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    I am trying to learn the ruina class, but most guides seem mostly out of date.

    Could anyone give me some examples of how to string combos. I cant seem to keep pressure release on a constant rate.

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    Duck skill is necesary to max.

    Enhance Commands:

    Stomp Shuffle + Auto Atack =Follow Up
    Stomp Shuffle + Secondary Atack = Exploding Palm

    Steam Release + Auto Atack = Flying Knee Kick
    Steam Release + Secondary Atack = Kidney Blow

    Step up + Auto Atack = Beat Down
    Step up + Secondary Atack = Twister Kick

    Variations with duck:

    Bodycheck > Space bar = duck

    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Auto Attack + Auto Attack =Follow Up
    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Auto Attack + Secondary Attack = Exploding Palm

    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Secondary Attack + Auto Attack = Flying Knee Kick
    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Secondary Attack + Secondary Attack = Kidney Blow

    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Space Bar + Auto Atack = Beat Down
    Bodycheck + Space Bar (Duck) + Space Bar + Secondary Atack = Twister Kick

    Charge Steam Fast:

    Mix all of them, if you domin this you can charge every time the Pressure Realse, remember when Stomp Shuffle/Steam Release/Staup hit the enemy you get 3 points, if you dont hit them you get 2 points.

    Out of combat you can do this: Stomp Shuffle (or Body Check) > Space bar > Auto Attack > Space Bar > Secondary Attack > Space Bar > repeat.

    After cast Follow Up / Exploding palm / Flying knee kick / Kidney Blow / Beat Down / Twister Kick / Overcharge / Presure Burst, you can cast duck with space bar.

    When i was Ruina i bought the Skll Plate of Cash Shop with Duck +1, with that Skill plate, Duck don't had cooldown to cast it, and you can spam it and do the combination more quickly.

    That's all i can do, i change to Defensio before de CM3, and i don't know how is the skill rotation with CM3.
    MinoriSteph - Ruina


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      Thanks for that. I'll use this as a basis and learn as i go.


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        Thanks! I can actually do some decent dps thanks to you =)