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⚜LoyalElite is recruiting!

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  • ⚜LoyalElite is recruiting!

    LoyalElite is the best guild you could ever join, you must see...

    As you can see I am not the leader of RoyalElite anymore, as I am xPrototype himself, and you must know.

    As I create a story for you throughout Time and History, saying one thing, and one thing alone - and that is that I cannot be xPrototype right now, because that account was stolen from me one day, and everything got taken, you see... And I cannot know who did it - and I will not know until the End of Time, you must see... As I am the greatest Guild Leader of All Time, and I must let you know that I am one of the best players in the game, and can help you in any way I possibly can, and that is with the guild's gold, you must see, soon. As I try to create that gold out of thin air, here. And I will not, and cannot, as you can see my guild bank is empty, and must be.

    As you may have noticed I put Elite into the Guild name itself, and you simply must know that we are the best, and always will be the best in the game, as new players try to join I will help them in every way I possibly can. Notice the "possibly," if you must, and should. (I am smoking right now. I must say.) And if you must join, you will contact


    or Cynoscion - as he is my Guild recruiter here, and will always be.