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Everyone's thoughts on Ray Mechanic?

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  • Everyone's thoughts on Ray Mechanic?

    Just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts are on the new Ray Mechanic Hero class. Both PvE and PvP and just in general.

    How do you think the Ray Mechanic performs respectively? Did it live up to expectations?

    Personally, it is my sub-main just because it pilots a mecha. Instant win for me there. Although I wish Flip-Flop was an iframe. Is that too much to ask?

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    Much of my experience is from a PvE solo perspective, but I'm personally finding the Ray Mechanic pretty fun.

    The short cooldowns for some of her main skills means she has quite a few combos she can pull off, while having a skill that halves cooldown for faster use of longer-cooldown skills during burst windows. Her Generation Field and Singularity secondary effect alters two of her skills into more powerful versions while also boosting her main skills in general. She has both a damage taken debuff AND a crit resist debuff, both of which have short enough cooldowns AND a long enough duration that you have plenty of time to deal damage before reapplying them. Some of her main skills hit multiple times, letting her make good use of Plasma mastery and Class Mastery II's cooldown reduction effects (as well as Class Mastery I's plasma generation effect for more Dynamic Voltex usage). Plasma Mastery not only lets her use up Dynamic Voltex and Alfredo Frontier sooner, but at max Plasma stack, she gets an HoT that can be useful, especially in the absence of a healer (such as when soloing). AND there are likely many Lunar Knights who WISH they had an enhanced skill that worked like Ray: Atomic Blade (good damage, crit debuff, AND multiple hits on a large enemy with the blade waves. Only downside being that you need 5 Atomic Energy to use it instead of regular Atomic Blade, though regular AB's still nice for the crit res debuff). Only downside, as you mentioned, is that Flip-Flop REALLY should have been an i-frame, but it's still nice for creating distance if its's needed. Oh, and the Ultimate, which is kinda meh, in my opinion.

    And THAT'S all just for the Ray Mechanic NORMALLY.

    When transformed, that's when things REALLY get enjoyable. The mecha is a definite win, but it also has everything a mecha from the future needs. Powerful, wide-hitting attacks in the form of a spinning tornado and lifting the ground from under an enemy's feet, THREE gap closers (one of which can be canceled into), a deadly beam attack, FREAKING missile launchers, and even the regular Normal/Special combos hit hard. And did I mention that the Ultimate, which isn't that good normally, changes into a SUPER-POWERED SPINNING PUNCH OF DEATH?! Truly a force that should NOT be trifled with. Just one issue: as soon as you reach 30 Plasma, you lose most of your skills. Though on the upside, you skill keep one gap closer, your enhanced ulti, and your Normal/Special combos, so if you need the HoT and are skilled enough at positioning and dodging, you can take advantage of that while still being able to do some damage. If you don't need the HoT though, just set your mecha to self-destruct, then work on getting it up and running again to begin the destruction once more.

    My overall opinion: my Gear Master and Sniper have a new rival for the primary sub-main slot.

    P.S. The mecha will most certainly end up on the PvP Blacklist. I don't PvP, but it's a safe bet that will happen if it hasn't already.
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      Pretty much what Bowie said, my GM is stronger by quite a bit sadly over the Ray Mech using the same gear. I can hit 160 million dps tops in Battle Training Grounds with my GM unbuffed, with stone buff on my Ray Mech I only could hit 100-105 million dps. Granted I'm still new to the class and learning proper rotations so I know I'm missing some dps there but the gap is too big.

      Either Ray Mechs are overrated or quite possibly GM's are underrated .

      Overall I like the Ray Mech but the mech itself is slow, too slow to use in some boss fights but the mechs skills do pack a punch. It's nice doing 2-3 billion with their ultimate haha .

      I'm anxious to hear from anyone else who has been trying out the Ray Mech too.

      For comparison purposes:

      Stats on GM: 338k in town/62% dark/6314 FD 54%/231% crit damage

      Stats on Ray: 393k in town/52% dark/6345 FD 54%/248% crit damage

      Both have same exact gears aside from the 4 unique/heraldry crests and one ring (GM uses a tech, Ray uses balanced idnL ring instead with extra L gem)
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      • Couplord
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        Hello! Chelly does have a Ray Mechanic, and Is one of the top Engineers from Dragon Nest Sea, having mained both Shooting Star and Gearmaster.
        Also, I don't know if it was intentional, but it seems pretty mean to say everyone needs to work on their grammar, not everyone's native language is English, not to mention in her players opening post, the first thing Chelly said was that she was from the South East Asia [SEA] Server... and It's not like you couldn't understand Chelly~

        Maybe we could have a nice open discussion, and debate without any insulting, everyone's opinion matters... But there are better ways to go about things!

      • ILLbeURdeath
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        I'm not from SEA and if you read her post as it was given, my responses were justified. The problem that has plagued this game is lack of correct information, I have no problem with an open debate as long as it's based on facts and not simply matters of opinions. Because we lack the complete correct knowledge of ALL classes in all the various party compositions, attempting to publicly disclose what one believes to be the definitive DPS tier list is rather foolish and only shows ones own bias and lack of knowledge.

        *There's nothing worse than the spread of dis/mis-information, especially when it's based around shear laziness. No one cares enough to properly and unequivocally test each class using same gear as to have the fewest free radicals in their dps testing. Then on top of that to test with same gears with each differing party composition available in game today. The data derived from this form of testing would be undeniable if done correctly. But the undying fact is, without this form of testing, one will never have correct data to form a DPS tier list that is with very small margins highly accurate. Instead, what we see most especially in game is, people forming their lists and presenting it as THE DEFINITIVE 100% correct DPS tier list of all classes based on ones own bias and 2nd/3rd hand knowledge which tends to be highly inaccurate.

        I'll finish with this then seriously this conversation has become moot, most people/players know better when it comes to the subject of "DPS tier lists" to not insinuate that they have it/one. For years people have debated their form of "tier list" and it always got heated and turned ugly. Simply put, no one has ever done what's necessary to actually have the 100% definitive tier list, it's just too much work to compile. Just because this is an unescaping reality doesn't mean we get to pull tier lists out of thin air and pass it off as "the list" then enforce that opinion by making it public and forming opinions based on it. If a tier list is to never be made the proper way then so be it, it'd be nice if people just rather say "I don't know the best classes but I think blah blah blah blah blah is best etc etc etc" then there would be far fewer debates on the same subject that's been brought up every cap. I guess the only thing we really can do is raise your hand when you hear some messed up shit and say "what?"...
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      • Chelly
        Chelly commented
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        I actually went ahead to cdn, and borrowed an account from my friend to pilot test out Ray mechanic,, to be honest, the ray mech isnt really well geared and i have no intention of gearing it in another server. So the only few options is to gather information in CDN since i can speak mandarin, and ask about their opinions on the class itself, and the feedback was pretty good.
        Im not trying to find a problem here, just stating my personal experience and opinion. Wish you all the best nevertheless!
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      aye Reaper wait up.

      probably your skill mastery of your GM vs RM like you're saying cuz i got some numbers/screenshots here.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-08-17_07-36-18.png Views:	1 Size:	370.6 KB ID:	79431

      ~113m DPS~ 5bil test
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-08-17_07-33-40.jpg Views:	1 Size:	410.0 KB ID:	79432

      and the RuDN power glove is +0 also the Windswept benedict has no lvl 80 gem in it (lol xD)

      here's some more just recently done where i broke 120m on BTG
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DragonNest_2017-08-20_16-54-47.png Views:	1 Size:	512.0 KB ID:	79433

      ~123m DPS~ 5bil test -additional 200 FD vs other test/stats above
      Click image for larger version  Name:	20170820165405_1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	259.5 KB ID:	79434

      so Chelly has a low gear BTG skill rotation video youtube show casing the flow of ray mech.
      i basically follow that.

      also another thing i had x3 runs of SDN HC
      here's the end of nest DPS numbers i remember them clearly because it just show cased how ridiculous and how reliant you are on Mech mode to provide bigger DPS number in RM's current state

      28 mil - No mech mode
      31 mil - 2-3 mech mode
      37 mil - 4-6 mech mode

      Meanwhile my warden does 41mil with 7k+ FD and 410k town and used to be able to push 50mil before RuDN dragon patch.. hah. sadlife.

      i was thinking your Ray would out dps your GM or at least compete since i know your GM skills are very good in-game for dps.

      but yeah what i did was for this BTG

      i dropped 20% dmg amp, Singlarity, Lazerator

      and i go back in for Atomic blade spam my Multi ray shots then i go into Ray Mech

      Spinning thing
      - Elbow/fly, Left click
      Earthquake thingy
      - Elbow/fly, Left click
      Jump Rocket Barrage
      - while still in air the Running charge/drop kick
      - Elbow/fly, Left click
      and then i make some distance to preform and guarantee my ultimate hits... i've missed it before from stand too close
      after that if i can ill do the spinning attack again

      and MAYBE ill lazer beam it.
      then exit Mech mode, apply the cooldown 1/2 skill

      repeat somewhat and go into mech mode again

      HOWEVER im a nub so im not very optimal and get wasted/smashed in Raid bc my positioning and DPS windows on this class is nothing compared to my mastery on other classes LUL xD

      i find it very dangerous for me to time mech mode on Stage 3 RuDN ahaha...
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        I'm going to do more in game testing in the coming weeks for my Ray Mech. I've done all my nest runs on her this week so I can't do anymore party/group testing. Perhaps I'll make a guide too , I am loving the class to be honest. It's a very fun to play and very strong class, just takes some time getting used to. Her dps in nests is rising the better I'm getting with her, she's been averaging 5-10 million more dps in nest play than my GM.

        I'll have a genesis ring here soon and in the coming weeks will be paying close attention to numbers. I'm also trying to accurately gauge both forms, Ray Tink form and the Mech form. The Mech form ofc does more damage per attack but the Ray form can move quicker and chain more skills together in the same amount of time. So far, in my GM's gear my Ray Mech has been tearing up nests haha

        We (tinks) finally have a coup ....... just has a long ass cooldown lol :P

        Will add to this later when more testing has been done, everyone else who's been messing around with a Ray Mech please do post your findings!
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          yah im actually really liking how fluid the rotations feel because of the cooldowns it has currently.
          - also the Ray forms damage ain't bad. it's decent and provide debuffs too.

          also i like how rewarding the mech mode actually is to use. it ain't just novelty transformation as it may seem to be. the damage is nuts per hit.

          one thing that's had me hurting was that some of the skill are actually kind of buggy atm however some quality of life changes are incoming with 95cap so that relieving to hear/read about.
          can't remember exactly what those changes wear but for now im not worried about it since it will only add to her gameplay currently studying and getting better at optimizing the timings will not go to waste.

          and nice Gen ring soon eh?
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            Came back on to try the Ray Mechanic, and I won't lie: She is rather impressive.
            Dps, mobility, and Survival/Healing abilty are just astounding.


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              So far she seems pretty awesome, love the auto heal and the dps in Alfredo Frontier mode. Haven't tried her in 93 nests yet but the one downfall seems the slow mobility in alfredo frontier, I assume it would be hard to dodge some mechs while in it if your inexperienced. Idk just soloing the daily tasks and soloing some 90 nests with the free gear she definitely gets the job done. I'm thinking of sticking her in idn L or rudn u like some of you have I see .


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                Originally posted by Goodwill View Post
                Just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts are on the new Ray Mechanic Hero class. Both PvE and PvP and just in general.

                How do you think the Ray Mechanic performs respectively? Did it live up to expectations?

                Personally, it is my sub-main just because it pilots a mecha. Instant win for me there. Although I wish Flip-Flop was an iframe. Is that too much to ask?
                very fun class, stronger than any other classes. I'd main it until I die.


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                  feedbacks from the ray mech are really enticing.
                  gonna try this when SEA server is up <3
                  thanks guyssss

                  lingering question:
                  is it possible to job change scroll to ray mech?
                  i`m having a feeling that it is not possible. well just for confirmation. thanks )


                  • Chelly
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                    Nope, you can not change normal classes to spin off class.

                  • Couplord
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                    Unfortunately as Chelly said, it is not currently possible to use a job change to switch to a spin off class... or vice versa. Perhaps it will be supported in the future... but currently there are no known plans for that