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what is gear step and enhance

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  • what is gear step and enhance

    title! a lot of skills say during gear step do whatever (e.g. ducking, jump during gear step), and i can't find gear step. the same for enhance. how does this work?

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    Hi there!

    I haven’t been on my Defensio for a while so I may be off on some points.
    Gear step is a mechanic that allows Machinas to chain combos and take advantage of ducking.
    Following skills are considered Gear step:
    • Stomp Shuffle
    • Steam Release
    • Step Up

    As for Enhance: Whenever you perform a Gear step, you can chain it with an appropriate attack skill, thus granting said skill aprox. 20% more damage as compared to using the skill without utilizing a Gear step.
    • Performs Beatdown, dealing aprox 2.4m damage
    • Performs Step Up (Gear step) --> Beatdown, now with 20% more damage, deals aprox. 2.88m damage

    Hope this helps in some way


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      going off of ^

      Enhance is when you gear step into the skill.

      (these should be right, i dont remember off the top of my head)
      Step Up + Left click = Beatdown
      Step Up + Right click = Twisterkick
      Stomp Shuffle + Leftclick = Flow Up
      Stomp Shuffle + Rightclick = Flow Through
      Steam Release + Leftclick = Flying Knee Kick
      Steam Release + Rightclick = Kidney Blow
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