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  • Lag-friendly sorc

    So my processor isn't the best (i5-4210U), my fps in full 8 man raids is constantly in the single digits. With that said, i have 2 questions -
    1. anyone have a similar processor that has a better experience? What's your setting, etc
    2. which sorc is most lag-independent in terms of performance?

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    1. I have an i5-5200, but I think it has to do with graphics card. I have a Nvidia.
    2. You picked a bad class in general. I would say that Pyromancer has the least problems with FPS lag.
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    • Nysyk
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      Which class would you say is more lag independent then?

    • Fabulous
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      I would say that Warriors have the least taxing animations, so shouldn't suffer as much from FPS lag. I might add Warden to the list, since one of her main DPS skills is an auto-targeting skill. And maybe Paladins.