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  • Defensio Pvp Help?

    Hey everyone,

    So ya boi is like fairly new to the pvp party with my defensio, but I'm really enjoying her play style. I was wondering if I could get a guide or some tips on how to play her more effectively though. Snipers, glads, and guards are consistently beating me. Heck, even a valk beat me 3 to 0 the other day. I'd super appreciate the help!

    p.s. I'm looking for like combos in ladder AND rounds modes, and skill crest stuff. Maybe a skill build if you have one!

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    Utilizing your high SA skills w/ Gear Step will definitely help you out.
    Learning the damage transfers that make you do more damage in combos will help kill opponents more quickly, but that can shorten matches and give you less experience.
    I'd YouTube search some pvp vids of Defensio. I'm sure there are some and you can learn a bunch of things from how they initiate, what skills they use to catch people, etc.
    As for skill builds, you'll have to find a Defensio in-game and ask for one. You can also view the builds of other Defensios in game and in the ladder rankings.

    Highly evasive classes should probably give you the most trouble, so don't worry too much about losing to them until you learn the basics.