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L>Guild to join after transfer [Aus-player]

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  • L>Guild to join after transfer [Aus-player]

    Seeing the new forums are open, thought I would post here to see what sort of guilds are open
    If you ignore the first few days after transfer, 99% of my playtime will be during the night time (according to GMT+10 timezone) - so yes, I am an Australian.
    I am more of a "sit down and chat" rather than a "let's run stuff non-stop". Though I like to run stuff time to time
    Completely PvE. I have no talents in PvP (that said, not that great in PvE either).
    I am rather lazy as well. If I can avoid any of those crazy... recruitment process sort of thing... yes the one with all those questionnaires and stuff... formal applications? I just want a rather laid-back, fun type guild that helps each other
    I am not sure what else to type here... if anyone in case of a miracle happens to be interested in taking me, please tell me what else I should provide.
    And uhm....yes. Otherwise, wish you all the best fun after server transfer. Let us properly revive this game for NA.
    Be fair to me, and I will be fair to you.

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    Join us, we have become an Australian guild in the past month. Our Australians are more active than our North American players.

    Please talk to Temu as he is the Australian Officer responsible for recruiting Aussies
    Dragon Nest Savior


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      Join us ^-^.a new guild for 93 cap. We're a mixed guild, made up of mericans and aussies. Going to be pretty chilled with awesome members and drama free~ PVE and PVP, Friendly and Nest
      You can PM me in game, Makkii ~

      Discord: MinMin#5042


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        Thank you so far for the offers! Still considering so please keep the offers coming ^^
        Be fair to me, and I will be fair to you.