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    I know that's been the case pretty much ever since Kali has been out, but is there any point in getting Unholy Ground anymore? The skill doesn't do anything at all that could be called useful, especially with that CD, and even with the awakening. Am I the only one who wants something from it like the buff it's listed as or any utility? Lol idk, like bringing back sacrifice's effect to it, the sacrifice for something else part.

    On another note and considering we have a CD reduction mechanic on phantom avenger, has anyone tried using both ultimates as a DS? How would that work? Lowering the CD on PA lowers Dragon's?
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    • Panpeito
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      unholy ground aint worth anymore and i dont think its linked to the awakening anymore. itd be interesting if the ult's buff were relocated to it(only bc i hate having to channel the ult...) but we already have quite a few buffs to juggle as it is

      even if it lowered cd of dragon bite alongside phantom avenger, i wouldnt use dragon bite ever.

    • Aquamakeesha
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      Once you get over 350k mdmg, UG can fully heal you every tick. This is great for when you're setting up for burst. It's useful for pushing, clearing tombstones in granom, and healing while you dodge with blitz/rage.

      Been using this build for months. No, both ulti's is a bad idea. The CD reduction from PA buff affects DB, but the CD reduction from phantom claw/chaos DOES NOT affect DB.

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    Alright, that will be a rather confusing questions, but i dont think i can find it anywhere. Hopefully i saw this topic xD

    Did someone played PVP at 60 cap as a Screamer? How to deal against a acrobat ? maaan.. with all those iframes and good dmging skills they have its near impossible to me win a SB 1vs1... i first tried as SE, cuz i thought the binding snakes would be the key, but the WW is always flying around lmao... Then i lvled and tried with a DS, i didn't thought it would be so easier to combo and catch, but, still worse because of the low dmg it has...

    Actually my SE build focuses on 3shot stigma of curse (lvl10 with +1), Snakes 15+1, Rampage claw 10 and chain lvl 11, spectre lvl max. (didnt lvled beast coz i find it easy to leave when AE is ready)

    DS focuses on the highest peak lvl of Chain claw, Revenge hand and rampage. i have beast there coz i combo it often with chaos, and the target doesnt evade it (at least till now). its fun and a forever combo-ing class but if any mistake happen i may die coz my opponent have way stronger skills e-e

    Anyone which played @60 can give me advises?

    thanks in advance
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    • Arctiic
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      IDK? .-.

      i think the best way is keep the curse deuff and play defensively... dont waste your blitz and cast ur rage claw directly, after jumping, from skill bar to gain air time... meanwhile the acro will get curse dmg e-e

      dont know how to help.

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    Wao, my post was pinned <3

    Hey guys XD my pc aint run dn anylonger and im out of cash to buy a new one for a while (blabla). but i want keep this thread alive XD Sooo..

    does anyone else got disappointed with SE's Class mastery III? its like.. wtf devs, r u lazzy? it only shortened the casting.. i was hoping for some kind of explosion after soul scream... w/e else would be better than it.

    BD and SD ones was pretty cool imo, nice connections and i can imagine myself casting it between combos. And DS one.. well, it seems devs loves to give her more buffs to be casted xD.


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      can someone tell me what skill on the tech ring i should craft for dark summoner? (lv93 epic rings)


      • Panpeito
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        rampage claw/chaos

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      anybody have any news about Kali's spin-off Oracle Elder?

      Its been a while i heard of it... tha latest info i have about this class is that she will have fast atks combo which increases (speed) as she attacks... any datamined info?


      • Breamiin
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        Latest I've heard is she'll be coming out in the August patch; I suspect we'll get news on her when her files are added into KDN's launcher

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      Ecstatic Dance! Pls. The releasing of buff takes super long huhuhuhuhuh and the durations so low. I hope it will be longer and the casting is like just the other buffs


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        Don't know if I should put here, or not. For DS rebalance already released on KDN, Shadow Euphoria gives 1% heals per 1 hit of phantom claw, chain claw, hands of vengeance, rampage claw, phantom avenger, and both awakening skills. The 1% is based off max hps - for example: phantom claw (no ex, no awakening) would heal 4 x 1% = 4% max hp per cast. I don't know if all ex/exi/awakening versions of skills heal per hit, but I'm guessing they do (ie. if awakening phantom claw heals 8% per cast vs 4% per cast). There is no heal cap, but the CD has been changed from 10s to 90s. Even with only 2m hps, you're getting 20k heals per hit, which is already substantial.

        A new heal increase plate will replace the useless heal increase plate we have now.

        Deadly claw (awakening buff skill) becomes a dps/evasion skill with a 10s cd. Shattered Hand (current awakening dps skill) can be cast in the air, and give multiple hits when cast in the air.

        DS will have tons of air time now, and much better healing ^_^.