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<Ereve> Lv40 guild recruitment, Shou guo ren wan jia

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  • <Ereve> Lv40 guild recruitment, Shou guo ren wan jia

    QQ qun: 333148804

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      Last edited by Shiina; 03-08-2018, 12:22 AM.


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        What a silly name.
        Check your grammar and then tell me who's the one needs to be properly educated.
        You are simply just jealous about our "richness".
        What a loser.


        • Shiina
          Shiina commented
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          没事大佬,不用理这种keyboard warrior, 没人搭理他他自己能难受的躲在被窝里小腿肚子抽筋。losers gona lose, haters gona hate. xD

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            Still waiting on an original insult, can't you zombies think outside the box, ya know use that lump that's three feet above your ass :P

            That would be your head aka brain!

            Enjoy o/

            *keep having your corrupt MOD friend deleting my post, I'll keep on re-posting xD (Yeah I'm talking about you BITCH-ASS GMnest, why don't you tell everybody here how much you've sold out for, you too are also to blame for the fucked up community surrounding this game oh and yes I will forever keep making profiles to repost this, hope you have fun takes me less than a min to do this). Yes everybody, the p2w's have friends in high places one of which is the laughable MOD positions within DN...

            Oh yeah to all the new players and others wondering, this is the p2w guild people are too scared to expose yet talk about openly in forums/in game. These are the people (ego maniacs, glory seekers- they're attempting to "buy" glory by being heavy p2w(if this needs explanation then you just don't know)) to blame for the way the game has been...

            I would strongly caution new players to seek a different game to play, DN's ship has sunk :P


            This racist hypocrite, despicable person goes around joining other peoples discord servers AND CHANGES HER IGN and starts causing drama like another dumbass asian

            Oh and yes I will be reposting this everyday too it gets deleted by your corrupt MOD friend, sooner or later just like Kmart, ED will soon fire their ass xD

            Cheers o/

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              I would like to join this fine guild


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                the forums is such a nice place