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Rebirth of the guild "Sexy!"

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  • Rebirth of the guild "Sexy!"

    First off, I apologize for the wall of text. xD
    I am excited to announce that, as one of the long-time players in the guild "Sexy," I, along with LawliCanRun/Veshk, and ENDNatsu will be bringing it back into its past glory. I'll be leading the guild as the guild master. Our previous guild started out very small, but soon began to grow. I joined when the guild was around level 10, my other two friends a little earlier at 8 or 9. We ended up somewhere around level 20-30, when there was a fallout due to an argument, and everyone had disappeared... :c

    Who are YOU?!?!
    A little info on me: I am female, I main the Archer class in DN, iAimToPlease and Sudite being my most played. I started playing in November 2014 on Nexon's NA server. I am relatively active, and will be quite lenient to all of those under my wing. To my friends I'm the motherly type who takes care of everyone.

    Rules and Restrictions?
    Anyone who breaks any of the rules (aka the typical slander-violence, scamming, or anything that could possibly get you arrested IRL is not prohibited, duh) will be decided upon by either me or my officers, and will be treated accordingly to what rule was broken. Anyone is allowed to have 2 alts in the guild at any one time. Add your main character in the introduction if they are in the guild as well. An extra character is temporary and ONLY prohibited for leveling. You can also have characters in other guilds as well.

    Because a lot of these rules are serious, 90% of the time you will be kicked from the guild. As long as you have a good heart and good intentions, you don't need to worry. ^-^

    Welcome to Sexy, for only the sexiest of Altera!
    Sexy_Logo_1 (2).jpg

    What is this guild?
    Our guild is a PVP/PVE social guild, meaning we're looking for friendly players to run raids with, and to chill and have friendly PVP with. Just like the old guild, this guild will have a very family friendly environment, although swearing is allowed. We accept anyone whether hardcore or casual, and players of all ages, however we do not act like kids! Those of you who are younger than 13, I'd advise you let me know (and your parents know you're playing the game).

    We have a Discord server! If you'd like, please take a look and join if you would like to, it is not required, but we do post daily and important updates there. If you are still confused about anything, add me on Discord! I don't bite ;D SassyChan#8142

    What about fun things?
    We look forward to hosting events, keeping in mind the diversity of our to-be guild, such as:
    - PvP Tournaments, PvP fun, Ghoul Events, Leveling & Daily Parties
    - Art contests and Screenshot contests
    - Draw My Thing, Cards Against Humanity, and Hide and Seek
    - We will also host a "Learn To Raid" Party every Friday or Saturday night (however this can wait until we have enough players who are willing to learn/help teach).
    Rewards for contests and events include but are not limited to;
    Gold, Weapons/Gear, NX/EYE cash items,

    What is Sexy and how do I become it?!?!
    Requirements to join Sexy: There are no requirements to join this guild. All you need to be is friendly and active! You may ask here, ask anyone apart of Sexy in game, or you can send me a PM to join.

    Requirements to recruit other players: Everyone can, aside from the new recruits of course.

    Time until kicked: For all ranks, 4 weeks, or 28 days, without notice (unless we can contact you via another character you play). Please leave a note in your introduction on your whereabouts! You are allowed to pop in and out in order to reset your logout time to let us know you're still there. I do know that we all have work and/or school, so of course by default I'll be lenient on this factor.

    Anyway, one more word from me. Don't forget to bring your maymays. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I hope to help everyone become the best they can be, or better! We look forward to meeting anyone who would like to join Sexy! ^o^

    <3 Sexy FIGHTING! <3
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