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  • Help Me please admins

    Good Day Admins ! Please help me back my Job Smasher, Because when i reach the level 95 lately i accidentaly click the OK button instead of CANCEL in Job change scroll, So it became to Majesty , Please back my character from majesty to smasher again , because im newbie here in dragon nest so that i was reading the description of the job change scroll, please please im begging you help me to my concern. or you can give me another job change scroll so that i will be the one to change it to smasher from majesty.Thankyou in advance. Here's my IGN: TamXmaT
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    That's too bad.
    Btw, you can get another Job Change Scroll by resurrecting other players 100 times. If you haven't completed that Feat yet and have enough resu, you can change back to Smasher in no time.


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      I dont have enough resu coz i used it already when i was solo leveling in dungeon sir.


      • crmsnsky
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        Was the scroll you used came from the Level Up Reward Box? If that's the case and you really wanted to revert back to Smasher, I'm afraid you will have to buy one. Or, you can try using a Majesty for now.
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