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Sally and Mara

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  • Sally and Mara

    I just want to know if both have AOE skills and also a burst type? or any other info to differentiate the two. thanks

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    You could've asked this on your other thread. What exactly are you trying to determine?

    All classes have aoe skills. Mara is more on the DPS side rather than burst considering her core skills are dealt over a period of time (void coil & contracts). She definitely has a higher damage potential.


    • Veirish
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      i just want to know what class have bigger AOE skills. and also i want a burst type. coz i want to choose one of those

    • Zeref
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      Veirish Honestly, try both. 500% bonus exp going on (NA) so you should be able to hit level cap effortlessly.

      Saleana is more of a burst type but it can't outdamage a well piloted mara regardless