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i would like a way to buy Cash shop items via Market place

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  • i would like a way to buy Cash shop items via Market place

    and also vice versa.

    instead of having shiny little trophies that just makes me feel empty inside that i do not own the whole set of the collection...

    (puffs cheeks) >_>

    an issue and want of the playerbase since day 1 of the transfer yet has been addressed as 'impossible/never happening' at this point of time because of this cash/spending event. even though it's not finished yet.

    1 Jasmine accessory and 1 darkness weapon coupon out of 200 eggs.
    maybe that in itself wasn't even remotely close to being able to obtain a whole set of either, but i do indeed feel like i've made another mistake in life as i look at my screen.

    yup. pretty dissatisfied with my choices of buying and using 200 eggs.

    do more? give up on cash shop?
    look for other means to obtain it?


    i mean why not just buy another quitting players account at this point. such a cheaper and more certain way of obtaining the items you want during this era of Dragon nest NA server.

    i just wanted to get a TINY bit stronger so i could meet the gear requirements to be able to serve my guild master in RuDN HC.

    6.4k FD
    370k Town

    i still have 1-2 genesis left to go
    i can still enhance some of my gear to +12 and evo it (got the furies already)
    prolly could use just 1 or 2 FD crests. (takes a bit of time, but i can buy at least 1 more with gold)

    but.. no. depended on RNG eggs of Dragon nest and i got what i deserved with no other alternative option nor hopes of getting the all items i was looking to get.

    spend more poor kant? hah... maybe.
    either that or just do some other shet in life that makes much more use of the value of the same amount of money without it being based of luck (more like loaded dice if i compare it to DN NA)

    to be honest though

    all these emotions could not even exist if i were to be able to buy pretty costumes to mix and match without having the thoughts concerning POWER and STATS then have that related to my actual in-game gear progession.

    none of these sick disgusting thoughts and feelings i am having right now shouldn't even come into existence if i as a player was not bound to the thoughts of
    'matching the power creep' that this game has been having being meme'd and labeled pay 2 win moreso than ever before.

    i thought this game was gonna turn itself around and not become like it's sister game of sort 'Maplestory' however

    it appears im way off base.
    but at least Maplestory lets you look nice while shooting off 100m ticks of 20hits per second with no cooldowns (spam/held down key) while mindlessly farming mobs SOLO in a empty channel inside a dead server.

    if anything it's close to feeling like a cow eating grass.
    i won't put it out there and say
    'we're that cow'

    no. just me. i'm that farkn cow. lost af.
    pretty much no caring that i'm going to die sooner or later.
    even if i'm being carefully milked along the way.

    hah... w.e.
    more grass please
    Discord: TheSomnangMao#5374

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    Trust me when I say, most of us would want that as well.


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      Lol should be a poet. Go Mao Go! Tell em like it is!