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The Secret Guide to Adepts

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  • The Secret Guide to Adepts


    An Adept player here. I've been maining this class for quite some time now and would like to share my knowledge for those who are starting off and perhaps even the veteran Adepts can learn some new things.

    Shout out to Myumon and Udokotela for helping me out on this guide.

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    hey cute guide from two cute adepts and udo


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      I support this guide. C: best badept
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        I don't play Adept, but I thought this was a thorough and informative guide. I didn't know about things like engravings not stacking. Great work.
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          If i tech ice beam on neck over ground zero would i lose a significant amount of damage


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            Ice Beam tech is fine and in most case does more reliable dmg than ground zero since you get a one hit burst in the EXi while ground zero takes awhile for all the dmg to sink in. Don't underestimate Ice Beam modifier, GZ modifier is 2339*2*1.7=7952 but the dmg is spread out over quite a long time which requires the boss to stand still to take full effect. Ice Beam is 3137*1.5*1.5=7058 which is slightly weaker but all compacted in one hit and if you crit on the hit you benefit a lot.
            If you wonder where the Ice Beam modifier comes from the first *1.5 is from the EX giving it 15 instead of 10 hits, and the 2nd *1.5 is the ice ball doing 50% of the Ice Beam dmg.
            As for Skill-up crest Magma Monument imo is a better choice since it has the highest potential of dmg output against bigger bosses with around 12-13k% dmg on a 12 sec cooldown.
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              Nice guide, interesting to see how other Adepts play.


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                Hehe was thinking of chronicling one on my 2nd acct.


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                  [From SEA here, pardon me for crossing-over :3] Nice Guide '-')b

                  So does anyone have recommendations on what will be your skill build for the upcoming cap 95 with CM3?

                  Here's mine below.

                  I think maxing Napalm and lowering Frosty Fist will be beneficial cause imo Frosty Fist is just used to initiate Ice Beam Exi.

                  Here's my comments on Apple's Skill build:
                  1. Bubble Brain is kinda useful especially when mechanics do fail. gives you some tankiness.
                  2. Poison Skills - took at least lv1 each to learn Chemical Carvoter. Very handy for collecting bubbles fast especially on buff wipes or debuffed state.
                  * you can opt to put Super Slop Cocktail to 6 cause increasing it to 8 has less difference.
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                  • nakamumu
                    nakamumu commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Most fails from mechs end up with half the team dead so there isnt much point to tanking a raid mech to begin with. It tends to become meaningless and a waste of time continuing a hardcore raid after that happens. As for normal nests for 93cap, most of them did a % of your hp (such as granom nest, boss 2) so tankiness wasnt a real issue, nor is there any shame to using a res stone. Even with the slower bubble generation I never find myself lacking bubbles to use core skills; so the poison sided isnt need for the way I play, but it is entirely up to you. I will fix my guide and include a build after experiencing 95cap adept. Thank you
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                  Does the mod for artic squash the hands. does that interfere with any boss showings? im curious bc i seen some that do.


                  • nakamumu
                    nakamumu commented
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                    The mod only affects the hands.