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    I saw this topic on SEA's forum and found it interesting to have here, so here it is. Lets use this Thread to make/gather general questions AND answers regard Kali. So, new players (or not) with questions will have a place to ask, with a higher chance of be answered, and it may be helpful to others, since they can find his answers without even needing to ask.. lmao ..

    You can also general chat, so players can also discuss about...


    So, to start with:

    I was recently on Kali section of sea forum and found something great:

    Posted by Naerwin:

    So someone decided to be a little sh*t on fringe's Kali awakening video regarding SoP specters, and here's what we can get out of it :
    - Old EX cast is still here, the video doesn't use it, but it still works.
    - the "additional projectiles" created by the awakening are for both specters of the EX cast, so one branded target means one more projectile for both of the original specters (that means 4 specters total)
    - all of those specters apply one mark each, which would mean 4 marks per cast, so one full detonation + 1 mark.
    - I still don't know the ratio of the awakening bonus specters, but IF they do as much as the copy they are created from, we would get 2 * 100% + 2 * 50% + 200% caused by the detonation (150% for the 3 marks detonation and an "additional 50% for the detonation spread across three cast with the fourth detonation). All of that would top up to a huge 500% of the regular ratio per cast, or 1500% per 3 casts if you use the unit I used before to compare, which improves greatly SoP's dps.

    That said, the calculations done in this previous statement only stands on the hypothesis of "specter copies created by the awakening have the same board as the one that are fired at the same time"
    If that's true tho, all hope's not lost for SE.

    As usual, this bantering is highly uncertain and open to discussion.
    I sense SE going to another lvl on DPS charts.. it's stronger than old Abolisher EX from SD (i mean, with 60%fd)... Maybe the first time ever there will be a Screamer on High DPS tier?

    so excited O: ​​
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    Chain Claw: 1446% > 2792%

    Rampage Claw: CD is changed from 30 sec to 24 sec

    Spirit Paper: 420% > 676%

    Cling Snake: 492% > 689%

    Beast Spirit: 4016% > 5973%

    Dragon’s Soul: 6983% > 10424%

    Increase Soul: The skill is removed

    Dark Summoner

    Sadism Pleasure
    – disable stacking effect; boost skill effect
    – remove additional cast with left-click
    – duration is increased from 40 sec to 120 sec

    Class Mastery II: attack increase 10% > 25%

    Shattered Hand (Awakening Skill): 6420% > 8948%

    [Awakening Passive] Revenge Hand
    – [Awakening Passive] Resent Area is replaced with [Awakening Passive] Revenge Hand.
    – after the explosion, you can summon another hand to spirit once more.

    Soul Eater

    Class Mastery: Attack increase 12% > 30% (possible mistake in update note)

    Soul Liberate (Awakening skill)
    – Turning Step can be used while casting this skill
    – slightly increase AoE

    Spirit Dancer

    Acanthus (Awakening Skill)
    – casting speed increase
    – 4780% > 8009%

    Hammer Crusher (Awakening Skill): 8330% > 10799%

    [Awakening Passive] Sufi Dancer
    – [Awakening Passive] Wide Stinger is replaced by [Awakening Passive] Sufi Dancer
    – the scattered sufi dancers will return to the original location after spreading to deal more damage.

    [Awakening Passive] Spirit Possession
    – [Awakening Passive] Praetor is replaced by [Awakening Passive] Spirit Possession
    – the damage of Wide Stinger is increased and recover CD on hit.
    – Praetor CD is reduced and deals 1 more hit.


    They did remove screMers free atk buff... Oh damn.



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      Man, I had an entire rant ready to post about how SD's awakening seemed underwhelming in appearance alone. None of our skills had a change in animations besides Dusk Hunter. But, now I'm ok with it. Looking forward to see how the new Dervishes and Praetor looks like.
      I'm glad Acanthus was buffed with action speed and damage, I felt it needed that. Hammer Crusher buff is bit extra but no complaints there. Maybe now, SDs will be even with, if not better than, BDs.

      A few things though, I was kinda looking forward to Second Turn improving SD survival (this is one thing we were teased with) but I think I'm happy with how things turned out now. Also, where is Abolisher becoming an evasion skill (like Squall) that they also teased us with :c.


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        Indeed... I re-read the post on freedomplays about thrice to check where they put the teased abolisher and second turn thing. I had the same feeling when i did not see any video of new animations and stuff ;-; but i felt glad when i put the changes in a paper to compare the ddamage before and after awakening. They gave a pretty nice consistency on Ecstatic Dance as well to SD ( ~28s cd with ~13s off time).

        I'm also happy to see they're changing the awakenings with nicer moves, The suffi Dance was kinda the point of a awakening enhancement, and im curious about the new praetor. I hope they keep improving Kali's awakening passives (tho I'm happy with my SE ones, but id like to see a new effect in grudge formation, as well as soul gate But i'm okay)


        • SkitzoRoy
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          I think the best you can get is a 33s cd on Ecstatic Dance. You're only gonna get about 3-4 Illusion Dances off resulting in a decrease of 18-24 seconds. 57-24=33, 57-18=39. Still pretty nice though. My only tiny complaint is that I'd rather be fighting more than doing that dance. But 1.5 seconds of dancin shouldn't be too bad I hope.

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        Originally posted by hss
        Would be nice to see pvp multipliers for new skills too.

        This should give you the pvp multipliers for the 2 new active skills. Sufi Dancers should probably do double the damage now. The new Praetor will most likely be an extra 30% in pvp. If it's 50% that'd be op as heck. Dusk Hunter does a little more damage. I think Dance of Ecstasy's cooldown is reduced by less in pvp, oh well.


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          I was fooled with description of new DS awakening passive change ROFL! When i read, i thought it was like old hands of vegeance instant, but no xD its funny tho

          the video say that awakening hit deals 30% dmg. At least it is way better than last passive (resent area giving crit buff).
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            I'm looking at all those changes coming to the screamer class and all I'm thinking about is how Dark Summoner got screwed over or how underwhelming those buffs seem when compared to Soul Easter's.

            Sure, DS got buffed here and there but so did SE in every counterpart. Let's not forget that where SE's ult got buffed, DS's got heavily nerfed (no invincibility, effect doesn't apply to itself, damage is more than halved, etc).

            Now with the removal of curse effect entirely from the screamer page, there is no reason to go into the SE side unless it's for the damage, which isn't even the case as SE board damage has always been higher than DS. With so being tighter now it's gonna be harder to level the big ones, and it's gonna look something like this:
   (the 18 sp for awakening went to Soul Breath) we'd have 5 points to spare to ether get gate or wolf to 11, level blitz or unholy ground to 6, or get humiliation. Heck, maxing out dragon could even be on the table, with that damage (jk don't do that please). The guy in Artiic's vid had only 14 SP leftover, no SE skills and a maxed out resent. 17 without humiliation.
            No more curse also means no more -15% crit resist, which makes it harder to stack bubbles. But wait there's more! They can't be stacked through blitz claw or phantom rage anymore, and the crit increase from CMII is now gone, so get ready to spend an eternity getting bubbles if you were already bad now. Btw did they also remove the crit we'd get from awakened resent area when they switched it to revenge hands? If so then we better get that lube ready cuz we'd need it bad lol...

            Now let's all weep for that collective loss of that 20% more damage from sacrifice that didn't fully get transferred over to the class masteries. I actually liked the glowing icon on our head when it was on.
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            • SkitzoRoy
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              if you haven't seen this already, here ya go. Only thing I've seen so far.

            • Bowwarrior
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              Yum @_@
              I'm liking what I'm seeing here. Thnx for the vid SkitzoRoy. Just what I wanted to see.

              @Arctiic: Yeah I wrote up all of that after a sleepless night so my mind was just raging at the nerfs first lol. Didn't help that I erased the first draft by mistake, so I had to start over again...
              I also prefer revenge replacing unholy too, since it means we don't have to get balls close if we wanted to land the hits, however mediocre. The new buff that gives the perm crit increase is Deadly Claw? I thought the CD was 40s, not 10? And I didn't know about the free +crit O_o
              You're right on the rest. Not sure how I didn't notice all that. Groggy head and foggy mind, I guess.

            • Arctiic
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              SkitzoRoy omg! Thanks mate <3 there is a SE vid on that channel too ! But.. How the heck i didnt find it ? Lmao.... "Dragon Nest Soul Eater solo after awakening", "Dragon Nest Awakened Soul Eater solo", "Dragon Nest Dark Summoner awakening solo"... I set the filters to a month~ but still nothing xD

              Youtube dont like me :v

              Bowwarrior i think that high cd is to pvp, no? Lmao or maybe Chaose was high when translated the updates xD

              And i more hyped to get my SE (and all other kalis too :v i have them all) now than ever, after this video

              Cant see his stats... Because my smartphone screen is small af xD (galaxy y duos :T) but waoo... That damage ! 5 minutes to Retuned TKN HC is so much cool omg
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            I figured after that wall of text, it'd be a good idea to write what I find positive about the changes and what I'm hopeful for. A big portion of this will be based on speculation, so I'll need someone to verify it. So here's to the buffs however small or big they might be:

            Now I feel like our playstyle will revolve around Phantom Avenger, getting it off cd, and abusing it whenever we can. What DS has over SE are its lower cooldowns, PA's cd reduction, and a larger crowd control aoe. With the new awakening passives on Phantom Claw and Chaos we get 1 second shaved off Avenger's cooldown per hit. I'll put all the numbers down first before I do the math. Bear with me on this one:

            1 full Phantom Claw:
            15 seconds CD
            8 hits => 8 seconds per target
            1 full Chaos:
            24 seconds CD
            15 hits => 15 seconds per target
            1 Phantom Avenger:
            125 seconds CD
            3-5 seconds animation before the buff takes effect
            30% CD reduction for 21 seconds

            Deadly Claw shaves off 10 seconds from Phantom Claw's 15 sec, making it 5 seconds. The buff lasts 20 full seconds, meaning we could pull off 4 back-to-back Phantom claws. Adding in Phantom Avenger's 30% reduction turns 5 seconds into 3.5 seconds, and we could squeeze in a 5th Phantom Claw in there. That's a max total of 40 hits => 40 seconds just from a well-buffed Phantom Claw alone.

            Chaos gives us 15 hits on a new 24 seconds cooldown. With Phantom Avenger's buff, 24 secs becomes 16.8 seconds. Within PA's 21 second window, that's 2 uses with 4.2 secs left to spare. Chaos' 15 hits become 30. That's 30 seconds off PA's cd.

            Now let's factor all those skills within Phantom Avenger's 21 secs duration:
            5 Phantom Claws + 2 Chaos =
            40 + 30 = 70 hits => 70 seconds per target

            If we were to have just one other target taking all those hits too, that's twice the reduction:
            70 * 2 = 140 hits => 140 seconds for 2 targets.

            Phantom Avenger's Cd is 125 seconds. Fellow DS, we just entered PA Spam City.

            In the worse case scenario that my calculations are wrong and that casting animations take longer than anticipated, we could probably get 3 Phantom Claws and 1-2 Chaos.
            That's 39-54 seconds off PA makes it 71 seconds. PA's buff doesn't take effect until its 3-5 second casting animation is done, so that brings us to 65 seconds left on PA. That's the worse case scenario. PA on roughly a minute cooldown. That's not bad.
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            • hazelae
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              Time to join my acrobat bretheren

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            As this is a dedicated thread to kali general discuss and stuffs, i think i can share it here... cuz, well, its regard kali anyway xD

            I did start a thread in "game suggestion" section, in hope that it can reach Eye's eyes ( haha such a bad joke :v ). In the thread i "talk" about SE's awakening passive "Soul Scream" (Soul Shriek, here), and give some suggestions to improve or change it. I did it in SEA forum, as well (i said it there in the post). As zuyi, from SEA, said ...

            Would like to add that something similar was done with Spirit Dancers as well, their Praetor Awakening Passive was moved to be a subset of another awakening passive, and Sufi Dancer Passive was added as the new fourth passive skill. So it should be possible for SE too.
            If it happened to SD, we can try make it happens to SE too... (if someone dont know what i'm talking about, just read the awakening change of SD, few comments above)

            Edit: forgot the damn link ROFL ! :


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              I see that you wanted to advise us about things in awakening that are already in SEA . Well, feel free to chat here this thread was made to it, discuss things about any kali xD

              EDIT because of the 300s waiting time to post again e-e : According to zuyi, from SEA, Chaos formation's cd shave from hitting targets is 2s instead of 1, mentioned in skill's tooltip o:

              It has a 2~3s downtime if you have CD plate + 900 combined skill level passive.

              It's cooldown is reduced by 1s per hit of PC (3s CD) and 2s per hit of CF (21s CD) even though it says 1s in description #lolDescriptions.
              1 CF = 15 hits = 30s
              7 PC = 8 x 7 hits = 56s

              So 1 CF and 7 PC is almost enough, and by the time buff runs out, a second CF is ready too as the buff duration is 21s and so is CF's buffed CD.
              and i'm "sad" that awakened cling snake's effect doesn't works with cling snake instant. 5s aint that much tho... good thing is that it will make easier to keep curse when totem and Spirit paper are in cooldown (curse from spirit creeps EX lasts for 10s, while the CD is 3s longer)... if at least it shave its own cd too xD but well, its a thing.. didn't touched SE awakening yet, its just what i think lmao.

              So far, these two are the only screamers that upload a TKNHC solo... what do you guys think? would be better to make a fair comparison if the DS didn't carried Velskud hero... but w/e

              DS' Town Stats:

              MAtk: 504,746
              INT: 141,358
              Dark: 84.40%
              Crit: 89%
              Crit Damage: 300%
              FD: 7,426 (77%)

              SE stats are shown in the beginning of video.

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                LOL ty for your support, I was planning on making one here anyways. I've read through the forums here and on SEA and there's ALOT I would like to cover.

                Before I begin though, take into consideration a few things when comparing the two videos in the comment before this one; Kevin (SE) and his dozens of mistakes, and Zuyi (DS) knows EXACTLY what he is doing (except for the fact that velskud missed a few times :P ). Kevin isn't utilizing double-explosion or dmg transfer. You can see he casts totem then wolf, and the bonus dmg from totem doesn't affect most of the hits of the main wolf because there is a small window before additional dmg is actually applied. He also doesn't take into account his attack speed when using humi>creeps. Around 3:30 in the video you can see he only gets 13hits from humi>creeps because he casted creeps before humi debuff was applied. One last thing I'll mention (even though there are many more flaws) is that he uses Soul Lib WITHOUT the attack speed buff from PA. Soul Lib gains additional hits from attack speed, and he could have easily reached 26 hits total.

                I'll point out what I'd consider to be 'important' involving the screamer Awakening.

                1) Weapon damage: Kalis have always had one thing that surpassed all other classes - the raw dmg of their weapons. Kalis have the highest raw dmg from weapons from all classes, however, their increase in dmg from main stats (int/str) is lower than some (DS gets 80 dmg for 100 int, LK gets 100 dmg for 100 int). When taking class mastery 1 and 2 into consideration, Screamers have some of the highest town stats. For example, when testing, I gave my CM +10 IDNU and my DS +10 IDNU. Both had same gems, plates, talis, etc. My DS had 212k town, my CM had 169k town. That's a 43k difference (roughly). Obviously this comment isn't taking into consideration skill %% and play styles and blah blah blah of each class. Just something to be aware of. Note, the difference will increase with the more %% from gear (like costumes, genesis, etc.) and the difference will decrease when main stats increase (int/str) in some cases.

                2) Phantom's Avenger: PA has lost it's invincibility, however, it is 'possible' to keep it up 100% of the time (as a DS only), although it's highly unlikely. On a stationary mob, yes, it's actually relatively easy. On highly mobile bosses, this isn't the case. Realistically, even with a 3.15 CD on phantom claw, PA will be up around 80% of the time (not including 'dead' moments in between bosses/stages).

                3) Chaos EX: This one is a doozy. Chaos EX reduces the CD if PA by 1s IF YOU DISCONTINUE CHANNELING BY USE OF ANOTHER SKILL. It reduces the CD of PA by 2s IF YOU CONTINUE TO CHANNEL FOR THE DURATION OF CHAOS. Chaos take about 4s to deal all hits after you cast. Whether you want to use that 4s to dps OR reduce PA CD is up to you, however, knowing when and when not to channel is something learn in order to optimize your dps potential. Chaos doesn't have a maximum of PA CD it can recover. Let's say you have 10 mobs and u deal 5 hits to each mob while channeling; you'll reduce the CD by 100s. Channeling in group PVP is godly XD.

                4) Phantom Claw EX/Advent: Advent no longer has a CD. It's possible to use it 2x in a row in nests, and 2-4x in a row in dungeons (depends how weak you are). Phantom claw can only reduce PA CD by a MAXIMUM of 8s, regardless of how many mobs you hit. Advent DOES NOT reduce PA CD at all.

                5) Hands of Vengeance: If you get the awakening passive for hands of vengeance, you will no longer receive bubbles from the EX or EXI. In PVP, the final hit of awakened HoV doesn't hit unless your opponent is extremely close to the center and close to the ground. TBH, advent can sometimes be a hindrance, so not gaining bubbles from HoV really isn't all that bad.

                6) Shadow Euphoria: ShadE now gives 120k max hps healed, and the heal cap refreshes whenever you cast ShadE. The plate for infinite heals still works, so really it's up to you whether you want the plate or not. 720k extra heals per minute is still nice.

                7) Phantom Guard: GET THIS!! The dmg reduction is nice, but the SA boost is incredible! All claw skills had their SA slightly increased, and with PG, and Shad plate, you can literally stand still and just dps without having to worry about being knocked down or having a skill canceled.

                8) Skeletal Distraction: Even with Guardians in the party, Skele takes aggro most of the time. Use it to your advantage to control boss movement. Would you want the boss to dash into a wall (rendering it a stand-still) for 5s, or have it dash across the map? As an SE it can give you 3s to build up your buffs/debuffs for burst. As a DS it can take aggro from your party and then give it to you so you don't have to chase the boss which makes it MUCH EASIER to keep PA up.

                9) Shattering Hand: This awakening skill for DS is a very, very, very, very, VERY narrow line drive. Aim accordingly (somewhat to the left). The end of the skill has a slightly larger AoE, so if you're the right distance from the boss it's a little bit easier to land.

                10) Specter of Torment: Although the EX of this skill will only deal +150% for an explosion now, the overall boost to SE's raw dmg and skill dmg means that it actually does more than it did pre-awakening. There is a rumor that this skill hits with 4 specters on a stigmatized enemy - THIS IS WRONG. There is only 1 additional specter (3 total) plus the explosion; this is why it says '4 hit combo'. It is possible to make the additional stigma specter to pierce through a crowd of mobs; just make sure the stigma is furthest away. There does appear to be a bug when using transfer with enhanced Dragon Bite. Enhanced DB does less than regular DB when used in conjunction with dmg transfer. If you time your SoT correctly, either at the start or the end of a bosses attack, you can cause a double-explosion. I'm actually very surprised most players don't take the time to utilize this.

                11) Creeps: As stated above - make sure humi debuff is applied before casting. Full projectile duration is roughly 2s when target is humi'd, meaning that there is roughly a 1s window where a boss would not have curse applied, which is actually dependent on how close you are to the boss. If you're slightly further away than Kevin, the duration of projectile bursts will be 2s. If you have a Sorc in the party with the 10% CD reduction buff, it's possible to keep curse up 100% of the time just from creeps alone.

                12) Curse: DEADLIEST SHYT IN PVP: 3 stacks of curse deal 5k every 2s now, 6k with grudge, and is not reliant on whether or not your opponent is attacking. From creeps you can get a total of 6 ticks of curse (30k). From totem and creeps you can get 18. Remember, each burst of totem applies/refreshes duration of curse. In ladder, with my current gear, my curse does 21k per tick. Most people on SEA hit and run, so really all I have to do is hit them with creeps when they come close, then run, then creeps, then run XD. In group PVP, especially in small spaces, it's quite funny to 'bait' a group of enemies. Simply totem then stand near it. Chances are you'll survive at least 15s (duration of totem) meaning they'll each take roughly 35-40k. If you happened to put down begrudge and gate as well........gameover XD.

                13) Totem: There is a small window after it's casted before creeps/snake/wolf gain additional dmg from it. ALWAYS cast totem first - the boss doesn't have to be near it, you just need the buff from totem to deal the additional dmg. I've seen SO MANY noob SE's go gate>humi>creeps>totem>wolf> - GG creeps and wolf (your two main dps skills) didn't get boosted. The additional dmg is still apllied during dmg transfer of SoT. There is a bug (that I have no idea how to replicate) that doubles all of your skill dmg. It also makes SoT unleash all 3 specters WITHOUT having to left-click for additional one. This is a clear indicator of the bug.

                Reached maximum character amount - to be continued.


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                  Continued from before.

                  14) Soul Liberation: HIGHLY SITUATIONAL! To cast Soul Lib, you need 30 souls. You get 30 souls from awakened passives. As long as you have 30 souls, you will recover 3% of your max hps per second (4.32% with cleric buffs). Soul Lib is affected by attack speed. The amount of time it takes to deal full hits IS NOT AFFECTED by attack speed. This means that with 0 speed, you will deal 20 hits (if the boss doesn't move......or if you dont lag..........since lagging can reduce the hits to 14...........), with 75% speed however, it's possible to get atleast 25 (I say atleast because if you lag, you lose hits....). It also takes roughly 7 seconds to fully cast, which means 7s you're stuck in one place. You'd only want to use this skill while PA is active, obviously, but it's NOT SUGGESTED to use during puppet/grudge. Pup/grudge only last 10s, meaning if you casted Soul Lib, you'd only have 2s to cast gate/humi/creeps/snakes/snakes exi/ bug wolf/ chain claw/ bug rampage. Obviously you'll get the most benefit AFTER you've used all of your other skills. By then, either the boss should be dead OR at least have started a mech. GG eyedentity GG. The only place this is actually 'good' is group pvp or hero's battlefield. Arguing that this is 'great for dungeons' is laughable. 1 hit from Soul Lib, and mobs are dead - GG you just wasted 4s killing 10 mobs. One other 'good' thing is that you can save yourself 3s by pressing ESC during the skill and click 'Unstuck from location or something'. Soul Lib will still deal the rest of its hit, and you can dps with something else. If you get hit after unstucking, Soul Lib will CANCEL though. Unstucking has a 60s CD as well (I'm pretty sure it's 60s, it might be 120s, idk I don't Soul Lib XD)

                  15) SE Awakening - Souls: Two awakened passives for SE give 'souls'. As previously stated, souls are used to heal or cast Soul Lib. The top left passive (soul devourer) applies soul acquisition to gate and grudge. Soul Scream (bottom left) grants soul acquisition to Shriek. I'd highly recommend NOT getting shriek to 11, and not getting the associated awakening. Soul Lib has a 40s CD, meaning you'll cast 2 gates/grudges while it's on CD anyways. Keep shriek lvl 1, and use the bonus 13 SP for kali skills. I'd highly recommend keeping 30 souls as well, allowing you to constantly heal and giving you more opportunity to dps. Only use the souls for Soul Lib when it's a 'good' time to.

                  16) Awakened Snakes: Snakes EX now reduces CD of gate/wolf/creeps, however, the Snakes EXI does not. It only reduces the CD's of the other skills once per cast as well (if you hit 100 mobs, only 5s total is deducted). During PA, all of your skills CD's are reduced by 30%. Add snakes into the mix and you're dealing a ton of dmg every PA. DO NOT get CD reduction for wolf, it's one of your best dps skills and needs the dmg plate. For veterans, trading your grudge CD plate for a Ghost Gate one is nice with snakes now ^_^. With a CD plate for gate, and a Sorc in the party, it's possible to have gate up roughly 50% of the time thanks awakened snakes.

                  17) SE needs r11 rampage claw for dmg transfer. 11,868% is a a lot. Nuff said.

                  18) PVP: Screamers are incredibly powerful in pvp now. SE has the insane curse and is capable of using dmg transfer with SoT relatively easy. DS can just stand around and dps (for the most part) without having SA broken (I destroy physicians even when they poison pool me XD).

                  19) DS is one of the top for dps now (arguably the top). As you can see, Zuyi doesn't even have the 'best' gear for SEA and is murdering TKNHC.

                  20) Blitz Claw and Rage Claw: It's 'recommend' that you still get these two. Blitz still has iframe, and you can jump over most of the mechs/party wipes by using blitz/rage (you MUST have both on skill bar and MUST use keys to cast). For DS, having chain claw on your skill bar allows you to cast CC by pressing it's key, which shoots you back to the ground immediately. Pressing the key clearly increases your dps potential.

                  21) DMG Transfer: Pre-awakening, dmg transfer is always on the 2nd cast of SoT. Post-awakening it happens with 1 cast of SoT. The left-click for SoT EX causes your character to move slightly forward.You need to take this into consideration since you will have to be slightly further from the boss post-awakening. If you're the pre-awakening distance, you'll be too close and won't execute the transfer.

                  I feel like I'm forgetting a few things. I counted 24 points in my head earlier. I might have combined a few. W/e.


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                    Actually i like the hit increase of soul liberation... The more steroids on party, the more dmg u give..

                    About zuyi's video and kevin one... This was just the only screamer post awake videos i found with "similars" stats (kevin have 100k more tho). im happy about DS being that high, it pays the removal f curse access to her. There is, in sea forum, any thread with "tier dps list" after kali awakenings?

                  • Aquamakeesha
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                    About 'tiered dps lists'. Those lists always give each class the same base stats, then add buffs/passive afterwards - this is WRONG. This was the main reason I mentioned weapon damage. Kali has always had higher weapon dmg that most people, including list makers, never took into consideration. Something I would like to add in favor of DS dps is phantom guard. If you look at Zuyi's video, there's a lot of places he didn't have to dodge if he would've attack with PG. Theoretically, he could have reduced in run time by quite a bit.


                    That's a video of a Pyro with similar gear, but much more FD. You can see there's also a difference in raw mdmg. Having more raw dmg b4 buffs and CM1/2 means you benefit more from buffs and CM1/2 - obviously XD. I highly doubt anyone will ever make a list that puts weapon dmg into the equation.

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                  Hey can the new Kali awakening costume be bought with DNP? o:


                  • Bowwarrior
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                    considering dnp got reset before patching, I couldn't get it but when I tried it didn't give me a message saying it was impossible. Sad thing is that both the box it comes in and the coupon have an expiration date, so if you don't open the box or use the coupon, you're done. Box is 2 days iirc and coupon is a full week, so wait till they're almost expired to get the most dnp? Or skip awakening until you get enough dnp to buy it

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                  How's DS currently? I haven't been keeping up with the changes but I wanna try playing mine again lol
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                    Go for it, bro. I feel the difference in damage even with the "crappy" gear i used lol, so think of that as a well funded DS

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                    DS has the highest dps of all kali now, and surpasses almost every other class. Being immortal shouldn't be taken so lightly now with her huge boost to dps.

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                  As a DS, am I the only one who ends up not using any SE skills? GG and wolf are high in sp but I've only used them each once in a 3 hour period.
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                    The dmg for rampage in description at r11 should read 4747%. If it doesn't, it's either a visual bug, or NA didn't update the dmg for whatever reason. The +50% dmg for awakening adds +50% of non-ex dmg to the ex hit, meaning it adds +50% of 4747 at r11. It is x1.8. It's 4747 x 1.8 in SEA, CDN, and JPN. There's no reason it should be any different for NA. Another thing is that spacem datamines all versions and updates his sites accordingly. Are you checking the skill description ingame? Or are you checking on this website's skill sim? The skill sim on this website hasn't been updated yet.

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                    It is, but I'm not sure you understood what I was trying to say in my comments:
                    On the skill descriptions by themselves, excluding the damage gained from ex and awakening, spirit wolf has a higher damage than rampage claw.
                    If an unspecialized screamer were to max both skills and use them against the same target, wolf would yield more damage.

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                    You asked about DS. Why make a comment about unspec'd screamers when we're talking about awakened DS? That's like saying, "oranges are fruit" when the discussion is about the acid being harmful to teeth. You also said, " Even at lvl 11 it has a higher board damage than rampage", which is why I corrected you.