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  • LF Ruina Guide

    Hi, i'm looking for a Ruina guide. Infortunilly she's not very popular, and all guides I found are from 1/2 years ago, so I don't know these are out of date.

    I need build, rotations, gear, crests, etc.


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    I'm neither the best nor the most experienced Machina, but I hope to be able to help get you on your way playing it. I've not played any other classes since my return from 50cap, but I find Ruina to be highly satisfating to play.


    This is an example build (which was also done up with a site that is only updated for 90 cap), but you more-or-less want to stuff your most powerful Patrona and Ruina skills and go for the bare minimum in most parts elsewhere. I personally went with Bounding Reaction to expend the handful of remaining points I had, but I'm not really sure where the best place to allocate the points you'll have remaining after maxing out your Ruina tree and your Patrona skills.

    The validity of maxing Follow Up is debatable on account of how little use it sees (not only is it one of the weaker skills in Ruina's toolkit, it also puts Stomp Shuffle off cooldown, which is hardly ever not a detriment to your DPS). Beyond the Wall is good to max to soak hits, but you can devest from that if you so choose and want not to rely on the barrier too much and put those points elsewhere.


    In the interest of damage, you will always want to reapply Nitrous Overhaul, consume your Steam stacks to maintain Overboost when it's expired, and Overclock for the fat Agility. This often requires you drop what you're doing and rebuff even when the boss can be attacked; nothing to do about it, regrettably.

    Past that, you want Exploding Palm EX to be your first priority for party debuffing, applying it ASAP and chaining into Kidney Blow Instant when its independent cooldown is up. From there, you want to look for full Overcharges by order of damage, because your Overcharge will adopt (some of? all of?) the damage of whichever skill you used prior to Overcharge, which would mean, from greatest to least;
    1. Pressure Burst
    2. Twister Kick
    3. Kidney Blow
    4. Beat Down
    5. Flying Knee-Kick
    6. Follow Up
    You will want to enhance your commands with Stomp Shuffle wherever possible to up the damage, and maintain Step Up's attack speed buff in the case of the Twister Kick and Beat Down chains. This priority is, of course, assuming the boss is a motionless brick, so depending on your skill crest choices and the nature of an upcoming mechanic, it may be more preferable to fire off what you have time for. In my case, with Pressure Burst, Kidney Blow, and Flying Knee-Kick crested for increased action speed, I may want to consider using the latter two over their stronger counterparts if time is limited.

    As far as the use of Beyond the Wall, it gives Ruina a handy out for the common stomp mechanic and lets both you and any allies you may have caught with it take a hit less severely (varying depending on your skill investment).


    For the matter of gearing, I can only say that you want as much Agility, and Elemental and Final damage as you can get your hands on. Because of the nature of how crit gain works with AGI classes, and the enormous AGI steroid Ruina gets with Steam, you can forgo gems, etc. with Critical because you'll very comfortably overcap with an AGI focus if your gear is in good shape. The only additional advice I can offer here if you end up going for a Technique accessory of any kind, you will want the stat sets pictured below. Dragon Gem stats blurred to make the image more easily consumed.

    Kidney Blow is unquestionably the best skill boost for one of your rings, and either Beat Down or Twister Kick are good choices for another. I expect some Machs will question my choice of Flying Knee-Kick for my Necklace skill boost over the more popular Pressure Burst, but I made the choice of FlyKick on account of it being a very marginally higher boost percentage than Pressure Burst. Also, because FlyKick is on a significantly lower cooldown (12s to the 32s of Pressure Burst), I figured I would get more mileage out of a FlyKick skill boost in a vacuum. Haven't consulted with other players of the class on this subject, but compared to their competition (most of which is either bad or Ruinas cannot use), I believe Pressure Burst and FlyKick are both viable in the necklace department.

    I hope I'm of some help here, and would be happy to elaborate if this post isn't thorough enough.
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    • Rachel
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      Some nice info here. Just adding my opinion:

      Teching Pressure Burst is a lot better vs. Flying Knee-Kick. It should be one of your top skills on your skill distribution meter, assuming you can get most or all of its value. It's your hardest hitting Overcharge combo, especially w/ an action speed crest since the AS carries over into Overcharge. I'm not sure where on your meter Flying Knee-Kick is but it should never be higher than Pressure Burst. Some choose to tech Twister Kick instead of Beat Down as well, but I think both are viable. Personally, I went with Twister Kick since its Overcharge is harder-hitting.

      Plating Twister Kick for damage isn't that useful since Overcharge inherits the dmg % of the skill, not the damage from the skill you land on a target and since you only use Twister Kick to chain it into Overcharge and can't get full hits most of the time, it' most likely not worth it. I've tested it a few times with a dmg plate vs. none and their Overcharges averaged out to be the same. If anything you would run a CD plate but it's only helpful if you manage to spam it off CD, which can be difficult depending on what you're fighting since its animation is quite long.

    • Reploid
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      Thanks for chiming in, Rachel. You're definitely right Twister Kick is probably another good ring tech; I just ended up boosting Beat Down on account of, like you'd mentioned, the amount of time it takes to get to the part of the skill where you Overcharge the former skill. Cresting damage was something I was less sure of on account of it not influencing Overcharge, so there might be a better argument for something with more utility like FlyKick action speed, in my case. I'll definitely try the latter and Twister Kick cooldown and see which I like best.

      Going to edit my posts to reflect your input.

    • xYoshioka
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      Thx for your contribution Rachel.
      Reploid, just repost the another crests please, I did not have time do get that

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    Dude u just wrote a guide

    plz make a guide it looks good, don't have to be the best player just have to be a good writer

    even if it gets outdated details like "overcharge inherits the skill % itself not including plate dmg" seems important and should not be lost!
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