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Ruina Beyond the Wall and Twister Kick worth leveling?

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  • Ruina Beyond the Wall and Twister Kick worth leveling?

    So I'm leveling my Ruina after not touching her for a while, and looking at builds, a few have Twister Kick leveled up quite a bit. When I use that skill in battle, though, I find it extremely hard to land hits-- is it really worth leveling that skill above 1 (so it can chain into Overcharge)?

    I have the same question for Beyond the Wall. In battle, I rarely find myself using it, but it's usually leveled up in guides. Is that skill really worth it? Does it really show its worth in endgame content?

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    While I play a Defensio, I can see the benefits of leveling Twister Kick. You use it for overcharge.

    To be honest, I don't see Ruina's use Beyond The Wall too often.


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      I play Ruina, Beyond the Wall guarantees more survival and damage, i always use it.

      Respect Twister Kick i hardly ever use it, but if you want more dps you need the Herald of AS for quickly overcharge.
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        Beyond the wall was really good but they removed the super armor which was good if you made a mistake.People say Twister Kick is good for overcharge if maxed but its not worth for me.


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          BtW still absorbs damage even if the SA is gone, so it's still good to have. IDK about twister for ruina tho.
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            The individual ticks of Twister Kick don't matter as much as the Overcharge that follows, great hard-hitting skill. Also a nice gap-closer and you can avoid stomps with it. I think every Ruina should max it.


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              Wait so the damage of Overcharge is directly reliant on the skill that was used to chain into it? So maxing a skill like Pivot Strike would also be useful? o:

              And gotcha, I guess I'll tweak what I can with my playstyle to fit in more BtWs... I just rarely find myself in the air long enough to cast it (I sink down so quickly after Flying Knee and Kidney Punch)


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                Yes. So it doesn't matter how many hits were dealt from the skill it's all about the number you see on the tooltip. Which puts twister kick as the 2nd most powerful skill overcharge can inherit off of.
                As for pivot strike, I deem it as an unnecessary filler when knee kick and beat down both fulfill that role easily. A decently performed Ruina rotation will barely have time to perform knee kick as the last remaining skill off CD before pressure burst goes off CD.

                BtW in general nests don't mean much (but that doesn't mean it won't help) but in IDN 8-man where a single overcharge over-extension can mean half of your hp or even your life, and canceling any setup for overcharge just to dodge means losing half of your DPS, there really isn't much of a choice. Believe me, you pretty much have to do it.

                Some good timings when you can do beyond the wall:

                -When you're forced to tumble/cancel out of the setup
                -The boss moves out of range of your attack
                -Stomps (twister kick can be done here as well)
                -Anytime after performing a successful overcharge before going on to the next skill.
                -When you're waiting for mechs to finish.
                -When you just wanna say **** it and go in without giving a damn about mechs. (applies almost anywhere)
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                  Since Overcharge was modified to be able to be shortened it's become a fair bit easier to land the majority of a rotation without too much risk.

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                  You still have to deal with the previous cast time of the last normal attack (which can't be tumbled out as fast) and the ending lag. Usually for the quick attacks in IDN (which for the first two bosses are one of the deadly ones) it's not enough time.