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Brea's Guide to Dancers

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  • Brea's Guide to Dancers

    This guide contains information on both Blade Dancers and Spirit Dancers. I'd like to thank the Dancers of the Dancer Official Discord
    for helping me out with the Spirit Dancer information. This guide wouldn't be where it is without their help.

    Click here to be redirected to the guide~

    - SD's awakening is bugged still; CM 1 is not refreshing the CD of Awakening Dervishes by 30%
    - BD's CM3 is laggy after linking with Blade Step
    - SD's CM3 counts Spirit Blow as a SD skill and CM2 will refresh the CD by 1s
    - As I do more solos, I will post links of those videos in my guide in the Gameplay section. I will try and get both a BD and SD PoV video up on my YouTube channel

    - Arctic for helping make this guide have correct information
    - The Dancer Official Discord for help with errors and the SD part of the guide
    - Numerous Google Doc guides for inspiration on formatting

    Gameplay Video:

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    Incredible guide. 11/10. Amazing job brea❤
    No longer playing.
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      Thank you Deadly ♥

      Updated the guide for the Blade Dancer side; Pure PvE build and rotations section have been updated.

      Discord: Brea #0582 | Dancer Guide: Here | Oracle Guide: Here


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        Hello, due to technique changes, Spirit Dancer can no longer Tech Abolisher since it would require the sacrifice of Praetor (both on earring now). I wanted to know if my Tech choices were decent enough :

        Necklace : General Dawnblade
        Earring : Praetor
        Ring 1 : Dusk Hunter due to the spam
        Ring : Sting since it's not a filler compared to Swirlign dervishes (or do I make a mistake ?)

        As for crests, you say Illusion Gaze CD should be used for consistent resets but then you sugget Illusion Dance CD soon after. Got me lost there.

        Finally, since we can't take Abolisher tech anymore, is it still a good crest or should it be Dusk Hunter,/Swirling dervishes or even Sting ?
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        • Axxon
          Axxon commented
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          Thanks for Feedback.

          Official crests : Illusion Dance CD, Praetor Dmg, General Dawnblade DMG, Abolisher DMG
          Techs : Praetor, Dawnblade, Dusk Hunter, Abolisher

        • HeavensBlossom
          HeavensBlossom commented
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          You can also use dusk hunter dmg crest since dusk hunter will be one of your top dps skills =). I switched abolisher dmg with dusk, but that's just personal preference

        • SkitzoRoy
          SkitzoRoy commented
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          Ok, here me out on this..
          Another idea is.. you could get a 93 tech for Sting along with a cooldown crest to replace that Abolisher crest.
          Comparing Sting tech'd w/ a cooldown crest to Abolisher tech'd w/ a dmg crest:
          Sting would do 8014.5% and Abolisher would do 7956.48%. This is if all of Sting hits and both explosions after Abolisher hit.
          Sting's cooldown is basically 7 seconds now, Abolisher's is 6 seconds.
          Sting isn't camera locked, Abolisher is.
          Sting doesn't have an iframe, Abolisher does.
          You can cancel Sting early with tumble or a skill, can't w/ Abolisher.
          Sting has a wide aoe, Abolisher has a long aoe.
          Abolisher puts you in the air (but not high enough to dodge stomp mechs), Sting keeps you on the ground.
          Sting has a long cast time, Abolisher has a medium cast time. (Stalker would be considered a short cast time)
          Sting's 7 second cooldown means that as long as it's recovering cooldown, it's completely safe to use GDB so you don't have to keep track of whether Sting's buff is about to run out. (Meaning GDB's animation takes a little over 2 seconds and since Sting's buff lasts for 10 seconds, you'll have a free 3 seconds to use GDB in case your rotation ends up with that happening no matter what.) Also, I'm able to use 2 full Stings instead of 1 before my next burst w/ a cd plate. Note though: maxed crit changes GDB's usefulness and throw's out this point entirely... Sting's main priority is buffing Prae/GDB and if GDB ain't putting in any special dps (since every skill is critting), it's just really for Praetor which is instantly cast so..
          Abolisher's 6 second cooldown allows the use of an iframe 2 seconds earlier than the normal 8 second cooldown of Abolisher.
          Both have their ups and downs, but Sting's tech allows you to get a 93 tech vs Abolisher's 90 tech.
          Plus, most bosses aren't huge, so, besides a dragon, unless you purposefully tumble backwards and use Abolisher, you probably won't get both explosions (or sometimes even 1). (Tumbling backwards is risky and increases your technical cast time for Abolisher).

          Now, you might be thinking, "But SkitzoRoy, the cast times between Abolisher and Sting are quite marginal, I could use Stalker and Abolisher by the time Sting would be done therefor doing more damage." and if you are thinking that, you must also remember that with the way SD rotations work, you'll get off the same number of Stings, Abolishers, and Stalkers for about any rotation that doesn't have awkward pauses with no skills to use in them. In other words, after you Dance 2/3 and burst with Prae, GDB, Dervs, DHs, CH, and Acan, you'll have 4 skills left to wait for those cooldowns to come back: another DH, Abolisher, Stalker, and Sting (with Acan coming up soon too assuming it's used early in the burst), and most likely, you'll have enough time to use all of them (or even just Stalker and Sting) before the next burst is up.
          However, if there was a 2 second window to do damage (before a boss uses a mech/started iframing), of course, Abolisher+Stalker would be better than trying to fit an entire Sting in that 2 second window. But, really, how often is that situation going to come up where Abolisher, Stalker, and Sting are the only skills you're considering to use in this 2 second window that you don't even know about? Plus, if you're in one of the harder nests without IDNLs or someone carrying you, you'll probably have more situations where you're able to use all 3 of these skills.

          Either way, whichever you decide to do, as HB basically said, DH's damage will most-likely outshine Abolisher's now, so a DH dmg crest would be better than an Abolisher dmg crest. Dervish tech I wouldn't recommend much since a boss would have to stand still for that entire duration for all the damage to apply. Plus, dervishes is kinda bugged now.
          Oh, I'm also currently using an Illusive Gaze cooldown crest opposed to an Illusion Dance cooldown crest as it seriously cleans up the timing of it in my rotations. I basically don't have to wait for my burst to come back up before using it again, I can just spam it and it flows really well (and the iframe is so nice). Illusion Dance cd crest only helps cut off about 6-9 seconds off of waiting for Dance 2/3 and I'm usually saving that for when my burst skills are about ready to be used again anyways. But, for dps, I would say Illusion Dance cd crest is better, was just throwing this out there.

          But yeah, just thought I'd post something kinda different and from my point of view of not having any op-gear (Just evo nightmare/coma and/or hunting rufus stuff). Having Sting's and Illusive Gaze's buffs up all the time makes the class more enjoyable for me as well.

          Sting dmg: 6165% (tech'd) * 1.3 (awakening passive) = 8014.5% (w/ a damage crest (*1.2) it's 9617.4%)
          Abolisher dmg: (4144% (tech'd) + 30%(4144) (EX) + 30%(4144) (EX))*(1.2 dmg crest) = 7956.48%

          tl;dr: cooldown crest makes Sting fun, you could tech it instead of Abolisher.
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        Is this guide and build for bd still viable? Any chance of giving a newbie pointers and maybe gameplay videos?


        • Breamiin
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          This is still current for recommended build. If you want a hybrid build follow the skeleton one and put extra sp into SDs side of the dancer tree.

          As for gameplay vids I'm working on recording a granom hc solo but lack of buffer on hurts.

          For tips contact me in game: Brea
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        Updated the gameplay video to my 50b dmg test. It was requested by Aaron. If there is any other content someone wants to see from me, feel free to suggest it. :3

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          More updates to gear options and added ruDN to it, SD plate changes, and some rewording

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            Update the guide for 95 cap~ Still contains information for both dancer trees; some of the 95 cap CM3 information is subject to change based on the localization translations to NA

            Discord: Brea #0582 | Dancer Guide: Here | Oracle Guide: Here


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              Originally posted by Breamiin View Post
              Update the guide for 95 cap~ Still contains information for both dancer trees; some of the 95 cap CM3 information is subject to change based on the localization translations to NA
              Hi Brea, i noticed that for your SD rotations, wide stinger was used before praetor+ hammer, in any case is NA not affected by Wide stinger bug?
              Secondly, i would like to share my opinion regarding the rotation for SD too, as i feel that Sufi Dancer aka Whirling dervishes should be inserted after illusion dance, before Dusk hunter, since the skill lingers there for awhile. Or is there a explanation why sufi dancer used at the back of the rotation?
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              • Chelly
                Chelly commented
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                Another tip i would like to suggest is to insert stalker directly before acanthus to cancel stalker animation and place it directly before abolisher. Overall this is a pretty well written guide, very organised!

              • Breamiin
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                Hm, I was still under the assumption that Stalker was rather weak in raid & nest settings. I personally don't level it past 1 on my SD, but I can ask around about Stalker's damage with my friend.

                And thank you very much! I tried to make it easier and concise than my previous guides.

              • Indi
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                Excellent guide! All of the core dancer questions and features are covered here so kudos to you.

                As Chelly is alluding to, SD rotations can be further optimized by taking into account animation canceling. Praetor EX is a luxury since you can fit in multiple skills during it's casting animation. Both of these allow a fluid gameplay and door of opportunities for SD's to further play with.

                Stalker is no juggernaut skill by itself but roughly 2k% damage every 7/8 seconds is not bad. Couple that with being a cast-and-go skill also warrants it being ranked to 16+ a your guide illustrates. You will notice your DPS numbers continue to rise the more you can incorporate the skill into your gameplay for that extra filler damage.

                Looking forward to 95 cap next week and testing out class mastery 3 skills!

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              Updated the guide a bit, I've cced to SD for now and put up a solo vid of me in VN HC.

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                Did some basic maintenance and updated the gear now that we have 95 cap and Slayer mode out.

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