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Ray Mechanic general game plan & skill build

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  • Ray Mechanic general game plan & skill build

    This is from my preliminary theorycrafting. Feel free to suggest corrections and contribute your findings!

    General Game Plan

    You want to use Alfredo Frontier (150 sec base CD) as often as possible. To do so, you have to spam your Main Skills and pray for those 1 second CD reductions.

    Skill Build

    With that in mind, your skill build is straightforward. You max all your Main Skills to do as much DPS as possible while spamming. You get 1 level in passive skills, Plasma Grenade, and Atomic Shield for utility. After that, you are left with 7 points, which is conveniently enough to max one utility skill of your choice. If you PvP, I recommend maxing Quicks for the increased stun chance.

    As for skills in Tinkerer tree, besides essential skills like Slip and Slide and Yum-a-tron, the rest is personal preference. I leveled Star Burst because Ray Mechanic 95 class mastery will use it.

    First 3 Ray Mechanic passives are straightforward because you are an agility DPS class. You will max crit easily with half-decent gears so go for crit damage. As for the last one, as long as you are hitting things more than twice per second and aren't unlucky, the B passive should be better.
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    Skill Crests

    Skill crests apply to both normal and mecha skills. Here is a list of useful skill crests with explanations.
    • Lasernator: Land Crash does insane burst damage. Both cooldown and damage are viable.
    • Singularity: Best non-mecha damage skill. Only cooldown is available.
    • Multi Ray Shot: 3x shotgun does very high burst. Cooldown is better because Shoulder Charge doubles as a skill-canceling utility skill.
    • Plasma Boost: Cooldown for more frequent Alfredo Frontier and shorter CD on mecha Dash (iframe). If you +1 skill this as well, Dash becomes a spammable iframe with 1.2 sec cooldown.
    • flick: Decent damage in both normal and mecha mode. Both cooldown and damage are viable.

      Unfortunately, Atomic Blade has no damage upgrade and its cooldown is nonexistent. Dynamic Vortex has neither damage nor cooldown upgrade.

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      Mao has a good post on ideal skill rotation here.

      Here's a skill total damage ranking, which may be used as a skill priority list. All skills are at max level. Tested on battle training golem.

      No Alfredo
      1. Atomic Blade (5x atomic energy)
      2. Singularity (no explosion, balls hitting over time)
      3. Alfredo Frontier
      4. *Dynamic Vortex (full charge)
      5. Singularity (immediately exploding all 5 balls, may be better on small/mobile bosses)
      6. Multi Ray Shot x3 (shotgun)
      7. flick (5x atomic energy)
      8. Lasernator
      9. flick
      10. Atomic Blade
      11. Dynamic Laser

        * Note that while Dynamic Vortex does decent damage, you can't do anything else while charging it. It may be better to use other skills before using Vortex.

      Alfredo Frontier
      1. Land Crash (5 hits possible maximum)
      2. Bombardment
      3. Whirlwind
      4. Crashing Charge
      5. Mecha Laser
      6. Cancel Transform
      7. Shoulder Charge

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