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Post Sorceress Rework - Chaos Mage Mini Update

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  • Post Sorceress Rework - Chaos Mage Mini Update

    Buffs to the 4 base Sorceresses happened a while back, but I never got around to updating my guide with the changes. Then I took a DN break for a bit, but now that I'm back again I felt it would be fun to lay down all the information on what happened with Chaos Mage and how it affects our damage and gameplay.

    Granted I don't think anyone reads the NA forums lately but this is mostly just something fun for me to do anyway :^)

    Part 1: Skill Description Numbers

    First on the list is changes to skill damages that weren't updated in the skill descriptions, causing skills to do more damage than they say they will. Here are the skills in question.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	unknown.png Views:	1 Size:	56.6 KB ID:	150149

    After doing lots of damage testing in Battle Training Grounds with naked gear and broken weapons for consistency purposes, I came to the conclusion that all of these skills were doing significantly more damage than their skill descriptions stated. By comparing their damage numbers to other skills, and dividing by my magic attack, I figured out that all of these skills were dealing exactly 42.85% more damage than their tooltip states. (Except the Triple Orbs half of Focus Gravity, that one does normal damage. Its only the Gravity Blast orbs that have the bonus damage.)

    So with simple math that means each skill value is:
    • Summon Comet: 8590% ATK
    • Meteor Shower: 19973% ATK
    • Gravity Rush: 2027% ATK per hit, 2027% ATK per explosion
    • Focus Gravity - Gravity Blast: 2837% ATK per orb x 3 = 8511% ATK

    Where this glitch comes from I have no idea. Its been around since the release of 93 cap but originally only affected Summon Comet and Meteor Storm. Now after the buff its also having an affect on the awakening skills which is great too haha.

    Part 2: Gravity Rush

    There have been many bugs with this skill since the release of awakenings. The first was that sometimes you could walk over your orbs and detonate them just by touching them with your character model, which was essentially free damage without having to cast any skills, but you would also get staggered by the explosions as if you had been hit yourself but without taking any damage. So it was somewhat of a nuisance for a while.

    Then after that there was the glitch where Gravity Rush itself lost the ability to detonate the orbs at all and running over them with the skill would do nothing.

    Now in the current version the skill works as intended but also will occasionally proc the explosions multiple times for the same orb, if you find a way to hold yourself on top of it for a few seconds by either charging at a wall or zig-zagging back and forth on top of it continuously. With this current version of the skill you can get insanely high bursts in some situations if you manage to pull off the multi proc glitch well.

    Part 3: Focus Gravity

    This last section is just a little update on what seems to be a simple quality of life change. After having left the game for a few months and coming back. I've noticed that overall when clearing regular content Focus Gravity is having a lot less issues with missing and lagging straight through bosses than before. I don't know if they fixed the code to help it work better or if the NA server is just having less issues recognizing the skill but in general the skill has become much more consistent. It feels like you can actually rely on it as your main damage nuke, instead of it being a 50/50 chance burst that may or may not succeed in hitting the target.

    Anyway thats all I've got for now, maybe I can start posting YouTube videos again or something. Need me some more Chaos Mage players on our server.

    Have fun with your sorcs out there boys and girls.
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    I played the changed CM last night and very much enjoyed the change in play style. She's not my main character (I main Valk or Avalanche) so I wasn't as up to date on the previous skill combos other than 'keep using triple orb and triple orb instant". I feel like now every skill except Black Hole is in a pretty good spot and I was more rotating through the skills than previously.

    The change to Gravity Trap seems like the biggest change to me. I was able to have ~15 orbs out at a time for Focus Gravity due to Grav Trap prolonging their duration for a giant nuke. Basic rotation was Gravity Crush, Gravity Blast, Triple Orb, Triple Instant, wait like 3 seconds, Gravity Trap, rotate other skills until Gravity Blast, Triple Orb, Triple Instant were up again, then Focus Gravity. I was able to do about 20% of a boss' health bar with it. The base Comet skill and the Awakened Comet are ok, but they cast so slow. I really want an Action Speed crest for it, but it doesn't exist.