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What to add for moonlord?

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  • What to add for moonlord?

    hi guys im kinda new here in DN. just came back not too long ago. and im now currently playing moonlord. so i have quite afew questions i wanna ask.

    1. ive read alot of post and it seems like moonlord should be adding int? so for my future medea equips. should i choose INT+VIT? INT+STR? or STR+VIT?

    2. about the dragon jade enhancement, should i be using INT jade or STR jade?

    3. and as for the weapon jade. should i use destruction or magic att? or one that give a boost in some elements?

    sorry for asking such questions as its kind of confusing from all the different post ive read. these qns might sound idiotic to some but it will help me alot !

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    To make it as clear as possible:Moonlord is a non-elemental class that utilize INT (magic attack) as his main stat.

    1. INT/VIT is the best choice. You won't get much critical from AGI or critical damage from STR, since you must prioritize on INT as much as possible.

    2. INT jade.

    3. If you stay as non elemental class, you won't reap benefit from elemental attack modifier (which is extremely important). Use either Abyss (dark)/Lightning (light)/Heatwave (fire)/Iceberg (ice) jade on your main weapon, and dark/light/fire/ice attack jade on your secondary weapon.


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      alright. thanks for the tips! appreciate it alot!!!