-Big Guild
-Many active members
-Strong members
-Raid and nest a lot
-Level 40 Guild
-Created 2017 December

Reasons to join:
-Active on discord

Why you would want to stay:
-Get stronger every week
-Learn how to farm gold
-Learn how to invest gold
-Active players are rewarded

What to expect:
-People in different time zones
-Guild inactive at times
-Randomly brought to runehc (I bring 1-3 different guildies every week)
-Randomly brought to gdn for ring materials for free
-Teenagers-Young Adults

-Get to know one another before saying rude jokes or making rude comments

-Contains future content
-Raid talk
-Add Ray#5791 for the guild discord

How to climb the ranks:

Raid Schedule:
Weekends (EST/PST)

-We teach runehc and clear very easily
-Guild members in needed are taken for GDN boss 1 and 2 so that they can get rings
-We are looking for more geared people for clear runs

How to apply:
Click G and search up Bushido and then hit apply.
Or add me on discord, Ray#5791. for personal invite