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    Hi everyone!
    Im starting a new Rune HC team and am looking for a few spots to fill. Some of these spots will be perm and almost all of these spots will be open for subs. It is expected that you are mostly experienced and a well geared. Its okay if you aren't fully experienced as getting up to speed for Rune HC is rather quick.

    Wraths will be FFA and Accessories will be spilt.

    **EDIT: Tank and DPS(flex) spot filled. Dragoon spot has been opened. Not accepting cleric classes as main anymore but still accepting as subs.**

    The team comp is:
    DPS(Warrior) - filled(looking for subs)
    Ray Mechanic - filled(looking for subs)
    Healer(Physician) - open, dependent on tank
    Healer(LB) - open
    Dragoon - open
    Ice Witch/CC - open
    Tank(Guardian/Defensio) - filled(looking for subs)
    DPS(flex) - filled(looking for subs)

    This comp can be modified as more people apply. So don't see it as a definite list and feel free to apply regardless of class type.

    Send in an application with the following format.

    In-Town Damage:
    In-Town Ele %:
    FD(the number, not the %):
    Days most available:

    IGN: SlayFireX
    Class: Dark Avenger
    In-Town Damage: 613k
    In-Town Ele%: 82.30
    FD: 5783
    Days most available: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

    If you are accepted to the team you will have the following responsibilities:
    Make sure you are prepared before each run and submit a rollcall 24 hours prior to the run(this will let me know if i should get a sub)
    Make sure you know and can follow all of the WIPE mechs (its better if u screw up a solo based mech and not wipe the party)
    Be attentive and listen to the shotcaller
    Generate a positive atmosphere that doesn't make your teammates uncomfortable

    PM your application to me on Discord at Aditya#0689

    Good Luck!
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    u guys passed yet?