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  • Opinions on the latest Updates.

    Hello fellow adventurers, I am making this post today because I feel the need to discuss the most recent update that we got.
    first off

    The Removal of Alpaca Quest

    Why did they do this? Yea, I'm aware of the coming hero exp update with the new drop material for hero exp or that it can be bought via BST shop.
    Even so, why did they remove alpaca quest materials? Why not just add it? 600g per 5 alpaca quest items may not be much for some but for others its the easiest way to gain gold.
    They should've replaced it with some other form of gaining gold but they outright removed it, lessening the ways one can gain gold.

    This isn't that big a deal for most free players as its not the ONLY method to farm gold but couple this with the fact that

    They Recalled every Level up Reward Box from Every Character

    They claim that it the "rewards" are now in the new main quest chapter and part rewards. But what about TH premium ticket(7days) ?
    The new main quest doesn't have this item, its only in the return heroes rewards(30 days). The main point of storing the level up reward box was so that you can
    maximize profits from using TH tickets in your sub characters. Granted, 3% and 1% tax isn't that much but for users that deal with TH every day and transacts 50k to 100k+ per item registration,
    that tax piles up and can be felt.

    And then the last issue i see is that the

    Skila 0 gold enhance is only for 1 month.

    This is fine and all for us players right now, but what about the new recruits after this event ends, how does ED intend to attract more new players if the game is catered towards veterans and
    is difficult to enter for new players? They didnt shorten the main quest like they said, i think its more or less the same # of quest. Middle to High end guilds only recruit new members with a certain gear score and then add those 2 issues up top..

    In my honest opinion, this is a bad move for ED and Dragon Nest's future.