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Optimal Overcharge Hits?

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  • Optimal Overcharge Hits?

    So I'm doing TKN PKN and IDN, and every boss that doesn't lock me in place like ice dragon's legs I'll overcharge past them, which is probably severely affecting my dps. A couple of questions for yall ruina mains:

    How long do you "charge" your overcharge, and how many hits does that land usually?

    How do you deal with smol bosses :^)

    Discord: Muppo#5140

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    From my Experience on smaller bosses you have to learn when to let go of your left mouse button when you are overcharging. Because most of the damage comes from the final few hits. By releasing the left mouse Button you shorten the distance you travel when overcharging, you should try to land those last hits for optimum dps. Its easier said than done so and is something you will pick up overtime when fighting certain bosses.

    Good luck


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      For bosses with large hitboxes like dragons you can just hold Overcharge for the full duration. Knowing when to release left click on smaller bosses is something you just have to get a feel for. Should always aim for their center so you don't zoom past them on the side when you release left click. Probably like 8-10 ticks of Overcharge for smaller bosses on average? It really depends on which boss it is.