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Your thoughts and ideas about Lancea Spinoff

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  • Your thoughts and ideas about Lancea Spinoff

    So I just got the urge of sharing this and hope to be notice by the devs of ED (desperately want one)

    I just thought about what could be the lancea spinoff look like wheb I sometimes day dream about Dragon Nest hahaha

    What could be the skills, the design concept, the element and of course the transformation!

    Theres one thing that comes up to my mind that I really wanted to happen, which is the mythical creature NINE TAILED FOX!!

    Seeing the Lancea transform with fox ears and nine tails seems amazing.

    For the skills, I prefer the melee typings, altho having some range or mid range skills are also good. Theres still a lot of moves and abilities that can be made with spear (as long as the dev wont be too lazy to make new animations for it) aside from dragoon and valkyrie styles.

    For the element, it can be fire or light type. Fire for a little impish and fiercer look.
    Light can also be a concept, example is moonlight. They can use the Moon as a concept for it, from skills and the story.

    I still havent come up for a name but thinking about this really hypes me up hahaha

    So what do you guys think?
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      Lancea would have to be a class already to have a spin-off.



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        tank lancer
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          I want a flying Lancea or a dual-wielding lancea
          A lancea that can throw more than 4 spears and more fab than SB.
          A lancea that is much quicker and badass than Flurry.
          A lancea that pokes harder in Melee form and throws harder in Range form.
          A lancea that looks like a swift younger Elf. (HAHA)


          Somewhat an Ice Lancea, with concept of "Frozen" movie.
          A lancea that can make, a palace. (LUL)
          A lancea that can make, more snowflakes. (LUL x2)
          A lancea that can make, a snow creature (LUL x3)
          A lancea that looks like an Ice Queen. (BEST CLASS EVERRR!)

          Oh well, just imagine those stuffs. I honestly say its lovely.
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