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Missed the special class event.

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  • Missed the special class event.

    I have been a very loyal dragon nest player for almost 5 years now I believe. I have spent so much Christmas and job money on costumes for my beloved characters. I started as a dark summoner because I've always had an interest in darkness magic. Once I found out the chaos mage also uses dark magic I switched to the sorceress and bought more costumes for her and worked so hard to get her to level cap. After doing some research for my character build I found out about the rumors of black Mara and at first I was a little disappointed that I'd be giving up my chaos mage and all the money I spent but then I decided that it was worth it and started playing every day saving up gold and getting the best possible gear for my black Mara only motivated by the promise of an eventual Mara release. After months of waiting and only logging onto my chaos mage for better transferable gear I still hear no word of the blacks maras release. I decide to take a few month break because I was losing motivation without my desired main class. When I log back on in hopes of being closer to the release date I find out that I had just missed the event and that my closest hope of making a Mara is the ray mechanic event with no confirmed release date. I am very hurt and I feel cheated seeing the black Mara running around while I slowly level up gear to transfer to mine.

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    The game updates once a month.

    So check the game at least once a month to see any future updates/events.

    You can make the Black Mara again at the next dark/spin-off class release (next one being the tinkerer's).


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      you can make black mara now with the release of ray mechanic o.o

      I think they're less fun compared to DS or CM but you should decide that for yourself xD