemy is afflicted with Curse, they will take an additional 30% damage.
              The damage increase goes to the "enhanced Dragon Soul" (the yellow framed dragon soul, which you fire-and-forget), making him deal 30% dmg, instead of 15% said on skill's tooltip;


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                Gonna confirm and fix that, thank you for the critique and review!

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              wow! great guide!
              very informative


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              Beautiful Guide! I have a question though So at 11 for Humiliation you can shoot it 3x in total by left clicking 2x after skill use? And what about in pvp since the details say "branded" unless thats what it used to be called.


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                Yes, you can shoot Humiliation three times in a row by left-clicking twice after the initial click.

                For some reason, the description for the PvP and PvE types of Humiliation have been flipped around. Taking any kind of stagger will not cleanse Stigma.
                Branded may refer to the interaction between the old Puppet Dance with Humiliation, because such a debuff does not exist for T5.

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              once again you have outdone yourself with this guide! very well made!


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              Bump~ will be covering Screamer Awakenings when kDN patches tomorrow!~

              the Guide will be significantly overhauled following the information update.
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