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Anyone still playing Destroyer?

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  • Anyone still playing Destroyer?

    Hey community, I'm a returning player and i main a Destroyer and had a couple questions in terms of a build/guide on making one. Last time I played IDN 4 man was out and Destroyer were able to tank and still do decent DPS. It seems now the dmg is a bit lower and I noticed some of the skills that scale off VIT are now %ATTK. Are most Destroyers still just going aggro-Tank or stacking STR for dmg?

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    I'm still playing destroyer as one of my main chara, destroyer already revamped into a DPS class now (i'm really happy with it). Panic howl awakening now increase it's FD, just go STR and you'll do just fine in DPSing. Though the damage still not as good as barbarian...but it's still a good thing that destroyet now truly destroy things...instead of tanking (Destroy = Tank = WtF??)
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