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Glad Coup Bug?

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  • Glad Coup Bug?

    I hear lots of people talking about this mysterious "Glad Coup Bug"... What is it? I've seen no issues with Coup-de-Grâce's EX, both Instant and Non-Instant.
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    Hello! If you cooldown plate it, the cooldown will be at 9 seconds instead of 14.4
    Hello Sir! Please free to mention me or send me a private message if you need any assistance! I will try my best to help you to the best that I can!

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    • Couplord
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      Firstly, let us take a look at the FD multiplier (1 + % FD + % plate + % buff)

      1 - Original skill damage
      +% FD (the FD% in your status window)
      +% plate (skill plates crafted with +20% damage option)
      +% buff (non-exhaustive list includes Magical Breeze, Cheating Point, Force Shield)

      There is NO cap to the FD multiplier with the exclusion of the second factor. The maximum damage increase for the second factor is 100%, based on the target's level. Unfortunately for FD, plates and buffs are constant %, leading to the law of diminishing returns once again (i.e. diluted gains from FD)
      (Yes, plates don't directly add to the skill damage, but instead does it's amplification through FD. This means that you only get +20% to your skill damage if you have 0 FD, and no FD related buffs)

      If you have 0 FD, the % damage increase from a DMG plate is 20/(100+0) = 20%
      If you have 50% FD, the % damage increase from a DMG plate is 20/(100+50) = 13.33%

      If you have 100% FD, the % damage increase from a DMG plate is 20/(100+100) = 10%

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      ceruulean I really can't explain why I'm curious in LDR, it's just one of those things that you get when you want to know everything possible like me :3.
      Also Couplord ty for the math there with LDR and FD. I'm starting to piece together a proper formula to calculate LDR finally

    • Couplord
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      Happy to help! Good Luck with the formula!