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    Originally posted by Zeref View Post

    That would be mad cool tbh. Would also make sense considering blue's the strongest flame

    gonna go Azula on these hoes
    actually white flames is the hottest kind of fire but no one is going to like white flames.


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      Bump. We're still around to answer questions. Ask away~
      Also, a small correction - Inferno EX is a crit resist debuff, not a fire resist debuff. The tooltip is incorrect. As such, it's important to use before one-hitters like Fireball INS!
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        I confirm I'm still around o3o Hot Rod best stuff ever. Spam that 100k% Skill !!!
        Main : I'm back to Pyromancer LOL now, always open to help and all kind of stuff on DN, hit me up <3
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        • Fabulous
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          Oh, I see where you got that answer, but it's a common misconception. You're thinking that the damage on the tooltip is per hit, which isn't correct. And if you think about it, that doesn't correspond to what you see as well. If it's actually per hit, then every two hits of Hot Rod would be as strong as a Fireball INS. Or, to think about it another way, the entirety of Hot Rod, which you say is 100K%, would do as much damage as 7-8 Fever skills. That's not what it actually looks like when you nest, right?

          2858% is actually just a number from which hits are calculated from. Each hit of Hot Rod does 16.67% of this number, or 476% per hit. Hot Rod does 42 hits total, the last 6 hits being explosion hits. These explosion hits, as explained in Hot Rod EX, do 30% of Hot Rod's damage, or 857%. With 36 regular hits and 6 explosion hits, you have a total of 22295%. Now this number corresponds to what you see in reality; Hot Rod does a bit more than one Fever skill. Many of the skills in DN use this type of calculation. For example, Chaos Mage's Triple Orbs deals 24 hits, with each hit dealing 16.67% of the board damage. As a side note, the reason why you only do 28 hits on the golem is because its hitbox is bugged for multi-hit skills. Most of the time, you will get either 28 hits or 35 hits. Sometimes you'll get 42.

        • Fabulous
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          Now I hope you see why your statement isn't really logical. If it was doing 100K% on a 25s CD, Pyro would be broken. Many strong skills, like our Fever skills and Adept's Elemental Flair, do about 15K%. That'd make Hot Rod 6x stronger than those, which doesn't make any sense. xD

          Nevertheless, Hot Rod is still worth teching and using. In my IDN runs, it typically matches the DPS% of my Fireball INS (+2). And it'll only get stronger with Class Mastery III, doing a total of 25725%, and with a lower channeling time, too!

        • Axxon
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          *bows in respect*

          In my runs, Hot rod is my top DMG as I spam it whenever I can (Alongside Inferno + Double Fireball).

          My DPS tends to be Hot Rod > Fireball INS x2 > Meteor Fever > FireWall/Ignite (My techs are messy right now to lvl 93 techs mixed in) > The rest, I Like Meteors Better in RuDN except for 2nd boss, so it's not a good nest for Fire Blast. If Hot Rod isn't first, then I tend to say to myself that I messed up because I never miss a x2 Fireball INS combo... so it means I didn't hot rod enough to do dmg.

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        Nice guide! Should I have one Pyro for PVE and one for PVP? I just started playing. What's your advice?
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        • Zeref
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          You can just buy a dual skill scroll from the dragon vault and have separate builds

        • Hestia
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          Oh! That's possible? Wow. Cool.