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Post Your Stats! Part Two!

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  • Post Your Stats! Part Two!

    The original post your stats page has been getting quite a bit long and cluttered and I was thinking we should make a new one to start fresh with! It first started before level cap increase and has some pretty outdated posts so I thought starting over so everyone can post new and updated stats would be fun.

    Also a shout out to Lumpialex for making the first page, it was super awesome to see everyone's progression from before and after server transfer. ♥

    To start off, I recently reached a landmark with my own stats so here we go!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Echo Stats.png
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    I just got my third piece of Ice Dragon armor, which was the final boost to get me to 100k intellect! Which also bumped me up to 280k magic attack!
    I'm super excited to work towards Ice Dragon weapons soon and hopefully finish my first Genesis Ring. ♥

    Also if anyone still would like to post on the original stat page that's perfectly fine with me! This was just a fun idea I had so feel free to post wherever you prefer.
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    finally hit my milestone of breaking 300k

    to do list is get last 2 idn l's hopefully next week, then take time enhancing while grinding for genesis. also i feel like if i buy a limit crest now theyre just gonna release lvl93 saints haven defense so still waiting forever for that to come back.


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      Oh damn bishou bby so strong! ♥-♥

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      450k magic damage...

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    Thought I might try to bring this thread back! Still working on my Rune pieces but am overall satisfied with how far I've come since we all got our awakenings. ♥

    If anyone else would like to show their new updated stats please feel free to post them here. Where are all the other cool Sorcs! :^)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Echoes_Stats.png Views:	1 Size:	886.4 KB ID:	78828

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