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MagicalLoli's Complete PVE Physician Guide

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    Nooo is physician not a nice class to play anymore? D: Is adept better?


    • MagicalLoli
      MagicalLoli commented
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      I would still play Physician if you like the class! It's still my favorite by far, but I just don't play in general anymore~

    • Mela
      Mela commented
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      If awakening comes, probably. I heard saint's heal will be OP, plus we are expecting IDN nerf. Some teams can already run IDN with only one healer, after nerf+people getting more used to the nest=physicians no longer necessary.
      Their debuff didn't get any better from what I see. So basically she has mediocre heal, dps and debuff. I really wish they boosted her support abilities than dps...
      However, as long as you are good with your class and have proper gear, it should compensate for the class disadvantages.

    • Taco
      Taco commented
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      Noooo don't give up on physician D: And it's important to note that after awakenings physicians (finally) get a party buff of sorts. Awakened sacrifice gives allies a damage boost, and from what I've seen it's ~8-10% damage. Also we get injection AS boost back.

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    :/ Good Vibrations CD Crest got removed D:
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