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  • New equipments?

    Copy pasted straight from patch notes:
    - Equipment Points will be added to level 95 equipment.

    - Epic Grade = 1 Point

    - Rare Grade = 2 Points

    - Legend Grade = 3 Points

    - Each character has a limit of 50 Equipment Points and when the total Equipment Points of the items equipped on the character reaches 50 points, the characters cannot equip any more equipment.

    - This point system will only be applied on Weapons, Armours and Accessories, and currently players will have no problem in equipping any equipment.
    Does this mean that we'll have new types of equipment? Currently following their rules for EP to be applied there's 5 Armour + 2 Weapons + 4 Accessories (not counting costumes). If you go full L-grade on all of them, that's 3*11 points = 33 points. Well below the limit. Does this mean we're eventually getting new items to equip? Otherwise there'd be no point in adding this because you can deck out in full +20 Calypso T2 and Full 95 L-grade Accessories (When 95 Raid comes out, I heard mention of a Forest Dragon ).

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    There's probably gonna be a tier above Legendary like Godly or something.

    That's the only way this would make sense.


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      actually I believe in a future update that when slayer gear gets its skill boosting effects its pieces are going to 15 points each to limit how many you can wear. not 100% on this though.